Monday, February 25, 2013

Warm Spot...

Hubby came in asking if I wanted a shot of some Inca Doves warming themselves by our glass front door Saturday morning.  Of course, this was the very weekend that Crystal and her family had gone skiing in New Mexico and had borrowed my big Canon with the super duper zoomer lens on it.  Oh well, I still had the Nikon I'd purchased as a back up so off I run to grab it.  I think it did a pretty fair job...Said subjects were about twenty feet from me so I had to use the zoom plus make sure it would focus for me.  It did...and I'm pleased with the results.
What are your thoughts...Are you Team Canon or Team Nikon?  OR...Are you just a great photographer?Hahaaaa.....'Cause I Know I'm Not!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Again, we did ...nothing.  Since the kiddos were out of town, I had to go feed and medicate their pets twice a day.  Other than that, it was a do nothing weekend.  Now it's a Monday again.  Back to the grindstone.  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crystal Cooks...

 I guess Crystal feels sorry for me and her Dad here at work today...She fixed us some lunch.  I have NO idea what they were but they were tasty!  Won Ton wraps, avocado, re-fried beans and cheese over some sort of meat filling.  Very Good!
 These were scones that Hubby made last onion and cheese.  Wonderful with my home made butter!
And finally, this is my sister, Ruth Ann's, new toy watch dog...Hahaaaa....Her name is Ninny and she protects a colt that's not very old.  They make really great watch dogs you know, or maybe you didn't. you can see, I have done absolutely nothing except sneeze my head off from all this crazy February weather!  Trees are actually budding out down here in Texas!  Temps are in the 60's, 70's and sometimes in the low 80's!!!  I'm not griping because I can't stand the cold but this is just too weird...not normal!  Guess it'll make for a wet Spring, who knows?!  Groundhog DID see his shadow...
Well, guess I'll go find something to do.  Hope you all are staying warm and dry...or wet and cool...Hahaaa...Just have a Safe day where ever you are!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  And yes...I changed my background.  Took Forever to get the change to work...but I might make this shot my header...I like it...Oh well, Enjoy the Day!
PS- Also want to give thanks where thanks are due!  Background by Sharon at Plumrose Lane...She does the prettiest work!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Bury a Hero...Chris Kyle

What all has been happening around here this week...Well, first of all, we buried a sweet young man today in Austin.  This was the young soldier that was gunned down in Glenrose, Texas last week.  They had a Memorial service for him in Arlington, Texas yesterday and lots of bigwigs attended.   He leaves behind two small children and a wife...His motorcade passed through Waco on his journey south to Austin and lots of people came out to give respects as it passed by.  The Patriot Motorcycle Guard attended as well...(to keep that horrible Westboro Church from protesting the service).  SO proud of them!!  God Bless You Chris...May God give you Wings.

Next up...I made butter...Yes, I did!  Wasn't hard at all!  HAD to have it to slather on Hubby's home made garlic and onion scones now didn't we???Hahaa....

Next up...That darn Pope!!  Now I'm just waiting for the church to announce it's next candidate.  Better Not Be An Italian is all I've got to say on the subject...WHAT???Hahahaa...What's that Petrus Roman thing?  Don't want to take any chances although I think God already sent a "lightening" message to the Vatican.

And last but not least...a shot of my girls, Crystal and Sam.  Sam will be EIGHTEEN on the 23rd!  Can't believe it!  Lordy I feel old....

So there it is...what I've been up to lately...most of it sad but not all.  Oh!  By the way?  Remember our Tony who had the heart attack?  Well, he's doing great!  I KNOW it was from all of your prayers...yes it was...Sending love to you all!  

Monday, February 4, 2013

What Next...

Time is just flying by...We've been a little busy lately.  Our shop Warehouseman, Tony, (the photo is old but he looks pretty much the same)  had a massive heart attack last Thursday.  They had to do a five way bypass on his heart...He comes from a family of twelve siblings...All have passed except Tony (60) and another brother.  We provide him with full insurance coverage and come to find out...he may have only used it a couple of times...for allergies...sigh.  He was rushed to the hospital from the job site and when they stabilized his heart, they Also found his blood sugar was 700...normal is 70-100.  Larry and I went to the hospital Saturday to see him and he was in so much pain we only stayed about a minute...literally!  Broke our hearts.  He has been with us for 35 years...Can you say, Family?  We don't know how long it will take for him to bounce back from this but we are praying for a full recovery...

Larry made some brownies last weekend.  They hit the spot especially with a hot coffee.  He also made a Shepard's Pie.  We'd never had one.  It was pretty good but I don't think the time making it is worth it.  The cheese made it...and of course the mashed potatoes.

Well, guess I'll get busy and do a little work.  It's also tax season so I need to get that ready to go.  Guess I'll go make a coffee and get started.  Y'all have an happy week!