Wednesday, September 21, 2022

September 26th, 1972 to 2022...50th Wedding Anniversary

I still remember most vividly, laying on the sofa, in our first apartment at Villa Victoria, asking Larry how our lives would look in fifty years...He was 24 and I was 21.
Lolol...He's now 74 and I'm 71. 
Two children and four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter later...we're still kicking.
We are Blessed.
The Kitchen Air Pro was my gift from hubby.  If you know me, you know I love to bake.  
A tremendous savings at Sam's Club!  $289!!!  It came with a 3qt and 6qt bowl, beaters for both, a slotted spoon for wiping the beater clean (works okay but I'm not impressed). 
Larry's still trying to decide what his gift from me will be...Lol...last words on it were coconut...and pie...lolol  Being married this long, you don't usually party hardy.  It's maybe lunch biggie.
As long as we are still able to here for each other and the kids, that's really all that matters.

Great Gran Sloane...

Our daughter and Sloane's Grandmother, Lolli...

I acquired this recipe from my sister years ago.  I've made it every Christmas since 1979.  Everyone loves the stuff.

These are those weird Butter Swim biscuits...good Lord they're good!  
Recipe here:

Then I made these Egg & Bacon English muffins for the freezer.

They freeze great for up to 3-6 months, if wrapped right.

Also...beef & refried bean burritos.  They also freeze well... to serve, thaw, fill with lettuce, tomato and cheese.  A serious yum!

A dessert of cream easy to make.

Hope you all are enjoying the last day of Summer, here in the USA.  
Fall is upon us although you couldn't prove it by in Texas today it's supposed to be 97*F, 36C.  Looks like it'll be hot up until week after tired of the heat.  It blasted us this year!  Our yard is simply straw...since we weren't able to water like we use to.  It's restricted watering.  The water is high here, as well...$130 a month, minimum!  The electric has climbed as well...everything has!
Have a sweet and peaceful week guys...see you next time!

Sunday, August 28, 2022


Sloane Avery Parker
Monday, August 15, 2022

Samantha did great...had a bit of a hard time at the end time of her labor but all things went well.

Our little Miss Sloane and my big thumb!!lolol

My daughter Crystal...New Grandmother who will be officially called, Lolli.

Miss Sloane...

Me...Greatgamma!!  Awful shot but...I was SO tickled!

Crystal's hubby Tim, New Grandfather...officially to be known as Pop.

Newborn photos...


This bassinet is at my house so when I keep her, I have a safe place to lay her...

Samantha at home...pooped!lolol

Lolli holding her little love...

Our William (Samantha's brother) came in on leave from the Air Force to meet his new niece...

More sweetness...

Somehow, I had time to make some Chocolate Chip cookies for everyone!
All in all, Larry and I feel SO blessed!  Not many people get to see their great grand children and still say they can keep up with them...lolol
It's been a Very busy month, indeed!
Hope you all have been behaving!!  I'll be back to check up on you!
Hugs, Donna

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Paris-Brest pastry...Butter cream Flowers and...


This pastry took me out of my comfort zone.  It's almost like a creme' puff but yet, you know it's not.  Delicious but from now on, I think I'll let the bakery create one for me!  A bit too much work involved.

Then there's the buttercream flowers I made for a small cake which...I decided I didn't like the crumb of the cake well enough to bother decorating it with my not so wonderful flowers...I'm still learning as you can see from the chunky ones to the thinner more flower-like petals.  Trust me, it ain't easy!

Then there was the No-Carb fried it was good!  Just use fried pork rinds whizzed up in the food processor, for best results.
Marinade the chicken pieces in buttermilk for at least an hour...

OH!!  Just letting you know...IF you own any Magna Lite or other brand of aluminum cookware, if it's horrible looking, thick with burned on grease, just take the handle off... pop it into your self cleaning a medium clean...after about five hours your pan will be CLEAN!!!  See mine with the frying chicken?  It was HORRIBLE!  I figured if it'll clean cookie sheet pans (not those fancy flat "air bake" ones...only because I haven't tried cleaning those yet...).  I just experimented on my fry pan and found out it worked!
You do You!  This is just what I did...I was so disgusted with it I almost threw out my 50 year old Magna Lite pan!! (Southern women everywhere are hanging their heads in shame about now!)

Then roll in flour mixed with several tablespoons of cornstarch and seasonings...dip in buttermilk marinade...then in the flour...then in lard or vegetable oil.

And lastly, Hot Chocolate cookies.  Pretty good but not sweet enough..."something enough".
Once I decide the recipe isn't absolutely wonderful, in the trash it goes.

Well, that's it for me...Hope you all are keeping safe, able to afford these ridiculous gas and food...utility prices!!!  I am counting the days until November!  Voter card at the ready!!
We are also waiting for our granddaughter to have her baby this month...Hopefully on the birthday.  The Ultrasound tech says the 9th...the doctor says the 15th.
Enjoy your week and I'll be checking on you soon.


Saturday, July 16, 2022

It's Hot...and Old Dogs and New Tricks?

 Good Morning Guys... It's hot here!  Most days are between 100F (38C) to 109F (43C)!  The lawn looks like a hay field...and we can only water the lawns Wednesdays and Saturdays...not enough to keep the grass alive.  Oh well...I mainly water the plants in the pots.

I made it over to Hobby Lobby for their sale on baking goods.  I bought $104 worth of baking tools for $52!!  Fifty percent off sales on bake wares only happens once or twice a year and I walked into the store at the right time!

I used some of the new frosting tips on my cupcakes...don't laugh, gotta' start somewhere!  Anyway, it gives me something to many times can I wash clothes?!

Waiting for our great granddaughter to arrive, August 9th is the due date...can't wait!  It's also my birthday...Larry's mom died on my birthday back in 2018...Hopefully, Sloane will arrive on that date, wiping out all the bad juju...

The shower went off without a hitch...loads of her friends showed up for the fun.  I stopped counting after fifty...I swear!  I knew maybe three people!!  When did that happen?  Oh well...The life of a Crone moves forward.

Played around with my Cricut Maker3...novice here!  Made a cake topper but decided it didn't work so I went with a bought one.  Larry made Sloane's name (out of wood) to decorate the food table.  I think he did a great job.

Well, that's about it for me...Hope you all are having a sweet and peaceful weekend.  


Hubby Larry hard at

Samantha and stepdad, Tim... real Dad, as far as we're concerned!  He's an amazing Dad.

Soon to be grandmother, daughter Crystal with her daughter, Sam.

Those kolaches were wonderful...sausage and cheese.


Sam with a few of her friends...

The cake I made...really disappointed.  It was another hot and sultry day...the venue was warm...and things started to melt.  I didn't like the Swiss Meringue frosting I used, anyway.  We got to the shower early to help set up and nothing got going until several hours later!  
I didn't care by then...Sam had a good time and that's all that mattered.
Stay well and safe...

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Cakes, Shakes and Other Benign Musings...

My version of an elegant, I tried!

Top view, of course...

Independence Day cake...

And after all that cake... (nope, I was good!  I had my Keto Chow shake...I'm doing the Carnivore Diet.  Already lost 6.5lbs in two weeks.  Slow and steady.  It'd be more if I walked more but, with cake making and helping hubby out in the wood shop, just no time.)

Also made more cake flour...Sorry but...I'm not paying $13.58 for 32oz of Swans Cake flour!!  I'll make my own, thank you very much!  Here's the link...

I find it's a great idea to cover your scale with plastic wrap...

This is why...I'm a pig in the

Then I packed up my big bag of All Purpose flour for storage.  I usually use three cups in my baking so, thats how I stored it in small paper bags.  Stuck them in the freezer for three days to kill any insect eggs or undesirables, took them out this morning to be stored in a food safe bucket for long term storage.  With inflation, you HAVE to think ahead!  And it's only going to get worse...

Ordered this housecoat, beach coat, for our soon to be here great-granddaughter... from Amazon weeks and weeks ago...the postal service lost it...then it mysteriously shows up here last night!  No notice sent!  Everything is crazy these days!

Larry's breakfast this morning...NOT mine, darn it...remember?  I had my shake...

Found this image of Jesus on the internet...I love it!  Long story but, this is how I see him.  There was the light skinned and dark-skinned peoples from his time in the middle east.  He was of the fair skinned MY opinion.  We each see and feel different things...


So is this...Lolol

Y'all have a sweet and peaceful week!!