Saturday, November 18, 2017

It's My Favorite Time of the Year...

Yes, it's UP...but the lights are off until after lunch, on Thanksgiving Day.  It's smaller as well.  We gave our 7 1/2footer to our granddaughter, Samantha.  I wanted something a bit smaller so Larry got on the internet and picked one out and ordered it!  Haystix or Haysticks or something like that dot com.  Just type in bing or google search, Christmas trees.

November 17th was Larry's mom's birthday.  Her 90th.   Larry handing over home made chicken soup.

The birthday girl...She said, "I sure do need to get to the beauty shop..."  Hahaa...yep, bless her heart.

I made a whole chicken in the Instant Pot (Amazon sells them as well as Instant Pot. ) Love it!

I promise this REALLY happened!  Nice try bud!  What an IDIOT!

Well, thought I'd say a FEW words to let you know  there hasn't been ANY bites or falls lately and that's a Good Thing!  I really was getting sick of it all...
Yesterday was Larry's mom's birthday so we went visiting.  Ninety!  Amazing...but she is now really dependent on Larry's dad who is 94...Both are hard headed and won't accept help easily but we keep trying.
Yes, we put up our tree early...first time EVER in 45 years of marriage.  And if you asked why...I couldn't say.  Nostalgia?  Who knows.  We just did it.  Lights off until after lunch Thanksgiving's just ready to go.
Well, I'll keep this short.  Just checking in...Have a sweet and peaceful day!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Would You Believe it?

Twenty eight mosquito bites...I'm also allergic apparently...because so many bit me at once.

Talk about ITCH!!!!!  It was a miserable nine days...and I do Not have fat ankles...normally...Hahaaa

Campsite at Medina Lake RV Resort...

Old truck in New Mexico that I photographed and toyed with...

Lake Medina RV Resort #55

Lunch I fixed yesterday...Hamburger patty, sautéed onions, bell pepper and asparagus...mozzarella and cheddar cheese, melted on top...lo-carb. 
Well happy hello guys!  Yes, it's check-in time once again and once again, I'm whining.  We've been on a two week trip to Zapata, Texas.  Two weeks...and as usual, I take center stage...Everything goes great as we head out going south from Waco to Bandera...spend a couple of nights at an RV place there and meet the creepiest RV site owner...ever.  Just imagine "Lurch"...that's him.  And seems to pocket all cash payments...and doesn't understand in, What's 10% of 60?  He thinks it's 5...NOT going to argue with Lurch...I hightail it back to the motor home. 
Then it's on to Zapata!  Great to meet up with the gang...All eight of us laughed it up and enjoyed the guys making fun of each other remembering old high school days...the girls, of course, were Angels in high school...
I never imagined that all the time we were visiting, I was being chewed on by mosquitos! 28 bites...Talk about miserable!  And I have an allergic reaction...
We stayed there two days, enjoying our time with our friends...touring Zapata...seeing drug lords mansions...listening to stories about all the headless bodies washing up on shore...(NOTE:  Our RV camp is right on the lake).  Gunboats patrol, border agents galore...drones.  We spoke to a retired agent here in town who says the border patrol agents are quitting faster than they can be much death and extremely dangerous.  BUTT...our friends insist they are safe where they are.
We stayed two days and headed back north to Medina Lake RV Resort outside of Lakehills, Texas.  I booked it for a week so we could visit with our other "pack" of friends (another 8 of us) who love to meet up at a Mexican restaurant called La Cabana, for breakfast, four days a week.  I love visiting but the four times a week...guess you get use to it.
Tom and Bev came to see us at the RV park and were charged $8 dollars just to get in to see us???  Boy, that's a never!  I quickly gave Bev the eight dollars back and vowed to alert others who do not know about this rule.  I could not find it, anywhere in my reservation papers. 
We cut a day off the RV park reservation  to head back to Waco.   I needed medical attention and antibiotics.  As we entered town, Larry drove the motor home and parked it right in front of the urgent care clinic and I walked right in.  PA took one look at all the swelling and redness and wrote out the prescriptions.  Done...Went to the pharmacy...then, finally, home!  I was SO glad to finally get some rest and relief from the incessant itching.  It all was finally over yesterday...Ahhhhh.....
So that's the end of another Donna Saga....God knows what it'll be, next time.
Coming to visit you and praying you all had better luck...