Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Sunday and a Poll!

Good Morning Everyone! Well, we had our Brenda Photo Challenge yesterday and all the photos were GREAT! Thank you Karen for hosting that round for us!! Just as Soon as I know all the details for the Next challenge, I'll get it posted!

I'm doing a little investigation into Where You Spend Most of Your Time while surfing the net...Is it Twitter? FaceBook? MySpace? Blogger? I put a poll on the right side (at the top) of my blog so we can all "be in the know!" I'm finding myself on Facebook more and more these days simply because there's SO many things you can Do over there, especially with photo...Albums! Makes it SO nice to have them All in one place and you can create an album for Each family member or event. Crystal (daughter) showed me how to take a picture with my camera of all my Old pictures and then Email them to on them...hit Save as...and then I can Upload them to my Facebook album!! Easy!! Now I can have all my old pics saved in one place for the kids and grandkids to go look at anytime they want, instead of me Constantly wondering "What Did I Do With That Photo!" COOL!Hahaaa.....

I won't EVER quit posting here at Blogger though...This is my place to "talk"...Jot down my thoughts for my babies to read, as well. I guess it all has to do with letting them know what was happening in my life after I'm gone. I Really wish My parents had done this...I would have Loved to have been able to look back and read about their day to day doings... They say the Internet is forever...We'll see!!LOL

So where are You spending your time, mostly, these days? Better not be Joe's Bar Either!!Hahaa...Happy Sunday everyone...or Monday? Now go vote in my little poll!!