Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Highlands and...Men

Good morning... just checking in.  We took my sister Ruth Ann, in for her PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography) so the Doctor could see if, after her emergency surgery, any cancer cells leaked into any other areas of her body.  We hopefully will see results sometime this week...she has a follow up appointment with her cancer specialist on Friday.

On a lighter note, the young man in the above photo is the son of our friends in Salterforth, England.  Hope that's right...Brits have unusual addresses, not like Stateside. (that's them in the background). Anyway, long story short, they were married somewhere in Scotland.  They both dance with the Highland dance group that was so popular several years back...can't think of the name. They still dance with the group (that's how they met) fell in love and had a gorgeous Highland wedding.  I absolutely adore her dress! 

More mundanely...The grocer gave me two miniture rose bushes for $1.99 each!  They were near dead, but I revived them, and they'll be ready to plant soon.

Samantha and Sloane

SO TRUE!Lolol  Eggs are priced out of sight here!

My guy before some household training from yours truly...lol
So, try to enjoy your week...I'll post again when I know more.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A Roast and More Delaying...

 Trying to be a little more light-hearted with my post...life does go on.

I put on a roast with mushroom gravy in my slo-cooker before heading to my sister's to do daily chores that she either can't or won't get to...leaving it alone right here...maybe.

Anyway, the roast turned out wonderful.  Great with mashed potatoes.

We are missing our SloaneyGirl... Since she's now in daycare and I'm going out to take care of things at Ruth Ann's, we've missed seeing the grankids.  Hopefully, Ruth Ann will get up and start moving...It's getting worrisome.  She gets up alright but as she says to me,
 "When I want to, now leave me alone"...
She's able now to do light housework but she's not doing it.  Her Dr insist that she get up and start moving...to help her incision wound heal.  It's been a month since surgery...long enough!  The longer she puts off getting up, the longer before she'll start treatment!  They started her on depression medication, but it'll take a while to kick in...hopefully it will help her attitude.
I've made her so mad at times... and she does get moving but stops when I leave.  I'm mentally exhausted.
Hope you all are enjoying your week.
Stay warm or cool wherever you are.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Dragons and Doctors...

 Good morning...I'm still trying to help my older sister, Ruth Ann.  The days tend to blend into other days...If you ask me what day it is, I hesitate before answering.  Shes had troubles with her abdominal incision.  Laura (her ex-husband's wife...long story, but they are friends now because of my sister and her Ex's son).  Laura is a big help...an LVN herself, as I am, she does paperwork and any other chore that Ruth Ann or I can't do.  This is such a soap-opera story...maybe someday I'll be more forthcoming.

Anyway...Ruth Ann saw the original surgeon yesterday.  After a very long day, he sent her home with an "all's well" with the incision.  Laura and I have tried to make her understand the severity of her predicament, but she doesn't seem to want to accept it. Or she simply doesn't understand the mechanics of what happened to her body to cause the surgery in the first place.  Her colon had perforated...hence, surgery.  If you've had no medical training, it's a bit harder to understand the lingo... I found out yesterday while in conversation with her, she still thinks the surgery saved her colon from perforating...She has her first meeting with the oncologist today...maybe he can explain things again to her in "civilian" English.... Laura and I are at a loss but we keep trying.

I go to Ruth Ann's every morning to cook, wash clothes, help with my other sister, Mary (who lives with Ruth Ann...NOT with my approval...she has cerebral palsy and requires help dressing.  She feeds herself and loves cake and coffee...at 73 she's still a corker...lol)  Oh...Ruth Ann's son Bryan, from her marriage with the Ex, also has cerebral palsy...but milder.  He's adorable and a hard worker.  He squeals "Ain't Donna!!!" when he sees me coming...lol...He's wonderful because of Laura...I will always be indebted to her...another long story.

Bryan...Ruth Ann's son

Any way...I haven't gotten to do much of anything else with my hubby Larry...he's been helpful where needed but there's not much he can do.  There was a set of Christmas dishes at the Goodwill that I've been lusting after...lol...but didn't want to pay the full price for them.  I waited until "Pink" tabs were on sale for $1.00...I called to see what color tab was on sale and they said PINK so Larry rushed me to the Goodwill and they were still there!  I bought all eight of everything the set had!!  I'm SO happy over the find!

I also needed to go with our Granddaughter to Sloanes pediatrician visit...concerning injections.  Seems the Doctor was pushing Samantha to let Sloane get all five injections at once!!  NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!!

So, I kindly educated said doctor on the risk of too many injections to infants.  Not wanting to risk autism, I told the doctor that the shots would be split up over two-week intervals...PERIOD.

Said doctor seemed a bit put out that Sami was letting "Granny" call the shots...pun intended...but the bullying was going to stop here!  It's a PARENT'S CALL, NOT ANYONE ELSES!

And frankly, it felt good to be able to take control of something in my life...

Christmas dishes

Samantha and our Sloaney-girl
The younger generation still pay good money for ripped jeans...I'll never understand it.  Hope the fad slides gently over some far away hill never to be heard of again...and no, I never say anything to my girls about clothing preferences...One day, they'll look back and wonder why they thought these were fashionable...lol...I surely had my wardrobe fails back in the day.

Sloanes Daddy, Everett

Me and my girls...Sloane, GreatGran, Crystal, Daughter, me and Samantha, grandaughter

He always knows...always.
Have a sweet day...I post again when able.

Monday, January 2, 2023

You Just Never Know...

My best friend of 48 years...


Gwendolyn Ann Streeter (Viken)

Sept. 30, 1948 - Dec. 25, 2022

On Christmas morning, Sunday December 25, 2022, Gwendolyn (Gwen) Ann Streeter gained her angel wings and was reunited with her family that preceded her in death.

It was Alzheimer's that took her from us Christmas Day.

Gwen, in happier times. (dark hair)

And now...on to my sister...

My older sister, Ruth Ann about this time, last year.

Back in 1962, Easter Sunday...St. Ann's Catholic Church, Rosebud Texas.  Ruth Ann is on the far left, Mom, Dad then me.

Then...Larry and I rush my older sister Ruth Ann, to the emergency room Monday, two weeks ago, only to find out she has stage 

3-B Adenocarcinoma of the colon.  

Ruth Ann is going to be 76, February 15th.

I had been begging her to get her colonoscopy for years.  All to no avail.  I'd constantly get the same old tired excuses...

It's none of your business

I will when I get time

Maybe next year

Are You my keeper?

I feel fine

Just stop!

I'll take care of it

Leave me alone

Just stop...just stop

Now she has maybe...3 to 5 years tops?  And this crap has a tendency to come back 2 years after chemo...with a vengeance.

So...we begin.  Her first appointment with the Oncologist will be on the 11th of January.

Her doctor said they will treat her...tolerably...as in, not aggressively.  Hey!  She's elderly!  No longer that 55 year old woman!  


I'm pissed...At her, at me, for not pushing her harder.

I'm BEGGING you...If you haven't had your colonoscopy yet, GO GET ONE!!!

It starts out slowly.  It's called the "silent killer" for a reason.  One polyp can turn into ten...They need to be removed.  If they are removed, you get to live to a ripe old age...If not?  Your life becomes a nightmare.


I pray 2023 is better than 2022.  I lost too many that were dear to my heart.  I need to believe...


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Merry Christmas....2022

Well, I hoped I'd make it back over here to get at least one more post in before Christmas.  Time is getting shorter before the big day arrives.  I got my cards mailed...started my baking...finished the last-minute shopping...and now, the post is getting done.  I'm really trying to be better at posting on my blog.  So many people, including myself, are on Facebook posting instead of here on Blogger.  I love this medium (been here since 2007) because it seems so much more personal...off the beaten path, as it were.  Slower paced.  It seems some people on FB worry more about hits than content.  NOT MY FRIENDS!!! but some... you know the ones...they Never talk to you or visit you once you accept their friend's request.  They never like your post because they don't really take the time to read them. We all have those "friends".  Time to do some FB weeding...

Ready for Santa

Larry made this Eiffel Tower with his laser.  I made him add lights...lol... they change colors.

Tried to get a cute snap of Sloane but she just wasn't in the mood.

Made some Snowball cookies for Santa's arrival...

Also made Pecan Pies (2)

Me, at 3:30 this morning...hubby either, so I fixed toast and coffee.

I wanted a digital Presto Canner for the longest!  It arrived and I'm in canner's Heaven!

Who can be in a bad mood after gazing upon this little face, I ask?!!

I made a Sheet Pan lunch with chicken, potatoes, yellow squash, bell pepper and onions.  Turned out great!

Well, Merry Christmas my Friends!  Stay safe...Stay warm...and enjoy your holiday!

The reason for the Season...

Monday, December 12, 2022

She's Off to Daycare...

 Morning Guys...Well, my greatgran Sloane is off to daycare today.  I've taken care of her since October.  I knew this day was coming, sooner than later, but it doesn't make the parting easier.  You get very attached.  She will still be coming to me on Fridays...only until noon unless Samantha has a client in the afternoon.  So, we won't have to go through total withdrawal...and that's a good thing.  

Hope you've gotten all your Christmas shopping finished.  I'm going out today to get some last-minute things accomplished.  Hubs and I ran to town Saturday...gads...and it was a madhouse!!  Stood in the checkout line over thirty minutes.  My feet were not happy about the situation.  If you're going out, just be safe...check out your surroundings!  I'm licensed to carry but I'm still extremely aware.  These days?  People are under tons of stress.  Try to be kind and patient.  

I'll get in another post before Christmas, hopefully.  Hope you're well and are enjoying the cooler temps.  This is Texas and heat hangs around for at least six months.  Starts early, stays late.  

Be safe...will be around to check up on you soon! 

Sam, Everett and Sloane...

Sam and Sloane

Larry (hubby) Greatgampa and Sloane

I did manage to get our tree up!

Sloane and yours truly, watching Christmas shows...

Who could resist this face??

Our daughter Crystal, Sloane's grandmother, Lolli...getting their hair done...Lolol

This is SO TRUE!Lolol...

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

I'm still alive...

Yep...still alive.  This babysitting gig is so special.  Yes, I get tired...Some days Samantha's scheduling of clients runs over the usual 6–7-hour day.  Monday through Thursday's it's usually 9-4pm with Fridays being light, 9 to 12.  She's still waiting to hear from the daycare, but I believe it'll be a long wait.  Oh well...I'm really getting attached!  If much longer, it'll be too hard to let her go.  Oh well, will just have to deal with it.

Our Sweetie Sloane

Halloween suit

Our daughter Crystal, and Baby Slone's grandmother (Lolli)

Sloane was Three months old as of yesterday... Teething has begun!

A sheet pan lunch I made yesterday.  Potatoes, bell pepper, yellow squash, onion and chicken thighs.  It was really good.  You can add whatever you like...

This was an ornament I was going to order at one of those online stores...$17.00 each...When I went to check out, it showed $81 dollars!!!  NO WAY...so I took a screenshot of it and backed out.  Talk about thieves!   I wonder how many people never looked at the bottom line and got "took"!

Made some Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...

Here's the plating of our pan lunch...yum.

Hubby (Larry) is really enjoying his laser.  I asked him to make me some ornaments for the tree...he did...!!Lolol  I especially wanted two for our dogs, Buddy and Libby.



Hope you all are enjoying your week...I'll be around to check on you in a bit!  Be safe out there...
Hugs from