Thursday, June 1, 2023

Update on My Sister... and Me...

Good morning, friends!

The best of news!  Ruth Ann's CT Scan saw NO CANCER after eight chemo's!!  Of course, we'll need verification from her Oncologist, but we are over the moon!  Dr Singh says that this particular cancer, once eradicated, doesn't come back?!!  Never heard of that...We have tons of questions for him at her next appointment.  

I've been out of commission since last Sunday...the flu?  I've had pneumonia once before so I'm susceptible to getting it again.  I have antibiotics here, at the house, that I purchased from a company called Jase Medical in Utah...(USA).  Yes, they're a bit pricey but they are meant to be used if you can't get into see your doctor in time. If you know what antibiotics work for you in certain conditions, then you are good to go.  There's no doctor visit...just fill out the questions, a physician reads your file, and prescribes the medications.  You get five different meds mailed to you.  I discovered the company back when Larry and I were RV'ing.  A lot of the full and part time campers use Jase Medical.  They're on the road with no permanent address.  So, if they became ill, they had something that could help in an emergency situation.  I'm not sure if they sent to other countries other than America but you are welcomed to click the link to find out.

I'm feeling better but my cough is hanging on.  My chest is no longer on fire.

Ruth Ann...

Here's a tip when making salads.  Grab some wax paper...scrunch it up on one side of your bowl and place "weepy" ingredients in it...that way, everything stays nice and crisp.

True at my

You didn't think I'd leave without a photo of our little Sloane, did you? lolol

Well, this is all I'm good for this week... I think I'll get back into the recliner and rest.  Hope you all are well and safe so, until next time...

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Sisterhood Update...A Memory Dress...A Swim.

Good morning, friends...Just a little update on my sister Ruth Ann's cancer treatments.

She's just finished up her 8th out of 12 chemo treatments, for her colon cancer.  She had a CT Scan yesterday to see if chemo is working...we'll know more later, maybe next week?  I think it's finally starting to wear on her.  Her hair is just now starting to fall out but hopefully, it all won't fall out...she had super thick hair so maybe she won't have to cut it all off, we'll see.  She's also getting upset a lot, again like she was at the beginning, just after we found out she was ill.  Anger spurts...(which makes me seriously doubt that she's still taking her Zoloft) especially at people who simply dare to ask her a question.  The poor auto mechanic got his hat handed to him for no reason at all except that he dared ask the same question twice.  I had to reign her in at that point!  She "sort of" apologized to him after that.  I need a gallon of ice cream to help me with my nerves...lolol

But we'll make it hopefully, by the grace of God and prayer.

This is Ruth Ann and me several months ago.

On to brighter subjects...The dress Sloane is wearing?  I dug it out of my "memory" stash of my children and grandchildren's saved clothing.  I knew they'd come in handy some day!  Our granddaughter wore it 28 years our greatgran, Sloane.  I stored it in a Ziploc bag for all these years...looks new!  And fits Sloane, perfectly.

We bought her a walker.  I keep her on Mondays, and she gave it a workout! lol

I made salmon patties again.  We love them and they're so easy to make!  LoCarb, as well since I used crushed pork rinds to mix in the batter with two eggs and seasonings.

Is it too early for Sloane to swim?  Couldn't help myself...A little water and some plastic toys should give her some extra fun.  Larry and I like to sit on the patio, so it'll be fun for all of us. 

Breakfast this morning...vanilla granola, Kellog's Red Berries cereal, added chopped pecans and dried cranberries.  Add some whole milk or 2% and you're good to go!  I guess you could also use Almond Milk although, I've never used it.

Ever get frustrated with trying to wash out, then dry, your plastic freezer bags?  Well, Larry heard me saying a few cuss, unsavory words, asked what my problem was...I told him it's ridiculous how much wasted time I spent on trying to dry bags out enough to put back in the storage box.  If you're on a fixed income, you learn to reuse!  I don't have to do it but it really does save money.  Well, satisfied with my answer, off he went, out to his little shoppe of magical things and brought back in, a little fan!  A 4" Duct fan!  Like what's in your bathroom, exhaust fan... Perfect for drying my bags!!  
Works in minutes...

Plug it in and it dries your bags! 

Here's the box in case you want to order one.

Well, I guess I'll end things here.   Hopefully, you all are safe and doing well.  I know a few of you are undergoing medical procedures so I'll be praying for you... Have a good day and until next time...

Enjoy your holiday on Monday (United States) and always, Remember, Honor and Respect those who Gave Their All...

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Happy Nine Months, Toys, Food...and I Talk Too Much?

Good morning, friends!  
Has it really been a week?  Well, I suppose that's a good thing for You! You're saved from too many silly posts from this old woman! lolol  
It was our greatgran Sloane's nine-month birthday on the 15th.  Time is really scooting by!  She'll be starting school before we know it...

Silly (mom) shot the photo at the right time!

This was a project Larry made last week and I painted.  Wooden letters for Sloane, most probably, to chew on or throw at us.  No worries...we're learning to dodge!  After Larry had brought the finished letter board to me, he said it wasn't good enough...the letter grooves needed to be larger.  SO, he went off to begin a new board.  And I must admit, the wood absorption quality for the paint, wasn't all that wonderful.  And yes, he knew she'd be trying to chew on them...hence, food quality finish.  Whatever it takes, I suppose.  In the meantime, she can play with this one.

I also bought her a walker.  She apparently, can now push herself around on one...a trick she learned at her 12 month old cousin's to the rescue.  Gamma's are pushovers! lolol

Got up the other morning and had a hankering for pancakes, German style, with Powdered sugar, butter and lemon juice.  Hit the spot!  Syrups are fine but this particular day was a powdered sugar day! lol

For lunch, I made shrimp and rice with tomatoes.  I added a 1/2 cup of Olive Gardens Classic Signature Italian dressing to the shrimp in the frying pan, and 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream...let the mixture sinner on the stove.  Never let it boil...the cream will separate.  Just let it simmer.  Serve over buttered rice.  Always taste before you add seasonings...the sauce was seasoned nicely when I added the dressing.
So delicious.  I've been making Tomatoes and Rice all my married life (50 yrs.).  Figured shrimp would only add to the flavor, and it did.  The Olive Garden dressing was just a random addition...but it worked!  Lemony. 

We've heard how the Black Rifle Coffee Company had built a business here in Waco, Texas...out on I-35 interstate so naturally, we had to go see what all the fuss was about.  Larry ordered the black basic and naturally, I had to doctor my coffee with cream and sugar.  Good coffee!  American made and Veteran owned, coffee company.  Can't beat that (we have two grandsons in the Air Force and Larry, my husband, was in the Air Force and served in Viet Nam).  We used to patronize Starbucks years ago before the owners started vocalizing their political views...and the Waco Starbucks location decided they were allowed to insult the didn't go over well...lost a lot of customers.  Now, several years later we are hearing people complain about the quality of the coffee...and the service.  We own a plumbing company in two cities.  We would never flaunt our political views and subject our customers to such displays!  It's simply not done!  Your politics and your religion are Your business, period.  You don't like my political views?  Take it up with a voting machine.  I don't like anyone who thinks it funny to humiliate others. 
Hubby and I can simply choose not to participate at businesses that do this.  I feel, in this day and age, we need each other!  You might not like apple jelly but does that mean you will decide to not like me, if I do?  Ridiculous thinking...'nuff said.

Taco Tuesdays are a "thing" in our area.  You aren't allowed to get the Senior or Military discount, but they drop the price of your meal considerably.  Yes, Taco Tuesday found us at Rosa's Cafe...You get 3 tacos, hot fresh tortillas, beans and rice for $5.99.  If you're on fixed incomes, it's a good deal.

Our granddaughter Samantha, Sloanes mom, posing for the company she works with, advertising said company.  Sam's a hair stylist with Cortny & Company .  All the stylist got a chance to participate.  Click on the link...they're all gorgeous  (our Sami, third from the right)!  Back in my day, beautiful women were not everywhere you looked! lolol...Today, it's the Plain-Jane that's a rarity!  

Going from hair to White built me a frame that will allow the plant to climb.  
I must pause here to say how fortunate I am, to have a husband that, if he can, drops everything he's doing to accommodate me and my wants.  I really try to not abuse my privileged position and his kind heartedness.  We both realize that the yard is in terrible shape and needs to be brought back to life.  It's a "together" job and I give as good as I get.  I may not be able to create frames or build pergolas, but I make up for it by cooking, making him his favorite ice creams and pies.  And...I can plant the flowers.  Larry has always been a hard worker of which I have always been grateful.  We have mutual love and respect for each other...You have to give and take to be married for 50 years.  It hasn't all been, "apple pie days", and you shouldn't expect it to be.  How boring would that have been? lolol

My Libby is an actual Emotional Support dog with a unit number and badge!  I applied for it ($100) because I wanted NO trouble if I wanted to take her to various businesses while shopping.  

My Knock-Out Roses are blooming like crazy...and growing!  New leaves everywhere.

Well, that's about it for me.  Hope I didn't tire you out too much!  I try to talk less and have more photos, so you don't pass out in your chairs...lolol...but I believe I was a bit "wordy" today...sorry about that.  So, until next time...

Monday, May 15, 2023

Alyssa Graduates...Cake Hack, and Slone

Good Morning Friends...
Well, I guess it's back to business as usual.  We enjoyed a sweet weekend with my daughter Crystal and granddaughter Samantha and of course, greatgran Sloane.
We celebrate the graduation of our grandson William's,  girlfriend, Alyssa, from the University of Arizona!  They've been together about two years.  She was majoring in Archeological Forensics.  We are so proud of her!

Alyssa and her service dog, Wesley.  He is completely devoted to her.  Alyssa can go for months and then suddenly pass out...Wesley notifies her pre-episode.  He just knows when it's about to happen so she can sit down.  He's literally, a life saver.

Our William, (currently in the Air Force and stationed in Arizona but will change locations soon)

I don't know if you've ever tried this baking hack?  

Usually, you would line the bottom of your baking pan with parchment paper.  But I saw this hack on Facebook and thought I'd test it out...It Works!  Just take your butter wrapper and line your pan with it!  That's it.  Mine didn't stick!  The pound cake just dropped out of the pan!  SO, I'm saving all my butter wrappers and sticking them in the freezer.  Easy!

Butter wrappers ready for the freezer.

Then...I'd made peach pie and served hot with vanilla ice cream.  Dang, it was good!

Larry made grilled chicken on his new grill...and I made yellow squash casserole. 

I also made easy Cinnamon Rolls...oh my word Good!  That's another hack!
Buy a can of large cinnamon rolls at the store...usually comes in 10 counts...Place in buttered baking dish...heat one stick of butter till melted...add 2 Tbsp Cinnamon...1/2 Cup brown sugar...stir...pour over pour in pan, heavy whipping cream about 1/4th the way up pan...Bake at 350*F or 176 C, for about 20-25 minutes.  Don't overcook!  Take out of oven, let rest about 10-15 dig in!
Really taste great.

Lolol...You either laugh or you have to cry...

I ordered an Italian Yogurt Maker...SO easy to make yogurt and flavor any way you wish!
I used a Vanilla cultured yogurt as my starter.  Stoneyfield Organic Vanilla.
I love it with an almond granola. 

This is true of our Sloane these days! Lolol... grabbing at everything...she's found her hands!

Sweet Sloane


Pulling herself UP to standing position!  Our Big girl!  But now, I'm going to have to really watch her! Lolol
Well, that's about it for me.  I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day fun.  There's nothing better for your soul than until next time...