Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trying To Get Finished

With Christmas shopping, that is. If I run by a store and I can think of something a person would like, I stop. The sky's are starting to cloud up and I sure don't want to have to shop in the rain. I would, but it's certainly not my preference!

We've set the Thanksgiving turkeys in the refrigerator to thaw. Did that Sunday. Takes so long to thaw that way, but it's the safest. I'm going to also make mashed potatoes with the cream cheese in them. Thought about those almost everyday since I've heard of them!

Needed to buy coffee beans. The store I get them at was still closed after 10:00 this morning. Hope all is well with the lady that owns it. I find it cheaper to buy the whole bean (LaMinita) than to let her grind it. My coffee machine does that anyway. Guess I'll go back by her shop later on today. I buy 5lbs at a time so it'll last awhile.

Well, guess I'll do some more work. Have a safe and wonderful day and I'll see 'ya tomorrow.