Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year to All My New Friends

I just wanted to wish all my new friends a very Happy New Year! Since I started this blog in July, I've been overwhelmed with the kindness and caring of virtual strangers. Never in my wildest dream, would I have expected to meet so many wonderful ,and diverse, a group of people! You've taken me on a wonderful ride, all around the world, and I've enjoyed every single second of it. So...Here's to all of you (raising my glass of champagne) for allowing me to take a journey with you in this thing we call life. I pledge to be there for you, help when I can, pray with you, cry with you, but most of all, to laugh with you and continually send you all love, joy, peace and happiness. To You....from Me............

PostScript on The Experimental Pork Loin

Here's the Experimental Pork Loin...Looks can be deceiving though...a little too tough. I believe next time it needs to be cooked either wrapped or covered in the oven or on the pit or smoker. I'll finish it tomorrow so it'll be fork tender. It needs at least another hour to an hour and a half in the oven. SO, until tomorrow, have a safe and warm night...did I tell you it's almost 70 here again today?? Yesterday it was in the low 50's....Geez...

Work and Play

This is what's happening around our house today...Work it Little Girl !!!
She has Always got time to stop and pose for a picture !! And yes, that underwear is Rolled, not folded! (old service trick. Makes for a lot more room in the drawer).
Or a little wrestling match...My money was on the Grandbabies !!
I do believe I just won five bucks !!! LOL

William and Mamma. Two peas in a pod!

Well, I don't really know what y'all are doing today. We've been working on getting the laundry finished up for the new week. Hubby is cooking..Good Man that he is...a pork loin roast. He has some new technique, he read about for the recipe, where you cook it, in the oven, for one hour at 475degrees. If y'all want to try it, it's 7 minutes a pound at 475dgrs. THEN, you just leave it in the oven for 3 more hours. DO NOT open the oven all. Hubby put a thermometer(electronic) in the roast before cooking to make sure it reaches the correct temp. (180 interior temp). We've never done one this way so wait till I report back on how it turned out. If the meat still remains tough, I'll let you know.

Other than that, we're not up to anything newsworthy. I've popped the 1944 version of Sherlock Holmes into the DVD player, The House of Fear . I love these old ones. Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

It's back to work tomorrow. Maybe the calls will slack off after lunch. If they do, and the guys have caught up with all the calls, we may close early. Never know what it's going to be like. Usually there's lots of unstops of commodes and sinks. There's Always some man or woman who puts potato peels down the garbage disposer!! Or grease or celery. Oh well, bring it on!

Y'all have a peaceful night and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

What Is This?

OK people...I know there is someone out there that has an idea about what this is. In this picture, look in the lower right hand side, at the white streak. See it? That thing was skipping along in the sky at an unbelievable speed. Barely had time to take the shot. "They" were all over the sky last night. Up, down, left, right...couldn't keep up.
I kept telling Crystal, "What the hell is going on up there"! TicTacToe....meteorites?

It was NOT winds blowing...and we SAW things traveling at high rates of speed. Meteorites are the only thing I can think of at this point, unless....I haven't a clue. I've seen the skies, a lot, all during my growing up periods. Until recently, I've not seen tictactoe played in the sky. It bugs me...I want to know what it is. We've seen this display a lot in the last few months. Even if I'd had a telescope, I couldn't have kept up with them. Moving too fast. Oh well, maybe one of you have seen this pattern as well and will voice your opinion. Every time I go outside, I'm looking up now...aggravating. Just wondering...President Bush has his Western Whitehouse in Crawford (40 miles from us). He's been in town for Christmas vacation...Could it have something to do with him???
Well enough of that. It's Saturday gang. Hope you all have fun plans for the day. I'm going to clean and watch the granbabies while Crystal sticks her head outside and has lunch with her girlfriend. She Really needs to get out more!! Have a fun day and remember to smile...a lot!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Smith and Washington

Two Birthdays today of two actors I really admire. Denzel Washington(53) and Dame Maggie Smith(73). Love all their movies. Believable. I don't really have favorites of either actor...I just like everything they act in. If their name is listed, I watch. Haven't been d isappointed yet.
Well, here it is a Friday again! We'll be working Monday and off Tuesday. Not really sure what we'll be doing this weekend...hopefully reading, blogging, drinking coffee...playing with the camera. Crystal gave Larry and I one of those photo frames that play your uploaded photos like a slide show. Guess I'll get in there and try to figure out how to get pictures into it!
Well, y'all have a wonderful day...try to stay warm and get lots of reading and playing done! Talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweets and Ham

Here's Sweet William getting to ride his new push scooter...It's cold so the ride was quick!
Here's a couple of HAMS I found under the Christmas tree. Trying out the new lens. It really does allow more light in. Gotta do some adjusting.
Of course, this is Daughter Crystal, THE Supreme her daughter Samantha...the world's second biggest ham! My little loves...
Well I had posted twice today....WHERE ARE THEY??? Lost, gone....Why??? I didn't do anything different today then I've done....forever! Only the title would post! I think Brenda had the same problem, but got it cleared up. Oh well...If this publishes, it'll be a miracle. Going to get my, "Calgon, take me away". You ladies know what I mean. Hope your day was a fun one and I'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fiddling Again...Bored?

Sorry gang!!! Playing around with the look of the blog again. Should have it the way I want it by this evening. Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! Also went and got myself another new toy....a lens....gulp....Geez, they don't give them away...well, if it is the only other lens I'll need and it'll do everything I need then its worth it. I'll play around with it when I get home and post some pictures.

In a weird way, it was good to get back to work. The kiddos are in daycare (playcare, this time of year) Sami has already text messaged me to come pick her up...she's bored...Crystal has paid $156.00, for three days, for two kids, for her to be bored and picked up....AhhhMannnn....OK...Well?....I'm Gamma. Can't help it. It's something bred into us, slightly older women. The Children in the photo are NOT Crystals...the picture just fit the story. LOL
If you check back and see something entirely different...I been fiddling!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Our Christmas tree at home
Little Becker at Hubby's Mom and Dads house.

Crystal, Sami and William opening gifts this morning at home.

Crystal and my granddaughter, Ruthy.

Hubby's Mom, Ann at their house last night for our Christmas with Hubby's family.

Kenny, Hubby's brother trying to figure out a puzzle box their Mom, Ann gave each of the boys. What a hoot! Kenny got his opened first.

Here's Kurtis working his over!

And finally, Hubby trying valiantly, but to no avail....alas....he did manage to finally get it opened this morning!
Ann and Geralds tree with Brittany (my granddaughter) and her boyfriend, Josh.
Samantha, getting the jacket she..really..really..really..really wanted! LOL
My sister, Ruth Ann stopping by the house to play Santa...I love you....
Well, hope your day has also been a fun one. It's been busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. Now there's only 364 more days until we get to do it all over again....WHAT??!!!! Oh, you party poopers!!! Thinking of you all, Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Claus Blog

Can you believe it? Santa Claus has a BLOG!! Yes, for real!! Check it out and have fun reading!

Mouse Hunt

What a funny, happy, silly and generally wonderful Christmas Movie! The clip is about ten minutes long, so settle in with a steamy bowl of soup or a delicious plate of FUDGE...LOL...and cookies! WITH a nice hot cuppa coffee or tea. Better yet, if you have this on DVD, go pop it in the player and have fun today!!! Thinking of you while I go do the same!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Waiting Game

Well, today we play the waiting game...every thing's done. Went outside to take a few snaps of what the weather's doing here. Not much...thank heavens. Leaves, leaves everywhere. Yellow mums trying to last till the first freeze and sunlight through red oak leaves. Blue skies. It's not snow but I bet we could pile those leaves up high enough to have a fun time bouncing!! lol Hubby just got through making Chicken have a choice of rice or noodles. Yummy!!!! I always go for the rice.

Crystal and Sami went to the beauty shop this morning. Got their locks colored and cut. (Crystal ONLY got the coloring!!!) Not having Sami old before her time! She can start dating at 40 and if she's real good, she can wear lipstick at 41....WHAT???!!!! That's fair!!

Sam's much better today as well. No fever. Just a bit stopped up. Sir William opted to stay at the house while the girls did their thing...Don't blame him!

Well, guess I'll close for today. Hope you all are getting it all done! Have a fun day!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Trying Not To Forget!

Well the countdown is on...just four more days till Christmas! I'm going over all the last minute stuff in my head, hoping I haven't forgotten anything. Leave it to me though. I'll probably forget something big!!! Hope not.
Oldest granbaby is home with a sore throat and fever. It's EVERYWHERE!!! Y'all try to stay warm. Today it's going to be 73degrees here!!! Talk about people getting sick. One day it's 70 then it's 40...hard to stay well with that going on.
I'm looking forward to having time off from work. Gotta get in there and do laundry and vaccuum...something. Also, MUST get under the Christmas tree and rattle a few boxes....WHAT???....I won't.
Well, y'all have fun today and know I'm thinking of you all. Talk to you later.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Redneck Christmas

Well, it is Texas after all!! LOL

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little bit of Meme...

Factoid #1. When I was little, I wanted to be a Lawyer.....What???!!! a little older...wanted to join the Navy.......yes I a little older, wanted to be a a little older, decided to become a nurse, marry a plumber (my first grade love was taken) and sail the 7 Seas. As for winning all my cases? That's debatable...

Factoid# 2. I love any and all stain glass. Hubby and I took a course years ago, but we never really got off the ground. Too much other stuff happening. Oh well, maybe someday we'll get back to it.

Fact# 3. I love to collect Anything Scrooge. I bought these plates about ten years ago. Can't get anymore.

Factoid# 4. I HATE to shop for shoes. I know, I's not normal, as a woman, to NOT like shoe shopping...I've had these old Reeboks for over 130 years....They're still going strong.
SO now my sweetest little friends....It's your turn!!! All of you!!! I know you're out there!!!
You've been TAGGED!!! Everyone on my Blogroll!!!! You know who you are! All Except NITA...(the trouble maker)....LOL Well? Go on... Christmas holidays? You're busy??? I think there's static on the line.....w at?....d d y ou sa something? We're breaking up......

More Fun Quizzes at

Found this on Blondies (Vintage Primatives) blog....I might have known.....she has a lot of fun things to do over there! See what your Elf name is! Better than Sunny Spirit-Fingers?? I don't think so.....LOL

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spirit of Christmas...Happiness

First thing on the agenda...Tell me it ain't so.....44yrs old today? When did THAT happen????
Matt,(one of our service guys), looking extremely serious! He's a Great Cook to!....WE WANT COOKIES!!!! LOL

Christmas Cheer! Lots of laughter and happiness....that's the ticket people! This is also a great blackmail photo!! lol WE WANT COOKIES!!!

Crystal hard at work. She's learned! Every time I say, "SMILE", she knows to ham it up! There's no telling where it's gonna show up!! My little Love!!!

Well, I've received my very First Tag....from Miss Nita. Have to name five random things about myself....Geez....Y'all needed a nap anyway didn't you!! lol I do like the way Nita used pictures to tell about her random things so I think I'll try to do the same. Hopefully it'll be for tomorrow's post...

Well, guess I'll get back to work. Have a fun and playful day today and I'll talk to you later.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

This was a wonderful movie! The music was fabulous. I can see where George Clooney got his looks. His Aunt was beautiful, Rosemary Clooney. I hope, that if some of you are already having a "white" Christmas, that you'll be safe, warm and dry!

Thank you Jenn for passing out the blog treasure banners! I grabbed a copy!

Well, I've been reading, reading, reading about how to use my new toy! Gads...I need a course!! I know you can teach yourself how to use these larger cameras but jeez....It's not so much "point and shoot" anymore! I've bought about ten different books on photography and the Cannon RebelXT. They have a video somewhere also. Guess I'll look for it on the Internet.

Well, hope your Monday goes well for you and Tuesday is even better!! Talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Came Early!! Oh Yeah!!

AM I HAPPY OR WHAT!!!! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what I've asked Santa for this year and he delivered it early!!! I'm SO excited!! Santa told Hubby it would be alright if I got this a little early... I have to practice, get it all set up and ready to go for Christmas Morning!! I also went to the bookstore to get BOOKS on photography. Looks like a daunting process, but I'm certainly up for the challenge. You all know how I've griped and moaned about my little HP 537 not putting out images that were nice. The picture above is hopefully the last example of that. We left out this morning around nine to go to a funeral (friend of the family's Mother passed over). Afterwards, we went to the HEB to grocery shop. Brought it all home then as Hubby promised, we went to Best Buy and made the purchase. I was like a kid in a candy store!! The girl who finally waited on us was very astute. Knew her Stuff!! She couldn't have been over 20. This camera can grow as I learn...expensive growth...but grow nonetheless. AM I Happy? You Bet 'Cha!!! lol So, If I can get everything lined up and going, the next picture will have been taken with my new baby!!! So, I'm off to check the charge light on the battery and put the sausage on the grill (It's about 40 degrees and extremely windy outside). DO I CARE? No Way........Back Later!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mailman Cometh!

Does an Angel really get its wings every time a bell rings? You bet it does!!! My Angel arrived today and it's beautiful!!! Thank you SO much Blondie!!! She's sparkly and she's hanging on our tree as we speak!! I've never seen one made this way. Could I make one? NO way...The pictures do NOT do her justice. All because I posted the Three Things You Can Do For Someone Else Today banner...I love the banner and I love the Angel. Forever treasured!
Just got back in from getting the kiddos from the bus stop. It's raining so I carried the umbrella. I ordered pizza for them because Sami is having a friend over. I can hear them in the dining room giggling, laughing and generally having fun. William is in "girl" heaven. He's the loudest...too funny. LOL
Well, guess I'll get this posted. Try to stay warm and dry tonight.
Here's more useless info: A nineteenth-century advertisement for a McCoy sewing machine introduced the phrase "The Real McCoy" into the English language.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mr Bean and Me

You say Mr Bean? And Me? What could the two possibly have in common? Shopping, that's what! We shop the very same way!! The very same! I find it impossible NOT to have fun while shopping. There's SO many different things to do. Like Mr Bean, I like to touch stuff. Pick it up, play with the doll babies or march in the marching band. You DO NOT want to go shopping with me if you are easily embarrassed. Life is short. Why be stodgy? Christmas shopping especially.

He is so silly and innocent. What kind of shopper are you?? The Quiet One? The Glider By and Grabber? The Loud One? The Pushy One? Mean and Snappish to the innocent sales people? Come on now, you can tell me!! LOL

Hope you're all having a safe and happy holiday season so far. For all of you who are sad or down, I send you joy and lots of love. With lots of laughter. Feel a little brighter? You Better!! LOL

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rain and Cold Weather and a Christmas Giggle

It's raining...Yesterday it was 82 degrees here. And it rained late, just as Ellani and I were getting into our cars to head for home. This morning we wake up to 46 degrees. It won't get much warmer then that, all day.

Y'all would be ashamed of me...I used the Mr Coffee the other day to make Hubby and I a cappuccino. I've already used it once before by myself!!! Yes I did!! lol, Well...There I was, letting the steam do its frothing job, when FOR NO REASON....I couldn't remember how to shut the steamer off!!! Talk about FOAM...everywhere!!! Hubby said, "Need a picture of this for your blog!"......HarHar.....He was quickly given the "evil eye" and backed off. Smart man.... Needless to say, there will not be a picture of that. What a mess. I felt like Lucille Ball doing the bread dough scene!! It just kept growing!! LOL Oh well, if you can't have fun in the kitchen, where can 'ya?? Never mind.

Had our remodel subcontractor come by with Christmas goodies yesterday! Yummy chocolate stuff for everyone. Nice man...he got them from a place called...The Cocoa Room. It's on the Internet The Cocoa Room Fantastic goodies!
Well, here's hoping your Wednesday turns into a wonderfully surprised filled day for all of you!
Interesting Fact: Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii and Maine are the four states in the US that do not allow billboards.... Where's Texas people!!!! I'll put it on my wish list....(sigh)PS- I posted the youtube after I got home. It was from an email Crystal had sent me a while back...Too funny.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is It Christmas Yet?


I'm ready....I said, I'm ready.....I'm waiting...Gads, that feels good to say! Amazing. I can actually look around to see all the tiny things that need finishing. It seems like I literally wait 364 days a year just for Christmas Day to roll around. I love everything about it. People really seem to be more caring and loving. Wish it could be that way all year.

Went to pick up a copy of the new Harry Potter movie and The Bourne Ultimatum. Stores were already packed at nine this morning! We have six or seven new titles we haven't seen so I suppose it'll be another movie marathon for us this weekend. I asked Hubby if he wanted to wait until we took the 5th wheel out for a weekend...he said, "When did you say that was going to happen?"...Oops...forgot the Fed Jury thing...drat...Three months of this.
Am meeting Ellani this afternoon at the bookstore for a quick chat and catch-up over coffee. I really enjoy it. It'll probably be packed, but oh well, there's a floor to sit on (done it before).
Guess I'll leave you with a "happiness" quote and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow.

If there were, in the world today, any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Preacher's Wife

This was a re-make of The Bishops Wife. Great cast. Denzel Washington & Whitney Houston. This one is just a good as the other. What a wonderful voice Houston has. Celine is, to me, her only other rival.
Not really doing much..(that feels good to say!) Have gotten through with everything as far as shopping for gifts and such are concerned. Now, planning the meal. Hubby mentioned Chicken & Sausage gumbo but the little ones won't touch it! SO, maybe I'll do a Gumbo with a hen on the side with stuffing and potatoes. What are y'all planning for your meal?? Have GOT to get all the ingredients this week...maybe even TODAY!!! Have you noticed the crowds growing? Lordy!!!
Well, y'all have a wonderful evening and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Made in Heaven...and Me

Now you know where I came up with the title for my blog. Made in Heaven was a movie done in 1987. It's a tale about a troubled young man (Timothy Hutton) who is killed in an accident while trying to save another. He meets a girl (Kelly McGillis) in heaven who has never been born. They fall in love but it's now time for her to experience earth and it's lessons of life. He's devastated and wants to go back with her. Emmit, (God,Source, End All) played by...get this....Debra Winger, after much nail biting..lets him go back to find her...he has only until he's 30 to do so. If not, they both forget each other and move on in their lives. There's several times you just know they see each other...Dadgum's a good movie. I loved it for personal reasons, first love never get over them, do you. This rendition is not a good representation but it gets the message to you. And yes, it's for Christmas or anytime of the year....Love, Angels and God...can't get much better than that! I believe....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm Done and The Bishops Wife

Yes I Am!!! I'm finished with the shopping! All of it! Snacks, treats, mailed Christmas cards Friday...except for several that I need the addresses Oh, and did I say everything is WRAPPED?.....Oh my word. The stress has lifted and the fun can commence! I originally set my goal for December 1st, but as you well know, I didn't make it. Well, a week later's least I won't begin now and pray I finish by Christmas. Joy, Joy, Joy!!!
And is any of it charged? NO NO NO!!!! lol I always start adding to my Christmas account at the credit union every Friday. That's ALL it's for. I've done that for years. NO Stress!!!
Went to town this morning, came home, wrapped the last of the goodies and made reindeer cookies for little William. Yesterday while in town (walmart) getting the stocking stuffer items, I found a great little toy that makes espresso or cappuccino. It's a Mr Coffee. Price? $29.95!!! And you know what? It taste better than the stuff you get at Starbucks!!! Foam? Lasted till the last drop of coffee. Hubby and I had talked about getting a big Capresso Ultima. Does it all. Coffee..Espresso and Cappuccino. WHAT??? $999.00.....listen people...We are financially able to buy it....Is it a dumb purchase? You bet it is. Mr Coffee made us happy.
I'll now leave you with another wonderful old Christmas movie, The Bishops Wife starring Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young.
Well, guess I'll run in the kitchen and make Mr. Coffee do his thang...Yall have a happy evening and I'll see 'ya tomorrow.