Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Brenda Photo Challenge BLOG!

Yes...I've created a blog JUST for the Challenges. Every week, the participants list grows...And every week, we have to add or delete...miss out on...don't Realise someone wants to play...etc!! I know My list is getting pretty long...but there are some people that didn't play this last time for various reasons and need to be taken off...How do I plan for this???LOL....You can't. SO, the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog has been born. Add this link to Your sidebar in place of all those names. This Should make life a little easier for all of us. That way, if you Want to play that week, we'll All know, just by looking at the comments. This way, no one gets left out! I missed two different people because I simply did not know they wanted to play along! I'll leave my old list up throughout the next Challenge...Just to make sure this works! But I think it will. So Please add the link to Your sidebar and we'll all be off and running! Happy Day everyone! And....What do You think? Will it work Better? The One drawback I've found is the links in the comment section carries you First to their About Me page....Hummmm....What do You think? Better or not?
Karen M is ONE SHARPE COOKIE!! Geez, Thank you Girlfriend!! When you go to the COMMENT box on The Brenda Photo BLOG, write your comment and then.....READY?....When you sign out of the comment box, click the NAME/URL box, fill in the information, and...hit PUBLISH! IT WORKS!! Thanks Again Karen M!!!!!