Sunday, October 16, 2016

A New Learning Curve...

This is what our pressure cooker looks like.  It's a Presto.  I have never used it.  Larry is the pressure cookerer (:o) ) in our family.  Me?  I've always been afraid of them...I witnessed an explosion in my Mom's kitchen as a kid.  Not fun!  No one was hurt but I swear, we were cleaning up pot roast for a week!  Cleaning it off the ceiling was the hardest.
So at the ripe old age of 65, I've decided to tackle it.  Northern beans.  Larry dutifully got the pot out, the beans and proceeded to enlighten me on the ins and outs of pressure cooking.  I used 2 and 1/3 cups of beans, rinsed with water....4 and 1/4 cups water...sliced one stalk celery in 4 pieces...1/2 bell pepper...1/2 large onion...1 large carrot cut into 4 pieces.
Drop everything into the pot...cover...cook.

 It WORKED!   And it was done in 34 minutes!   Now I feel like I can use the pressure cooker for all sorts of things. 

 You can leave the large bits of veggies in the beans if you want...make some cornbread and you have good eats.  Now that Larry doesn't come to work with me anymore, I'm taking my lunch, daily.  This will feed him lunch here at home as well as me, at work.  Now I just need more ideas!
Well, guess I'll close this for now...Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

44 Years Together...

 Just some late in the season prettiness.  Love the colors.  I really need a hothouse!
 A tiny tin trailer...Maybe someday Larry and I will get out there on those roads in ours.
And yes, I forgot to post about our 44th wedding Anniversary.  September 26, 1972.  Incredible.  I look back on all these past years, wondering, what the hell happened?!!  Gone!  Whoosh!  Just that fast... I guess we are on the downslide of life.  I hope we can make good use of our time left here on Earth.  I just know I still love him...and his cooking....WHAT??Hahaaa....He's a good cooker...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

San Antonio and Retirement...

 Yes...this was what I couldn't talk about on my last post...Larry retiring.  He wanted to work things out before we said anything.  Telling family, friends...etc.  

 It was more difficult to do then it was to talk about doing...seems so final when you actually do it.  I thought it was suppose to be a happy time but I guess life just gets in the way.  Oh well...We'll figure it all out.  It's not like he won't be at the shop anymore, he will.  If the guys need something or to fill in for sick people or vacationers.  Just not every day anymore.  He's tired and so am I...But, I'm going to keep working a while longer.    Larry's brother and his wife will be handling things.  They're younger.  We'd like to take off in the motorhome more often so maybe we now can.  I think I am now considered his SugarMomma....pitiful...Hahaaa
 We took a trip to San Antonio to see our friends Tom and Beverly.  Went to a restaurant that was also  a place that sold antiques and junk.  This chicken decided he was in love with Bev and followed her everywhere!  Literally, right on her heels.  

 This little Frenchie was the guard of the yard...too cute.  He never barked at us but definitely was in charge!
 Anyone remember this type of merry go round?  Very old!

I just liked the red of this fire truck...bright.
Well, guess that's about all the news for now.  It's already October!  Can you imagine?  Larry opened windows and turned on the ceiling fan...had to run put on socks!  Hope it's not going to be a bad Winter... Y'all have a super weekend...coming to check up on you!