Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nice Matters Award

I would like to thank Rosie, at Rosie Bakes a Peace of Cake, for this beautiful award!! She says I make her smile. It's wonderful to know people enjoy your way of saying things, or just the feeling you get when you "read" them. I Thank you Rosie for this award!! (Y'all need to go to her site and check out the Key Lime Pie recipe she has just done) I don't really know the rules to these things or adhere to them very well either! know me!! Know that I love each and every one of my blogroll friends....(no one's on my roll that I Don't care about)!! I would like to pass this award on to ALL of you!!! SO, please make a copy of it and put it on your blog. Pass it on to Your favorite sites!! And I want the "Men" on my blogroll to know they are included!!! I love ALL your sites...You know I always need my daily "fix"!!!LOL

Next, THANK YOU BABY for my Blogger Buddy Award!! Love That Picture!!LOL....We will Always be best buddies!!! I love you........