Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Mother's Day, an Oreo Lemon Cookie Pound Cake, and a Cricut Maker3...

Morning guys!  It's been a busy week.  Watching the Depp/Heard trial... Mother's Day cake, that I made myself...for myself, but only took a slice... and Larry bought me a Cricut Maker 3...don't ask...He thinks I'm floundering. Burned out, so to speak. So, he got me a toy to play with.  What a learning curve!!!  Omg... it'll do a lot of crafts, maybe even fly (not really) ...but I'll be learning new things from now to doomsday!  I suppose that was his original intention...but don't call me an ingrate quiet yet!  We drove over to Consignment Furniture and I bought a desk in which I can house the machine...craft do-dads...odds and ends and bobbles.  Goodness knows where all this will take me...I'll keep you updated.

Here's the Oreo Lemon Cookie Pound Cake I made...Dang GOOD!  Very lemony!

People are always asking me how I get my cakes to literally, fall out of their pans with absolutely no breakage or crumbling...Just make the recipe below...store in the refrigerator, use it liberally on All your baked goods!  Slather it on your pan!  I love the stuff and No More expensive Baker's Joy!  I know, I know...Crisco and dust with flour ...sure it works to but, too many steps when all you need is a brush and this recipe. 

I used the food processor to crumble about 20 cookies...half in the batter and half on top of the lemon glaze.

Use your favorite basic vanilla pound cake recipe...I also added a small box of Instant Lemon Pudding...NO vanilla extract!  Instead, use Lemon extract, 2 teaspoons.
There's SO many variations you can use... Can you think of one? 

Larry also gave me flowers for Mother's Day...so pretty!

Love Italian Sesame bread!  I can't make it for this price of $1 !!

Are any of you Cricutters??

My first project...Lolol...a vinyl bear...and only because the machine made me do it!

Well, Hope you all are well, safe and happy.  I hope you Mother's out there enjoyed our special day!  Father's Day is coming up...June 19th (America)  I'd better get busy to find a revenge... I mean, a sweet gift for the Hubby.
Be kind to each other and make good choices!

WHAT??Lolol... oh alright, so I'm #TeamDepp ...
See you at the trial!

Monday, May 9, 2022

It's A New Month...

Good morning... just a quick post letting you know I'm still around!  
Goodness!  It's May already!  Where is time going?  We aren't really doing much around here...Larry's working out in his wood shop making signs, cutting boards etc.  I've made some cookies and a cake.  

We went out for lunch...this sandwich was really too big.  We ate on it for two days!lolol

Larry gave me this pot plant...don't know the name of it...no tag but, I love it.

My purple plum rose is blooming...

My Chantilly Cake...Lordy, it was good!!

I also bought an egg cooker by Dash.  Love it!!  And the cooled eggs peel like a dream!

Love this one...for kitchen or bathroom.

                                               Wall key holder

My favorite, done for our soon to be great granddaughter, Sloane.

Hope you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I did...our daughter, Crystal, came for a visit and we talked almost 6 hours straight!  So fun...
Well, hope you all have a sweet and peaceful day...make good choices!

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Pie...Lemon Blender Pie...ala' Miss Jenny

 I think we all have one, or a few, troublemaker friends.  It's not a question, it's just a fact.  I have several.  One though, lately, Miss Jenny has been causing immense amounts of trouble...but only in the good sense.  With pie...yes, pie.  She proudly displays her bits of perfection and as I read her post, I drool...yes...drool.  Just saying the word lemon is reactionary enough but, while trying to convince myself it's just another pie, I begin wondering at the ease of making it...simplicity indeed.  SO... I know what I have to do to make this drooling stop.  I head to the kitchen and prepare for battle! lolol...omg...

I let the blender run until the batter was light and fluffy.

We couldn't wait!  I cut a piece while it was still warm...and look at it!  Held together beautifully.  But it's wonderful cold.

Oh Lordy...All this deliciousness from a blender...I'm hooked!  I used a store-bought crust in case the recipe didn't work as I hoped it would.  Nor did I have extra lemons to use as a garnish on the top of said pie.  But!  Let me assure you!  It worked out just fine...The next time I make this pie, and I will, I'll make a homemade crust and have plenty of lemons on hand!
Here's the recipe for those doubting my words!

Now, what to do on this Saturday...I've made another old-time cake but I'll save it for my next post.  
Hope you all are enjoying a sweet and peaceful weekend!  I'll be popping in to check on you! Hugs...Donna

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Finding some Mojo...

 I'm really trying to find my mojo...I keep telling myself to just get Up!  Move...I find this time, to be harder than ever.  I asked Larry to take me over to Heritage Homestead for a coffee...they make a really good cappuccino so that's what I ordered.  We sat down by a window and just enjoyed the country scenery.  While we were out, I received a call from our next door  neighbor asking if I could come over and sit with his wife while he ran to town to get the car worked on.  No problem...I do this on occasion when he needs a break.  Gweny has Alzheimer's...and she seems to be getting worse every time I sit with her.  We've been friends for 48 years...this is so hard, watching her leave us, quietly...fading away. 

Well, I'll get on with the day instead of making you sad...Have a sweet day.  Coming to check on you.

             Gas was $3.49 at this one 7 Eleven!  Larry filled up.

Our daughter Crystal and SIL Tim waiting to fly back to Houston from visiting our grandson Tylar, on TDY (Air Force) from Hungary. 

Our granddaughter Samantha and her hubby, Everett.  Baby Sloane is expected to make her debut August 9th...MY birthday, exactly!  I'm excited... 

Breakfast on Monday

Breakfast on Tuesday, pancakes with lemon juice and powdered sugar...German style.

Monday's lunch, hamburger with mushroom sauce.

Sami with her SIL Cassidy and her new little boy.

My neighbor Gweny...

OurPuglet, Libby