Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conflicker Worm...

Go check out this website concerning the April 1st malware release...It's been all over the news today! Make Sure you've updated your Virus program updates! Patricia wrote this as well:

On your computer:

Are your UPDATES turned OFF??? That's where it usually begins! Turn it ON!! Run those updates! And PLEASE do NOT buy those programs that say...REMOVEConFLICKER>COM//

...LOLOL....That's what I Probably Would have done several years ago...Stay with a reliable source ....just read the website above.
Stay alert! This just better not be an April Fool stunt...
By the way, MAC and I Think they're called Linnex(??) users will NOT be affected...Safe night everyone!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The morning started out with a delicious breakfast....
I can't believe I captured this bird in "take-off" mode!!Hahaaa...
See Mr. Possum going around the back of the garden??
See...See????? I'm So excited at this point!!LOL...
Cheeky little cuss!! Not a care in the world!!
He just simply starts climbing the back fence, nice and slow!
Up he goes!
Can you see him staring at me?

OhYes!! (happy dance) As I had told ya'll in a previous post, something had been getting into the garden and "rooting" around! WELL!! Guess who came slinking into the yard this morning??? YES! Mr. POSSUM!! I thought they were nocturnal?!!! It was 8:45am! Sun shinning and here he comes out of the back bushes without a care in the world!Hahaa...WELL! I says to myself...and then I remembered the Sage advice a very good friend once gave me..."Never go Anywhere without your Camera!"....LOLOL....Right!! Miz Brenda, you'd be SO ashamed of me this morning! There I was, having a coffee on the patio...observing the world, in general, grateful for life and sunshine, when I see Mr. Possum meandering towards the garden! Adrenaline starts kicking in...and "go Nowhere without your Camera" pops into my head, I swear!!Hahaaa...SO! quickly but quietly I edge towards the door, gently pull it open and haul ass (sorry, but I DID), hollering to everyone to "Be Quiet and DON'T go Outside!!" So Naturally, everyone bales out the back door to get a look!Hahahaa...Grabbing my trusty Canon...Out I go...on the hunt...tiptoeing...my prey is taking it slow and I have Just enough time to gather my evidence! Bingo! I got him! And would you believe it? I Really think I could have picked him up and he wouldn't have been frightened! I didn't though...Rabies Always lurks in the back of one's mind. Now here I sit posting my Sunday morning adventure...Trying to figure out just How in the world I can attach that damn camera to my body...at All times...Hahaaa...WHAT??!!!
Happy day to you all!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

At Least I Got Pictures....Hahaaa

My first blooms of the season! AND THEN....the cold front hit again! LOL...I really pray that the cold doesn't hurt them. It was 33degrees last night and it will be 36 tonight. Here's hoping...
I Love a pretty pink rose and hopefully the bush will put out lots of them. The one above the pink is a Julia Child. I like the orange and yellow mix on it.
Not doing much else today. Crystal brought the kiddos over this morning. They'll be staying until tomorrow night. She and the Timster went to San Antonio for the weekend. Tonight, I imagine we'll be watching the latest Bond...James Bond movie and pigging out on SUGAR!!! LOL...So, until next time, Have a wonderful night or day!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok, Ok!!

I've decided to create a new blog...for Venting...Hahaa...I feel I should Not make you listen to my rantings about the current political happenings, by force! The new site is American Pie. Now you can rest easy again...

It's the WEEKEND!!! I'll have Sami and William tomorrow and Sunday so I guess I'll get this old horse moving. You all have a Wonderful night or day and enjoy the time off!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Good Read....Geez!!

I'm sitting, watching the news....why? I guess I'm one of those idiots I'm constantly screaming about!LOL.....If I hear One More Time, President Obama say, "We'll see if they mean business this time before we commit the proposed 22 billion of TAX PAYER money...." Referring to GM and All the other companies with their hands out, I think I'll put my foot through the TV!! SO! Instead of ruining a perfectly good piece of electronics...I shut it OFF...I picked up a wonderful new book, in the series of Hamish MacBeth, and immersed myself in the rolling green countryside of Lochdubh. I love this series from M.C. Beaton.
Enjoy you evening or morning everyone! I don't want to think...I just want to read.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some People Just Know What To Say!!!

This is a member of Britian's Parliment...His name is Daniel Hannan...He's 37 yrs old! I SO wish he was American!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday Everyone!! Don't work too hard today!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can You Say, UhOooo?

I Think I may have messed up on the planting of the Pineapple Sage plant!LOL...figures! I've been reading up on it and it Seems that it grows as tall as 5 feet and can get to 5 feet round in size!! My little garden just won't hold that size plant! You can cook with it. You can add it to salsas...steepe the leaves and add it to pound cakes...Geez! I can't just pull it up and throw it away! So, the hunt for a better spot will commence...It's suppose to rain today to...Oh Well. Hope you all are having a Wonderful Tuesday!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Did You Do Today??

How strange is This??!!!!
It Followed us!!!

I bought Marigolds for the vegetable garden (keeps bugs Out of the garden...they don't like the smell).
Yellow and orange ones.....
They came in this neat pack!
This is Pineapple Sage!! Gads! It smells JUST like a pineapple!
New dirt added...Yes everything is puny right Now, but You just wait!!....ahhhh....well, Hopefully!!Hahaa...
Geraniums for my pots...Red...
Hot pink....
Pink and red Dianthis...
Pink Calla Lilly...

Well, I've been WORKING!!!Hahaa....Know how you feel when the backyard is all brown and crispy?? I Couldn't stand it another minute so off we went to town this morning...at 7:15! We were in and out of Sam's Club in about 20 minutes...home to drop off the groceries and then off to Lowes for the garden shopping. A few ($$$) dollars later, I had fresh dirt, flowers, tomatoes, and herbs to play in the garden and yard with. I finished at high noon and it was already starting to get warm... I have a feeling it's going to be a hot Summer.
SO, I think I'll go find a comfy place to park it and finish my coffee. Ya'll have a Wonderful night! Before I go though, Thank You Brenda for hosting today's Challenge!!! There were some Wonderful entries!! Also, there were late comers so go back to the Brenda Blog and see who you missed!!

The Brenda Photo Challenge "The Eyes Have It"

Thanks Miz Brenda for a Fun challenge!! As Usual, this one Was challenging for me to get current pictures of people's eyes!Hahaaa.....Oh Well! Here's my offering!

Crystal's Eyes saying....WHAT????!!!!!!!Lololol....
Crystal's EYES saying...."Looking Good Girl!!"

Crystal's EYES saying: I'm HAPPY!
Tim's EYES saying: "OhYeah!!!"
Now I'm on the way over to see all of Your pictures!! Hope you all have a Wonderful Spring Weekend!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Shake out those gardening boots!! Spring has Sprung! Have a Wonderful day everyone!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hubby's Fed Up...Hahaa

Geez!! Boy was this pizza GOOD!! I've been such a GOOD girl that Hubby decided he didn't Want another sandwich...he didn't Want another salad...he didn't Want any more Anything carried in a sack...Hahaaa....so we went to Rosatti's. It's been a Nice day so far. I've gotten a lot accomplished here at work by paying off loans...YEAH...(getting ready for a potential Bigger problem with the economy this Summer). SO, Hubby said "Get in the truck...I want pizza!" Well, it was wonderfully hot and cheesy...thin crust and crispy!
Guess I'll get back to listening to Barney Frank and all the other nitwits in Congress fight and sling proverbial arrows at each other!Hahaaa....Better than Peyton Place!! It's on C-SPAN if you can get it...Happy day everyone!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

What a week, Already! What a Month! Every time you turn on the TV there's something Else to contend with...Don't lose hope...I know it's a Very difficult time right now. Hang in there with me...Try to smile. Keep helping those around you with lots of love and most of all, Believe in a better time ahead for all of us. We have each other...." To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bless Her Heart....

Natasha Richardson...Actress...Liam Neeson's wife...two sons... Skiing accident...I've just heard they've pronounced her brain dead...What a shocker! Bless the family.....

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Don't you just love green? Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Absolutely Nothing new going on here...which is a Good thing!Hahaa.....Try ...Not to get pinched?!!!! Hope you all have a Wonderful day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Happy 47th birthday to Fabio!!Hahaa....WHAT?!!! Well...he's been a hero of mine for almost 30 years!! All those book covers!!LOL....OhMy.....Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Best Friends Forever Day!

I think it's BFForever Day!! I got an email that Said it was...SO...Happy BFF Day Everyone!
It's Still raining and cold here and I have to get back out in it to go to the grocery...Yuck!!! But!! One Has to have Chocolate to celebrate this day so I'll put my "dashers" on so I can run Fast...in the rain...jumping the puddles...WHAT?!!! I can still jump!!!Hahaaa....probably will need some popcorn to go along with that chocolate.....
Happy weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do Nuttin' Day

Ordered the guys some new uniforms a few weeks ago so I sorted them out by name and size and they're ready to wear...
Went outside and took a picture of those Geraniums I bought the other day...LOL...The wind and rain have done a little damage to them....Didn't I tell you NOT to buy flowers until AFTER the last freeze of the season???
Because....It's Rainy and cold here today. 30's tonight...Hahaaa....40's 'til Friday and wet. We NEED the rain though so I won't gripe. Here's the test of those Geraniums though...I think they'll be alright. Reds are hardy...#%&#**#....Hahaaa...Happy day everyone!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie's 50th?

Hahahaaa......OMWord! 50 years old today! I had the brunette with the black and white stripped swimsuit...How about you??

Happy Birthday Barbie!
PS- Brenda will be our Next Challenge Host!! Go sign up on The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge "Flip That Photo"

Alright! Here's my pitiful entry!! I do NOT know what I did, but...I finally managed to get the flipped photo over here to Blogger! That was a Trip!!LOL.....This is the original of...

Our Sweetie William.....And this is the "Flipped" photo.....Well....Hahahaa.....Oh well....Now I'm on my way over to see Your entries!!!! Oh Cindra....Hahahaa....I'm a failed pupil!! This was Really a Challenge!! Thanks for shaking things up and hosting for us!!! I Did learn...something! I'm seriously in need of a class!!!LOL....
Happy Saturday everyone!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Roses are Red But....

Happy Friday Ya'll! Boy! Wasn't it Friday...just yesterday?? I got outside yesterday and planted some Geraniums in the pot by the shop's back door. I love these things...The reds are Really hardy and bright. I Also took this with my little Canon Power Shot A1000IS. It has a Macro setting on it and I'm Trying to get it to work for me...So! Nothing else new here. Looking forward to some yard work...mowing and flower bed prep...coffee...coffee...feet up...Hahaaa....Have fun everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Three Little Reminders...

Good Morning everyone! I just wanted to get some reminders out of the way. Let's see...First, Don't forget about entering this Saturdays Brenda Photo Challenge! Cindra at Pics & Knits is this rounds host and she has Really come up with a "challenge"!! I've already got mine "locked and loaded" and ready for Saturday morning's viewing...Hahaa...I'm so pitiful...Also thanks to Donna at Cottage Days for taking pity on us poor souls who are "photo" challenged...And to Miz Brenda at What's Up Down South for being the Whole inspiration for All these challenges...She took pity on me about a year ago after having to listen to my constant whining..... My photos lacked a certain....ahhhh...."look"...Hahaaa...and she jumped right in and started making suggestions on how I could make improvements. I felt, starting these challenges would be just the thing to help, not only myself...but anyone else who just loved Anything to do with photography. It's worked and now I'm not alone!! Thanks to All of the people who participate. I just think it's plain old Fun!! Thanks Miz Brenda...Because of your wiliness to help someone, look at the many smiles you've brought to blogland! (also a few cuss words...WHAT??!!LOLOL).
NEXT: TIME CHANGE THIS WEEKEND!!!! USA!! Don't forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour SATURDAY NIGHT!!!
You don't want to show up for church...coffee...dancing...whatever Late do you??
And finally, I just wanted to remind all of us in the USA that postal rates will change Again on May 1st....Stamps go from .42 cents to .44 cents.....GEEZ!!!! Go purchase a few of these "Forever" stamps to tide you over the transition... Now if Only the US Postmaster would lower his Salary from 800,000 to......ALRIGHT....ALRIGHT...Hahahaaa...I'll leave it alone...I'm just Now more peaceful...Zen...Zen.......SO...Here's hoping you have a Wonderful day...Stay Happy!