Monday, April 9, 2012

Yep, We Did...

I know...I know...I SAID I wasn't going to do anymore photo shoots for strangers BUT!Hahahaaa....The lady that asked Crystal wasn't a stranger even though the people IN the wedding WERE strangers...Lolol...I know...Anyway, off we went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon. I took 250 shots and Crystal got at least as many, if not more. This time I centered in on whatever struck my fancy as being "cute". I also chased people around who had gorgeous eyes!Hahaaa...Lots of people were running!
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday...Hubby and I both woke up as sore as we could be! He was replacing our fence in the back yard while I was off to the wedding (lifting that camera a million times got me in the shoulders! Can you say Out Of Shape?). Oh well, it's almost lunchtime...Guess I'll get to the break room and start heating up our food. Have a great day!