Monday, June 10, 2019

Blooming, Baking, and Dentist...

Morning guys...It's been another slow (thankfully) few weeks.  Larry and I are doing LoCarb and I found this recipe for muffins in the George Stella book.  They are delicious!!  If you're looking for a different taste and texture (if you're doing locarb...and even if you're not)  then try this recipe.   I used the big tray paper cups for our breakfast muffins and the smaller tray for our snack muffins.  You can also experiment and add whatever you like.  I added dried cherries and pecans.
We also had a cheat fritter and glazed roll.  We really look forward to cheat dessert day!
Then...onward to the dentist for our annual cleanings, stuff.  I really need to get our doctor visits all together in the same month!  That way, we can knock them all out at the same time!
Well, I know you're leading a much more exciting life than we are...I just know it...Hahaa.  I did get a pot planted...Guess that's a no brainer for Springtime though...Y'all enjoy your week!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Yes More Photos...WHAT?? And, Memorial Day

Please have a Safe and Peaceful Memorial Day...Home of the Free...Because of the Brave.

AND!!!  YES...more engagement photos of our granddaughter Sam and her fiancĂ©, Everett!
I hear all those sighs and moans out there!  Get a grip!!Hahaaa….
Think of it this way...One day, my great X 10th grandchild might want to know what her relatives looked see?  You didn't think of that possibility, did you...Hahaaaa….
Oh well...that's as good an excuse as any other!
Enjoy your Day guys...


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sam and Everett's Engagement Photos...

full photo

I cropped this shot...I think it looks better.  At least the subjects are the kids and not the tree...Sam's (granddaughter) favorite photographer, Maddie, who took their prior photos (scroll down), wasn't available to do her official engagement shots so she knew someone else who is good as Maddie.  I must admit though, I think she did a great job on these!  I really like the photo with the pink background...very chic!
Speaking of chic...ken...Hahaa...ok, so we weren't speaking of chicken BUTT, it was time for chicken and waffles.  I could eat this every darn day...:o)

Well, it's been raining here, tons!!  Flooding everywhere...drainage pipes in the ditches are stopped up and really need cleaning out, all over the neighborhood!  Imagine getting two to four inches of rain in an hour and a half...water has no where to go.  Larry's heading back to city hall with his videos.  City hasn't cleaned culverts out in years!
Well, guess I'll close for now.  Heading over to check on you...Stay warm, dry or cool, where ever you are!!  

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Instant Pot Boiled Eggs...

Larry bought us an Instant Pot some time back...needless to say, like the masses, we love it!  There are SO many things you can make in them from popcorn (although I haven't tried it) to get the idea.
My latest test of the pot was boiled eggs.  Since Larry and I are constantly on LoCarb, boiled eggs come in handy as a snack.  There's been a difference of opinion as to whether the eggs are easier to peel or not, when done in the Pot.  Well, my opinion is...drumroll...they peel just the same as if you do them on the stovetop...period.  They DO cook faster though!  FIVE minutes actual cook time on high pressure.  I use the 5-5-5 method.  Five minutes to come to pressure...Five minutes to cook and Five minutes to wait then release the pressure,  Easy.
We hopped into the car the other day and made a trip to Walmart.  I spied some rose bushes that would fit into a pot I had laying around.It's suppose to be a red...we'll see.  But, it is taking off in the pot so hopefully, there'll be blooms soon.
SO...Go have a super day friends...Will be checking on you soon!  

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Brenda's Photos Challenge...Something Blue...

Welcome back to Brenda at Brenda's Photos!  Missed her and her challenges...
Here's my "something blue"...candles and the door.
If you'd like to play, post something blue, link her post back to yours and Bob's your uncle!
Go comment on her post to let her know you're playing along so we can come visit your photo!
Have a super Saturday!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Cake Experimenting...

I'm experimenting with different recipes for Italian Cream Cake.  Samantha said it was a favorite for her fiancĂ©, Everett.
They're going to have a December 7th wedding and she wanted me to make the Groom's Cake.  Never have I done anything like this but, I'll try anything once.  This is their sample cake...  She'll let me know if I need to keep trying or if we have a winner.

Everett and Samantha (granddaughter)

Larry said (hubby) I'd been working too hard on that cake...I needed a break...geeez...I can Not stay on my locarb diet will power!

Makes getting the cake out of the tin, effortless!  Aluminum handles!  I cut a cardboard round,  placed two strips of foil under the round,  folded over the tin's edges...Placed the ice cold cake on the cardboard round and placed it in the tin.  When the kids go to eat it, they can take it out easily!

And it was Libby's dreaded day to visit the vet for her nail clipping... :o(

Not a happy camper...she stresses out, poor baby...but it always ends up well and with a treat.

SO...That's been about all I've been up to this week.  It rained here earlier in the week...almost four inches!!  We have great drains for just this reason in the back yard but hard and fast is always overwhelming.  It let up about the time we started to worry!  But, all ended well with nothing in the house ruined.  The water came up on the patio but not high enough to reach the back door...dodged a bullet!
Well, y'all be safe and warm or cool my friends!  Hopping over to check on you!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Not Doing a Blooming Thing...

My Hibiscus tree is blooming

Chicken Supper

Our Buddy

Our Libby

Chicken Supper Prep

Our friends, Bill & Wanda were up from the Valley for a visit, headed to NY State for the Summer so we ate donuts, drank coffee then headed out to the Mammoth exhibit...

Bill & Wanda (known since we all were kids in high school)

Crystal came up for a visit so we took her over to see her PawPaw (Larry's Dad)

Larry and his dad, Gerald (93)

Our Crystal Anne... 

Talk about boring!!  Not much happening here, for a change.  Had visitors, ate good food...cleaned out a bunch of books, saw our daughter, Crystal...yep, just boring.
Binge-watched Hannah, on Amazon Prime.  It was good but you need to listen to what's going on.  Another show is Bosch, also on Amazon Prime.  There's a new season out now. 
Anyhoo...guess I'll get this posted and come visit you.
Stay warm or cool my friends...

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy First Day of Spring!

Morning!  Happy Spring...I'm glad to finally see it.  Larry and I took a drive over to McGregor, Texas (a 15 min drive) for breakfast at GW Bushes favorite restaurant then onward to check out the SPACEX facility.  (Sorry the photos are a bit blurry...wrong setting) We went several years ago and could ride right up close to the buildings, etc.
No More!  Security gates...all entry points.  SO, we stopped before getting too close and turned around, and headed to main street, where our tax accountant is located.  Took two minutes to drop off the packet and we were headed home with a promise that he'd be calling within a few days.  I'm so glad that we have someone to do them...what a pain!  They certainly earn their money!
Well, I best get outside and dump my used coffee grounds on the roses before the neighbors start leaving for work...a coat, gown and Larry's shoes isn't a pretty picture first thing in the morning!
Stay warm or cool my friends!