Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Dress and Love...

You didn't think I would forget shopping for the perfect Easter dress for Libby do you?!Hahaaa...No Way!  While trying to find the perfect online store for "designer" clothes, I found this little number at Petco.  The bow has a big sparkly diamond in it and you can attach a leash to it as well.  After I dressed her, she pranced around knowing she was gorgeous...Even our Buddy boy did a double-take!  Too cute....and yes, she's spoiled!  So is Buddy....We love our babies.  Now I need to get some pink toenail polish....Hahaaaa....(PS-I've tried dressing Buddy up...he is most in, Runs at the sight of "clothing".)
It's been cold here all week and they say that today, it's suppose to jump to 81 degrees...oh well, we'll see.  Anything is better than being wet and cold.  Oh and yes, I know my header color doesn't match my background...I'm still working on it.
Hope you all are safe and warm where ever you are...With MHFlight370 going down, the mudslide in Washington State...on and on and on....we just never know what's coming our way.  But I do know this...Be loving, warm, giving and let those close to you know you love them.  You just never know....
SO, on that note of cheeriness...Hahaaa...Let me take this opportunity to say how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of you...and am so blessed you're in my life.
Have a Happy day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blogging Over 50...

Blogging Over 50

Morning everyone!  See the new button?  Did I make it?  Yes, I Did!  It's for a new blog I created called, Blogging Over 50.  There comes a time when we no longer need to learn the basics of house cleaning...or how to teach Tommy or Nancy to use the potty.  We already know these things and a few more to boot!  SO, as I was surfing the blogasphere's offerings the other night,  I realised that there aren't any age specific blogs in which an "older" type person can go to visit about such things as the latest and greatest places to vacation, the neatest rose to plant or finding that next wonderful book to read with people more their own age.  Now don't get me wrong!  I LOVE my young friends very much and will always be reading up on their lives...but...sometimes you just want to...yes, I'll say it...SURF THE WEB!!!Hahahaaa...... 
My hair has a little more grey in it...I don't want to run that marathon...I have pets who are now my "babies"...and granbabies who are almost grown and I certainly don't need lessons in handling my Man!  SO!  If you're in the 50 and older age range (even late 40's will work) and you want to find others with similar interest, click on the button above and go add your blog link! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Out With the Old...

I totally forgot to take a shot of the old drapes I had in this bay window.  Hubby and I had gone to Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg back in 1980.  I had fallen in love with the lace...they did not sell this lace in the States...gorgeous stuff so I bought enough to do the bay window.  What is it now, 34 years later???Hahaaaa.....I'm bad about getting rid of shoes to...I'll hang on to things to ensure I've gotten good use out of them!   See the new draw drapes in each window??  Not a great shot but trust me, they're there.   Now I am enjoying my little window on the world.  Lots of light and a new desk.  Plenty of room.  We converted our two car garage into a playroom now TV, computer room years ago...I'm trying to redo things bit by bit.
I's been a rainy day here.  Now the rain has stopped as you can see out the window.  We really could use more rain...just not the cold!
Well, guess I'll get this posted and make my rounds to see what you've been up to.  Enjoy the evening!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward and FOUND IMAGES!!!

Morning!  I Know you thought I'd abandoned you...not so.  I have been really bummed out about losing all my photos....and have been trying to decide what to do about it.  On this web site, Blogger, I still have all my writings... on my Wordpress site, I have all my photos and writings except for this last year.  Decisions!!!  Should I just keep going with Blogger or should I switch to Wordpress.  I don't think Wordpress will let me import again and besides, if I tried, it would also import my post with no photos AND, the fact that I'm STILL trying to figure out how to change the font color in my header on the WP site...and yes, I've managed to change it, save it...but when I go back to look at my changes...they haven't changed!Grrrr.......SO....Geeeez!  I've made easier decisions!   Ok...and you knew it was coming...What Would You Do?Hahahaaa.......
YES-I-DID!!!   PICASA is Evil!  I made my rounds to PhotoBucket, etc....nothing there.   What had happened was somehow, all my albums that are stored on were changed from Public to Private!  Only thing I can think of is when Google did Something last week, update(????), if affected my blog, but all my photos were still there! Yeah!  SO, I simply went to each album, went to sharing options and changed them from private to public....GADS!!!   PLUS....I reverted back to Blogger from Google Plus!  I hated it! That's probably when things went "south" for me!  A WEEK of  gnashing teeth!!!  Biting knuckles!!!  Holy Photos Batman!!!!  You think I'm kidding.....What a Freakin' WEEK!
Lordy, I did NOT want to move to WordPress....If I can't figure out how to save simple changes to the blog, what chance would I have posting??Hahaaa
Lordy, I'm a wreck!  SO....Now I can relax and come visiting all of You!  SORRY I couldn't figure this out sooner.....COFFEETIME!!!!