Friday, August 29, 2014

My Week...

 Paul Ryan came to town and I got to get my book autographed...Mr. Blue Eyes!
 I REALLY WAS going to take the shot when the cone was...fully loaded...BUTT!!  It was melting...SO...Hahaaaa

 This was Larry's prize...a Blizzard...
 Our Sami gearing up for the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo coming in October...

 And lastly....Did I REALLY buy Libby a Binkey??? Hahaaaa.....and she LIKES it!  SPOILED!

Hope you all enjoy the three day weekend!  Labor Day on Monday.  We are SO ready!  And if you don't celebrate it, enjoy your weekend anyway!  I'll be around to check on you in a bit!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Millon Years Ago...1972

 We went to see our friends in San Antonio last weekend and Beverly had a photo book with some old shots in them.  Got quite a few but I didn't want to over-do it.  Above shot Larry (L) me and Tom (R) were saying goodbye...Tom and Beverly (taking photo) were heading back home after spending the weekend with us. Probably around 1977 or so.
 This was not too long after Larry and I had been married.  We lived in an apartment then.
This is Beverly, Tom's wife..
 This was a place (Doc's) Larry and I ate at this last weekend in Marble Falls, Texas on the way south to visit Tom and Bev.  It was pretty tasty...Shrimp and fries.  We were there right at opening...hence, no one else there yet.
We also got to see a bit of "wild" life at a local nursery...

Well, guess I'll mosey along and see if I can do a little work...Hope you all enjoy your day!

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Animals

Good Morning!  Thanks to Donna for hosting another fun challenge.  This one is Animals.  Yes, I have two but Buddy could care less about co-operating with me and my camera.  SO, that leaves Libby.  She's always up for a photo or two. 
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend and make sure to get by the Personal Photo Challenge to visit with all the participants.