Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Making Room...The Gulf, Bagels and Crocs.

 Good morning, friends... The week has passed by so fast!  Been trying to stay busy.  In our living room, there is a wasted space.  The room is long and narrow. the back end of it, I've confiscated the wasted space.  It was becoming an area for chargers!  Larry just kept adding battery charger, after charger, for our vacuums, flashlights, patio blower...etc.  Also, unused chairs and a sofa table that was against the wall.  He's taken over both rooms of our outdoor building!  One side for his woodworking and the other, for his lasers.  I had nowhere, really, for my Cricut or sewing and quilting.  I have two sewing machines and a Cricut machine and all the supplies that go with them.  I need space!  Hence, the back wall area for sewing and quilting and my office for the Cricut.  I'm still sorting but will eventually get there.   
I always wondered why Mom would do the strangest things around the family I know! lolol
I think it has something to do with us older folks making new nesting areas in our lives...

His woodworking room...I think all those chargers have somewhere to go! lol
I said to him, go open the outside building doors...I need to take a couple of pictures...lolol...I know he was thinking, "man...I should have cleaned up out here...".

And his laser room...

My area at the back end of the living room...for sewing.  See the sofa table?  It once was full of chargers! lol

My office in one of the spare bedrooms.  We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  One is for is for Larry and me and this is the third.  It's tiny...about 13 x 13?  It was our daughter's bedroom, growing up.

I converted it to a work area after she left home.  I'm cleaning out these bookshelves...That's my older computer, on the floor, that I've reset and giving to my cranky sister, Ruth

Now I can do some projects on the Cricut without getting things confused!  Libby was in full agreement! lol
My computer work area is on the opposite wall.

Our granddaughter Sam, hubby Everett and our Sloane went on vacation to Port Aransas last week.  Sloane had a wonderful time!

Sloane and cousin, River.

Cousin Arlis and Sloane...

She loves the boat rides!

Her first real soaking in the Gulf of Mexico...loving it!

A family affair...

All dressed up for a seafood dinner, out...take Particular notice of the clip in her hair...lolol...big girl, like mommy.

Our sweethearts, Sam and Sloane...

I threw some blueberry bagels under the toaster and added sweet lemon butter...oh my word, good!

I made Enchiladas Suisa...with flour tortillas...

Then made rice and tomatoes with butter and salt for an easy lunch.


I ordered Larry some Crocs from Amazon...I got the size right!  Couldn't believe it!  He likes them (shock) and has been wearing them every day!

Well, I guess that's it for me today...We are getting Sloane today because it's Juneteenth.  The daycare closed...No mail delivery if you're wondering why you didn't get any...
Hope you're all well and until next time...

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Warmer...Buns, Banks and Rant.


There will be a short rant later...I also don't usually post things political on my blog but when things are continuously being shoved in my face... I can become a little "witchy" about it.  So...if you'd rather move along, I'll understand...and enjoy the rest of your day.

I think today's post is about toys! lol
I ordered this mug warmer from Amazon.  It's called, Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer.  Auto switch can even warm your candles on it!  Sends out the fragrance without burning the wick!
Works great...and doesn't burn the coffee.

Oh...then I made Cinnamon Buns...and yes I cheated a bit...these are "doctored" buns from Grands.  I added cinnamon sugar, butter and cream to them. good!

You ever "feel" our plants staring at you? Lolol
Think I'll go water

We made it out to our friends cafe...pure country and really good down-home fare...Steak finger basket...

This is a piggy bank for Sloane...Her Lolli (our daughter, Crystal) asked Gampa if he could make her one...You put money in it and continue to do so until they graduate high school...then, they can break into it and use the funds.  He built it Big...and you have to use a hammer to get into it.  I doubt Larry and I will still be around to see it but hopefully, we'll watch from on high...? lol

My sister Ruth Ann...decided she needed puppies to raise and breed to sell... sigh...They are adorable, and she takes care of her dogs but...her health is iffy, at best.  If I try to talk to her about adding more stress to her daily life...I get told to shut up and mind my business.  Oh be it.

This was staged but it would make the Border Patrol's lives so much easier! lol 
Trust in Central Texas, that border isn't that far away.  Illegals are still pouring in...Don't listen to the Media...Biden signed a garbage bill the other does nothing to protect us All...He just wants his voters to think he's doing something so they'll continue to give him their vote...13 Million as of today…Ask us voters who live next to the border what we think about how he's doing...lolol

Larry finally made us this "Day of the Week" clock!  We love it!  We used to laugh when older folks said they couldn't figure out what day it was...No More!  We certainly get it...

Okay...warning...rant time...

Okay...I was watching videos on YouTube yesterday...a cooking video that wasn't really that interesting so my eyes wandered over the page... See the colorful eyes?  See what it says when you run your mouse over it?  "Meet the Drag Community"????
I searched high and low for a way to get it off the page but it wouldn't let me...If you look on your link, it's there...
This crap sickens me...and if you like it...well, scroll on by...let's be clear...I don't give a ratsa$$ what you do in your life...dress up like a cat for all I care...but...Stop shoving it down my throat!  I don't want to have to see this stuff everywhere I look!  I keep my sex life private, as it should be...It's about 5% of the nation now...that are doing called Influencers.  To me, it's just pure evil garbage.  I do Not want this around my babies and I'm proud to say it! Stand UP for how you feel...  Come on November 5th!!!  Vote this crap out...
Rant, now over...

How cute is this!  The envelope was a little worse for wear when it arrived but the card was safe.  Our post office is showing signs of the times...
Thanks to Ann ...I got another big smile today!  Thank you Miss Ann!!

We got to pick up our little Sloane from daycare...seems it was just in time before the rain storm hit on Tuesday...!  The kids were heading to Port Aransas, Texas on Wednesday, for a few days of rest.

This apparently, was a real thing, back in the day...Can you imagine?

Well...guess I'll go find something to do...

Got the urge to make and can some Cherry Jam.  This digital canner is a "set and go" canner.  I don't know how I've made it in life, without it!  It's by Presto.  I got it on Amazon.  It's a water bath and pressure canner!  Love it...
Taste wonderful!  I used three cans of tart cherries and the juice.  SO easy.
Well, guess I'll go find some more mischief to get into.
Hope you are enjoying your week and are safe and well, wherever you are.
So, until next time...

Friday, June 7, 2024

Eggs...Cookies, Sloane and Quilts.

Good morning, Friends.  Another week has passed us by.  Seems like just yesterday I was working...raising kids...and dreaming of the days when life would slow down a bit.  It did...and I don't think I like
But, Oh Well...such is life, as my Dad used to say.
It's been raining again.  I think we might float away.  But I'm not'll be red hot here and dry, before we know it. 

Made my honey some love, or at least they started out that way...good intentions and all.  I forgot to grease the pan with butter.

And I made some chocolate cookies...

My sister, Ruth Ann (yes, the cranky is a quilter.  Her work is gorgeous.  I went for a visit last week and she gave me this box of a Rolling Star pattern and pre-cut cloth.  It's been in her closet for just under 40 years....forgotten.  Her fingers are numb from all the chemo and she said she just can't be bothered with trying to put it together...I could have it if I wanted it.  Yes, I'll take it!  The price, even then, was $60.  She got it for $40 because she knew the quilt shop owner really well.  Today's price is about $180.  And the cotton material is still good.  It was kept well protected.
Our sweet Sloane and mom, Samantha at a swim party.  Momma played  with Sloane's

Larry had fun putting Sloane's name on her tennis shoes...loves his laser.

Made Larry a nacho snack...

Found a new restaurant...The plates were huge as were the amounts of food served!  A little pricey but worth it.

Larry had the BLT on rye...

I had the Cheeseburger Salad.  Very good.

The reason we were out and about was Larry had his six month cancer check-up.  He's still doing repeating cancer so far...will have another bladder wash in a few weeks.  The guy in the photo isn't

Well, guess I'll get this posted.
Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all, next time!
So...until then...