Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Another Monday & The Next Challenge!

Well, it certainly was another Monday today. Woke up with a splitting headache...right behind my left eye!LOL...Aren't those Fun?!!! Sinus and sneezing...all day. It rained here just a little bit yesterday...just enough to get the mold cooking. Had to wait for the "Bug Lady" to come and work her magic on the pesky ants and water bugs, so I was late to work. When I finally get there, I find out my secretary was out with an illness...emergency room type. My office manager had been ill all day yesterday...stomach gunk....Geez!LOL....What's that they say about it running in packs of three???
The Good news though is that Karen has posted the next Brenda Photo Challenge rules!! The theme this time is Patroitism...or...What I love about my country. Date is, Saturday, July 11th. Oh My!! My mind has just been whirling with the possibilities!! If you have a camera, and want to join in, click on her link and leave her a comment!! These are Really fun!!
Well, guess I'll go blow my nose for the umpteenth time and call it a night. Have a Wonderful night or day, where Ever you are!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Brenda Challenge (Orange)

Orange sheets going into the washer

Orange plates...picture taken at HEB food store....With people staring and acting like they've Never seen someone take a picture before!!LOL....

Our dog Corky's Orange water bowl.

Well again, as usual, this was lots of fun. I Really hope more people decide to join in with us! Joni will be letting us know who she picks as the next host! So, go to my Brenda Challenge List on the right hand side bar, and Enjoy!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday Tomorrow, Crystal Anne!!

The Princess...herself...Crystal age 35...LOL..

This is Christi, our secretary...poor thing!! When she asked Crystal what she wanted for her birthday, Crystal replied...CHEESE DIP!!!LOL.....

Crystal and Daddy

Crystal and Me

Happy 35th Birthday tomorrow Little Love!!! My Only advice? Live, laugh and love like there's no tomorrow..........We love you.....

GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip....LOL

I'm in the middle of doing payroll and taking pictures..LOL..SO, as a little break, here's a walk down memory lane...You guys out there remember This guy?? Created in 1964...Today's his birthday!LOL...Back this afternoon with my Real Friday post!!
PS- REMINDER!! It's also Dawn's Birthday today! Go say hello!!!
PSS- REMINDER!! Saturday is the Brenda Photo Challenge!! Are You Ready??

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So What Do You Think???

Fake Blue Spruce

Fake White Mother of Pearl.....something...LOL
OK...ALRIGHT NOW!! I Heard that!!LOL....You see, I have to pick out a tree and then decide if I'm going to do lay-a-way and let Them store it until I want it...OR...wait a little longer and just buy one and bring it home the same day! Now, These two trees cost an arm and a leg. Blue spruce is $499.00 and the white one is $399.00.....WHAT???? I heard That too!!!.....Yes! They are beautiful...the pictures do Not do them justice, but I just Can my right mind...spend that kind of money on a plastic or silk tree. I bought one about fifteen years ago from the same place and wrapped each and every limb with lights. It took me almost a week to do it the right way. Geez, I was pooped. The eight foot tree cost about $250.00 more. It passed away....silently, about two years ago. I loved that tree...LOL...Well, I DID!!! (I bought a cheap one and had it for the last several years...BUT...It also took a powder last year). Now, there's no Babies to wake up to glitter and stardust. Oh, they'll come later in the day for dinner but...(You Grandparents out there know what I mean...) there's only me, Hubby and the dogster. The dog would Never open his own gifts!! So, it'll be Target, Sears or somewhere else for the tree buying this year. So what do you say? Spruce or white??? I tried a real one once...Santa didn't know who I was...swollen eyes and lips can cause that....Happy day or night everyone!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You've Got Six Months!

SAY WHAT??? That's Right! Six whole months..To do what, you ask. To make Sure you have the Funds to finance Christmas!! As of today, the 24th of June, it's exactly six months until Christmas. Plum puddings, candy canes, reindeer and Santa. Sugar plums dancing...Ready or Not! Last year I suggested a separate bank account to begin adding a small amount to each week. I already had one from previous years, and have been adding to it bi-weekly. With gas and other prices starting to soar, you really want to make sure you have enough cash Without having to resort to Charging Christmas! Talk about Pressure!!! That's not Christmas joy...that's emotional blackmail thrown at us by the media. I cannot, in good conscious, give a gift to one of my babies that I had to charge on a credit card. We can all find $10.00 a week to put aside. It's there. Look around. Think about all the extra junk we spend our money on...have a garage sale...sell the stuff you've cleaned out of the attic and never use. There's money just laying around. Make it work For you. When I hand that special gift to someone I love, I hand it to them Knowing I don't owe someone else for it. Now That's a joyous feeling. So stop, look around and ask yourself if you'll be ready. A little planning now will add up to Lots of fun later. If you're like me, my tree went Kaput last year and I need a new one. Lay-a-way. By the time I need it, it'll be paid for. So...Happy bling counting today!LOL....and hopefully, it'll be a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lunch on a Hot Day

Cube chicken, fry it up, then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese after it's out of the pan but while it's still hot.

Strawberries and whipped cream

Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, bacon, chicken cubes and romaine lettuce

Well, Hubby finished the Front of the building he was working on...only three more sides to go!LOL....He can only do a little at a time because it just gets too hot by noon. So, I called him in at noon for lunch and he's now gone to the shop to dump all the trash from the building.
Nothing else really happening around here. I was going to mow this morning...LOL...Well That didn't store instead. SO, Here's hoping You are getting everything done, that you wanted to do, this weekend. Ya'll have a wonderful night or day, where Ever you are...and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lottsa Sleep...Lottsa Work

Hubby ripping and replacing siding on wood and glass shop building.

Samantha Still sleeping this morning at 10:15....

William playing the PS3, Lego's Raiders of the Lost 6:00am....
Well we made it through the night!!LOL....They played, ate...ate again...played...called Crystal twenty times...and Finally at around eleven last night, fell asleep! Will even let Me play with him on the Raiders game...I Liked it!! I think I'll be playing this even after they leave for home!!LOL...Crystal picked them up at noon. She and "T" had another, fun time. They're also planning to go to a motocross race tomorrow in Burleson. Both of the kiddos are really looking forward to it. Will told me ten times last night he and Sam were going...LOL. The only drawback is, they have to get up around four in the morning and be on the road by five thirty. Hope they have fun...
Hubby was up early this morning ripping off siding from the wood and glass shop building. It's already, around 93degrees out there! We put a huge fan out on the sidewalk to help with a
So, I'd best get back into the kitchen and root around for something to feed Hubby for lunch. Ya'll have a Wonderful Saturday and don't work too hard!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Worm....Turned

OH MY WORD!! Am I a Domestic Goddess...or WHAT!!LOLHahaha....This was supper. Red Snapper, fettucine with tomato and pecan pie.....(I DID NOT make the pie)!! It seems to be happening daily now...routine...!!! How did this happen?? For the last two years, while our daughter and her kiddos lived with us, the chores had been divided...each person knew what they were suppose to do...Even Hubby!! Now Crystal and kids are gone, Hubby is doing Man stuff...(garbage, windows, chores). That leaves just me and the dog!LOL....Gads! The proverbial Worm has turned...guess I'll go find something to wipe down....Night all!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steak and Fried Okra

Fried Okra

Gads...I did a Mean couple of rib-eye steaks out on the grill!

Well, nothing much going on here. This is what I fixed Hubby for Father's Day. It turned out really good. I was quite pleased with myself! Hubby tucked into dinner and I didn't hear Anything from him until he came up for air!LOL...
Crystal and the Granbabies are out on a the movies. She Told me the name of it...hummmm....Hedgehog Worts from Planet Zenon???? Oh well. Something like that? I have No clue. This was T's idea. Hope they like it. It Should be good if it's a Disney movie?? Crystal's rear is Dragging!!LOL...All that moving, late night phone calls...New association! Guess we'll hear about it tonight on a late post from her OR we won't because she fell face first into her pillow! Bless it's little heart!LOL..........I'm heading that way myself. Ya'll have a happy sleep OR morning cuppa coffee.....

Wordless Wednesday...

LOL....Alright!! I was just going to say I NEED a Mini-Me!!! (cleaning, dusting, fix dinner, vaccuum....LOL)...Happy day Ya'll!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mocha in, "His First Broccoli!"

Just thought I'd post this this morning to give you a .... Smile....Back later!

Go down and shut my music box off so you can hear the video!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Monday...LOL

Right! Well at least we had a good weekend and really, before you know it, it'll be Friday again. Didn't do much of anything...Im still cleaning out closets, under beds, etc. Funny how you run across things you Totally forgot you even had. Did I Really buy a Gizmo?? You know, the can opener advertised on TV...LOL...Gads! Didn't work worth a darn...but I kept it! LOL...I Really need to follow the old rules...#1. If you haven't used it within One year, get rid of it...#2. Bringing something new in?? Carry something old...OUT.....Have I Done that?? No. And it's really starting to show. So now that I'm motivated, guess I'll go purge...Something...Happy night or day to you all.

PS- I have been trying to upload pictures All afternoon but Blogger is being stubborn!!! Anyone Else having a problem? Or is it just me???

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Day for Fathers

A Barn Swallow nest with babies at Hubby's Dad's house

Mr Frog at Hubby's Dad's house

Their weather vane

Crystal and Sami during todays visit with Hubby

Crystal and William

Too hot to cook anything heavier than Cheddar cheese, tomato quiche

Hubby loving Becker, Dad's Dog/human/child...LOL

Hubby's Dad, Becker and Mom

It was 100 degrees today!! we go.

White Althea (Rose of Sharon) in their yard

Well, another Father's Day gone. My Own Dad visited in Spirit only...and was loving as usual. Really miss him. Especially on days like these. Kinda felt like the kid in the back of the room who was the only one, whose Dad, didn't show up for the play. Oh well. You can tell the mind that you Know they're with you, but trying to convince the body it's true is a little harder. You still feel your eyes well up (Why do they Hurt when that happens)??LOL......I was a Very inquisitive child...always wanting to know the Why of everything...And Why isn't he here?...He finished the job...he's off and running again helping someone else...teaching Them how to love...all over again. I Love you Daddy and I'm SO damn proud of you. Here's to and forever. I'll see you over there........

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge (Communication)

Books...They take me to far away places without ever having to leave home.

The computer...aka, the Internet...Without it, I would NEVER have met any of my Wonderful Blogging Buddies!

The Telephone...I Love old phones for some reason. I Still use the pink Princess phone. It Still lights up when you answer it.

Well, these are my three. Cindra is hosting the challenge. She will then ask the next person (whoever she wants) to host the Brenda Challenge! Have fun looking at all the entries!!
Rules: 1. If you're asked to host the next challenge, and you accept the mission..LOL..pick a date (usually two weeks gives everyone time to gather their subjects and snap their photos)
2. Pick a Theme (can be Anything that floats your boat)
3. Post the rules and the next host, on your post. The Next host then does the same!

Cindra put up a sidebar with all the participants so far. Looks great and is a wonderful idea. I think I'll do the same. Makes it easier with each new challenge to follow all the participants and to just have to add the new ones! If You want to join in the challenge, just go to that weeks host comments section and leave a comment stating, "I want to play", or "I'm In"...something to let the host know to add Your link to the list!!
But Most of all, it's about having fun...visiting...and enjoying each others work.
Now get out there and Snap Something!!! Hey Guys!! Bra straps Excluded!!!LOL

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

Tim Russert passed away this afternoon, of a heart attack, while at work in the newsroom..He'd Just gotten back from a vacation in Italy with his wife and son..I don't like too many reporters....Russert? I Respected..Bless his heart. He was 58yrs old.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Was, Kiss and Make-up Time...

Well, it was a Good thing the kids came by when they did...Corky was just about to blow a fuse. Lots of loving and rubbing going on!LOL...and squeals of happiness! Oh, and Corky liked it too...LOL
Well, nothing much going on today. Hot is the word for being outside today. 96degrees in the shade. Now it's time to start griping about no rain...My tomato plants look sickly even though I've been watering them. The strawberry plant? LOLOL...right. It's just sitting there as a reminder of what happens to a bedding plant when I get hold of it! Not pretty.
I Did Learn something new today! Yes I Did!! AOL-IM'ing...How Neat!! I've tried Windows IM with a friend in San Antonio but, for some reason, I can't get it to come up. Crystal taught me the basics and now I can IM her All over the place!! SO Fast too!! Another thing I'm Trying to learn is Facebook...or Faceplate...LOL..something like that...Anyway, I've managed to send a few messages with that as well...Brother! You could spend you're whole Life learning one thing and then something Else comes along that's faster and better!! Geez!! Non Stop!
So I think I'll carry my weary rear to the bed...I can't tell if that's Hubby making those rude noises or the computer!!LOL....Happy night or day to you!!!

There's A Suffering Going On!

Corky is NOT a happy camper!!

Carryout from our favorite Chinese restaurant...Cashew Chicken

Well, Corky, our 17yr old pooch, is Not happy. He keeps going to the front door waiting for Crystal and the kids to come home...not happening. All night, every night, since they moved, he's been wandering the house looking for them...barking. Little tiny barks, grunts. He's PO'ed in the Worst way. They moved and did Not consult Him...Geez!! Crystal Anne!!! You Know the routine!!...LOL... You got some 'Splaining to do!! He slept with them...ate when They ate. Watched over them, alerting them to possible attacks from Gamma or he's suffering...itching. Is it hives? Stress? Abandonment???? He Shadows my Every move...hunting. I see only One possible solution....Where should I put his food when we bring him to you???LOLOL......Happy night or day everyone!
PS- Don't forget the Brenda Photo Challenge for Saturday, June 14th at Cindras blog!!! Anyone who's interested...go to Cindra's blog and tell her you want to join in so she can add your blog to the viewing list!!!