Friday, March 1, 2024

Fragrance...Bubbles, Cookies and Kisses

Good morning, Friends.  It's been another unremarkable week...I think I'm going to just be grateful for that.
I went to my eye surgeon's appointment yesterday.  I go every six months.  I had a macular hole repaired.  He now is saying it looks like I have the beginnings of macular degeneration...I don't need injections...just a high-powered vitamin,  PreserVision AREDS 2, twice a day.  I hope it helps.  I don't want to have to get the injections into my eye...uggg

I love this thing!  I got a large jar...dropped in a string of tiny lights that you plug in (they get hotter and diffuse the fragrance better) poured in one of those large bags of fragranced flowers, wood shavings, etc.  I know you've seen them.

Then I topped the jar with a lace doilie...and ribbon.  Then plug it in!  YUM!!
The scent last for years!  I made this jar about 30 years ago!  It's still putting off a sweet scent...not as strong as in years past but still a scent that is filling my dining room, as I type.

Larry (Gampa) and I (Gamma) gave Samantha (our granddaughter), this buggy for her work.   She does weddings and needed a method of transporting all her supplies from her car to the venues.  Sloane, (our greatgran) decided it must be for her...and refused to get out of it...Lolol
The only way we could get her out, without creating a scene, was using bubbles.  Samantha has a bubble gun and started loading it and spraying Sloane decided that was wonderful and she had to be part of all the excitement!  

Mom and Dad took her to the zoo...and Samantha said the buggy also came in very handy there, as well.

Lolol...Don't get it?  Think a moment...

I made some shortbread cookies.  I sprinkled sugar crystals on them before baking.  I also added 1 CUP of powdered sugar instead of the called for, 3/4ths cup, to the dough. 

Larry made us some Teriyaki chicken leg quarters for our lunch yesterday.  We'll enjoy them today.  I'll simply re-heat along with a side veggie.

This is one of my favorite little poems about your children and how fast time flies by...When I first read it, years ago, I almost cried.  I miss being that young mother...I know you probably do, as well.
So...with that, I'll close for this week.  Hope you all are having a sweet and blessed day.
Until next time...


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Birthdays...Buns, Bugs and Baby

Good morning, Friends...
It's been a crazy week.  The kids were all going to go on a ski trip to Telluride, Colorado beginning today.  Well...Sloane has fever again so the trip has been cancelled.  The doctors have run every test they can think of for her symptoms...nothing.  I'm thinking there's a low grade infection in her ear. They say there is redness in her right ear... :O( 
But they won't prescribe anything...she has medicated ear drops that should take care of it...!!!  Well it hasn't yet!
Send prayer I don't over-step my boundaries and call that da#n doctor's office! 
UPDATE: 2/22 - It Was Her Ear!

Anyhow...It's our SIL's birthday on the 26th.  I made a Strawberry Mousse cake, thinking they'd be here this afternoon to drop off their dog, Bo, so Larry and I could take care of him while everyone's on the ski trip...not happening...and a mousse cake doesn't keep over about four or so days...I doubled the recipe and made for us and one for Tim...Now, they're not coming...Gotta' think of someone to give Tim's to...Guess our friend, Henry, will be the lucky winner.

I made hamburger buns to go with the pulled pork I made.  Worked out great...I used my bread machine for the kneading...then shaped the dough into buns.

They turned out really good!

Can someone tell me what the heck this is?  Found it on the internet.  Never seen anything like it around here.  Alien?

It's also Samantha's birthday on the 23rd.  She wanted a Lambeth cake.  They seem to be the upcoming thing these days.  So I did my best to decorate the strawberry cake.  It was work I must say and not something I would look forward to doing again in my small kitchen.  But you do for your babies, if you can.  She loved it.

I also made a spinach, tomato and cheese quiche for breakfast on Tuesday...seriously good!

Okay!  Tell me what's creepy about the above photo!!  There are two things...Do you see them??

We picked Sloane up from daycare because of her fever...breaks your heart when they are sick!

It was 79F  (about 26C) here yesterday.  After about noon, Sloane was feeling a lot better, no fever.  But this morning our daughter Crystal, called to tell us she had fever and the ski trip was cancelled.
I got to open the was so nice and Sloane really enjoyed herself.  (It was warm or I'd never have opened the windows).

Well, guess I'll go get breakfast going.  Hope you all are staying well, warm or cool, wherever you are.

So, until next time...

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Valentine's Day...

Hope you all enjoyed Valentines Day.  We did.  I gave Larry a card with some cash...because there's literally not much else he asks for or needs.  Cash for lunch out is always nice.  But this year, he surprised me with a fun gift.  He knows how much I love fried chicken was off to the Brookshires to buy some! Lolol...We both had a great laugh.  But it was also a great lunch of which we both enjoyed.
A sweet card and fried chicken...what's left?! Lol

I made sure to carry the high carb theme forward with a breakfast of French Toast.  Loaded with butter, powdered sugar and lemon juice...Yum!

Seriously good!

Larry also made my favorite lima beans!  

And what's a post without our favorite Valentine, Sloane?!

Well, this is a short post (I heard that!! Lol)
I hope your Valentine's Day was as fun as ours was.  
Have a super day and until next time...

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Love...Food, Sewing and a Hunt.


Good morning, Friends...
 Another week, come and gone.  Valentine's Day is almost upon us.  Any plans?  I'll probably make Larry some cookies...or something...not sure yet.  Update...I made Chocolate Chip Walnut & Caramel cookies...this morning! lol
My eye is healing nicely...although, they say things should continue to heal over the next few months.  I was told not to get new glasses (if I thought I still needed them...which I, at this point, don't think I'll need), for at least three months. 
 The eye is still healing, and glasses are too expensive to not be accurate in the prescription.

Remember on my last post I showed you the before photo of Larry's latest project?  Well, he finished it.  I think it turned out so very pretty.

I made an Instant Pot Spaghetti recipe...and it turned out so yummy!  Click Here for recipe.
Larry had made up a huge pot of spaghetti sauce about a month ago and we froze it in pint size plastic baggies.  So instead of a store-bought jar of sauce, I just grabbed a bag from the freezer.  But use store bought sauce like Preggo or Ragu if you don't have fresh made.
I also like to mix in Ranch Buttermilk salad dressing at the table (Larry doesn't like it).  The kids showed me this trick years ago and I love it.  Try a little on your plate next time you make spaghetti!  Doesn't have to be ranch buttermilk...Ranch will do.  

I made a small quilting sandwich so I could practice free motion quilting...LOL...omword!  It's going to take a lot of practice for me to free motion on my first quilt!  SO...I'll just do a straight or wavy line of quilting...

Finally got the top, batting and backing together!  Had to lay it out on our king bed.  Since doing it on the totally out of the question, the bed had to do.  It worked.  I then spray basted and pinned it together.

This is the backing...I had to sew it together since it wasn't wide enough for my quilt.

Our great-granddaughter Sloane and Mom, Samantha, spending fun time together.

Shopping with Mommy and her grandmother, Lolli...and yes, they bought the doll for her...Once you hug's yours...lolol

I was hungry for a pork roast...

Larry carried me to lunch in McGregor, Texas, at a place called The Coffee Shop Cafe.
We had to take our taxes to our CPA so we just ate lunch out.
$25 for the buffet, for two...with drinks and dessert!  Nice! 
That price for two people, these days, is getting harder and harder to find.  The dessert was lemon cake and vanilla ice cream.

Lolol...could you imagine?

I was working on finishing up on our tax packet when I heard a snuffling behind me.  Turning around, I saw Libby hunting for something under her bed!  I lifted it up but saw nothing.  She backed up, gave me a side-eyed look and marched back into the playroom, looking for Larry.  I never did find what she was looking for...

Sam thought it might help if she told me how the daycare put Sloane down for a never got that nap...lolol...too busy playing.

We got to keep Sloane Friday.  We always love keeping fun!  She keeps us hopping! lol
Here, Samantha (our granddaughter) is trying to teach Larry how to use Venmo.  It's a payment app.  When he sells a wood project, it would just make life easier for him.

I found a recipe for dressing that sounded good, so I made it.  It was super moist...

I baked it for 45 minutes in a 350* F oven.  Check it to see how done you want it to be.  The recipe wasn't a big help in that area. But I must say, it was really good.

Here's the cookies I just made...Larry loves them...soft insides and crispy outside edges...

Of course, I made breakfast before I let him eat cookies! lol 

This is a card from my sweet friend, Ann!  The mail was late last night but Larry found it in the box, this morning!  I love the little designs she creates for the cards...Thank you so much Miz Ann!  I Love getting mail!!

Well, I suppose that's about all for me.  I hope you all are doing well and staying warm or cool wherever you are. 
Until next time...