Thursday, July 24, 2014


 Morning!  This is another "barn kitty" that was just begging me for a photo shoot...silently...yes, I heard his voice in my head...Hahaaa....and it's about the last good time I've had lately.

 Trust me, I look at this every day...Remember these days?  A good old fight on the playground!  Yep, good times.

 This hunk of sugar is white chocolate.  I used the microwave on the first batch and then a double boiler on the last of the bars...BOTH batches seized up on me!  I have NO clue as to why...trashed!  Money down the drain....
 All because I thought I could make Cake Balls...My daughter Crystal, pops 'em out like the recipe was made Only for Her!  Me?  Not so much...In fact if I EVER see another cake ball I should surely do something dastardly...truly.  I tell you I had chocolate all over my kitchen but I hung in there!  I finally got the dark chocolate to melt but then I rolled the cake balls in it and put them on a RACK to dry...a RACK...YES!  I'm an IDIOT!Hahaaaa....I had to push them up from the bottom to get them off that rack...what a mess.  Crystal then states: "I TOLD you to use wax paper...I Did!"    I only tried making these so I could give them to our son in law for his doing me a favor here at work last week. 
What a mess, huh?!!Hahahaaaa.....gads....Then Crystal (the daughter) blithely states that the recipe is SO EASY TO easy.....ok....I'm going to HER house next time and letting her mix up a batch.  AND, I'm timing her!Hahaaa.  Surprisingly, I like how they taste...Lime Balls.  I like lime...but this was not a project for me to try out ALONE!Hahaaa...How did I get chocolate on my elbow?????
Later guys..... 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Blast of Lime...

Saturday, we went to the local farmer's market.  I had called on Friday and placed an order for Cherry Lime cupcakes.  We arrived and decided to purchase a few things before picking up our order like locally made olive oil and fresh cream cheese.  They took a back seat to these cupcakes...geeeez...Talk about a blast of lime!!  Wonderful!  Wish I could figure out the recipe...Twelve cupcakes...Eighteen dollars...I KNOW!!!!Hahahaaa....but now we know and the sweetest young lady made them.   Maybe Pinterest has a recipe.   Here's the link to their farm, Pecan Bluff Farms.

The rest of the day was spent resting...Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Portraits

The kitty I took shots of last Saturday
A fun family photo shoot with the Beeman family.
Our Grandson, William

The grankids stepmom (dark hair) and her sister.

Granddaughter Samantha a few years back.

Samantha's High school graduation prom.

Sam and little sister, Ruby.
Hoff family photo shoot...ALL shooting me "raspberries"!Hahaaa
I just have too many shots to pick from in my photo library.  Thanks to Donna of Cottage Days, for hosting this challenge.  This is the one that I love...portraits!  Faces!  Always lots of fun for me.  Donna knows I rarely post more than one photo in these challenges, but this time...she hit the right button!Hahaaa...Sorry Donna!  I know the limit is three....Really I do...!!!Hahaaa, but as my Mom would say...Suck it up Buttercup!
Go visit The Personal Photo Challenge to see some super photos!  Thanks for the visit!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty...

Hello friends...Hope you all are enjoying your day,  I went to my sister's on Saturday and got to play a little bit with my camera.  I really haven't been doing much of that lately.  But then again, there haven't really been any "cute" subjects running around in front of me lately that you haven't seen! 
I took several different shots but this is the only one I'll post today due to EMPTY PHOTO COFFERS...Hahaaaaa.....geeez.  I have a few excuses as to why that is that I could use, but I won't.  I'm just pitiful!
This little guy was just so sweet and shy...just watching me.  Even when I came in for the closeup, he was very still.  Love his eyes!
Well, it's Monday again.  Hope you all enjoy a safe and peaceful day.