Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Been Playing!

I Been Playing!!Hahaaaaa....This is my favorite cousin in law...but he's More than an in law...He's a Doll! When I went to Connecticut in October, I snapped this shot of Mike and his "baby". Trust me when I say it also sounds like it looks! Nice Ride Mike!!
SEE THE TEXTURE I APPLIED???? I HAVE been working on this shot ALL Afternoon! Between visitors and the ringing phone, I finally finished. I did this in Photoshop Elements7. When I tried saving it I noticed the photo wasn't a .jpg!! If it's not .jpg, it won't load in Blogger. At least I couldn't get the other shot I'd been working on to load....geez. I know I probably could have done more to this photo but it seemed the more I tried, the more the photo got muddier... so I just stopped. Opinions Please!! I am a novice here! I can take it!!! Honesty Please!
Well, guess I'll go stretch out on that sofa that seems to be calling my name....Y'all enjoy the rest of the evening!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Brenda Photo Challenge (2-26-11) RED

A Sweet surprise from my Sweet Hubby! White Chocolate Strawberries....

This tasted SO Good!! The coffee that went with it was pretty tasty too!Hahaaa

A Valentine present from my sweet daughter, Crystal...Thank you Baby!
Well, these are my RED offerings...I think Valentine's Day RED's are going to get a good workout in this Challenge!Hahaaa....I'm off to see all your photos now! Newcomers! Go check it out Here! Y'all have a Great and safe weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Sami...

How did this happen? She went and grew like a weed! Samantha Lynn Mathis.....Sweet 16....I still remember, like it was yesterday, holding her in my arms at the hospital! Even though we knew for sure that someone had switched babies on us....Hahaaaa.....we fell in LOVE! As she grew, she fell in love with Barney, Olivia and Angelina Ballerina. We just couldn't compete but we plodded on. Time...It passes so fast. If you have grandchildren remember this...hold 'em, love 'em and always let them know your "door" is always open. Happy Special Birthday to our Little Love...May your light continue to light our way.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You...Tattoo?

Do You Have a Tattoo??Hahahaaaa......I'm mind-numb today so bare with me. I think if I were 20 years younger I might consider getting one....a small one...tiny one...Hidden on my body. My cousin Roni, who lives in Connecticut, has a son...Mike...who is an expert tattoo artist. The above photo isn't his work but he does do this sort of graphic and more. Told you I was mind-numb!Hahaaaa....What ever you do this weekend, just think outside of the box...have Fun! Maybe a tattoo?Lolol

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can You Say, Fat Cat?

I had to go to our local printers to order new invoices....we're almost out. THIS is Miss Francine. She's 10yrs old. She lives in the shop as a "WatchCat" of sorts...Hahaaa.... She also is the biggest Friggin' cat I've ever seen! At least 18 to 20 pounds. Now I'm not so worried about My weight....I'm feeling pretty lucky today....Hahahaaa....Happy Wednesday Gang!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful and sweetheart of a day! The weather has now decided to start heating up again...73 today! You can tell the weather's heating up from all the coughing you can hear!Hahaa....
Hubby had school this past Saturday so I was able to get a few things done...LOL...well, it's True! Have you girls noticed that when your guy is can't really get those necessary chores done? You'd think they'd be up doing those "man things" instead of playing those video the living room...where, if you try to run a vacuum cleaner, the reaction is one of total unbelief! Oh well, such is life.
SO...Here's hoping you're happy and well on this, the day of declaring your love and filling the pockets of your local retailer....Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is ME on....Ice and Icy Rain and possible Snow! I'm so sick of all these freezing temps! It's been cold here lots of times before but I must say this is a bit of the unusual. I will never understand how all you Northerners DO this! Days and days of it...and yes, I'm whining....I'm a weenie. I like sunshine and flowers...snowCONES and popcorn. The sound of a swinging screen door in the Summer...iced TEA...the feel of clover under my bare foot...the smell of hay. Tell me those days are coming. Gads, since it's not here yet, guess I'll turn on the movie, 2012. I hear it's all about the end of the world...Hahaaaa...STARZ seems to be free today...Y'all have a nice Warm evening.....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Pitiful...

Good Sunday morning! Geez, What a Week! What a Month it's been...We've had what I think is the flu...sinus infections...snow and ice...general headaches of trying to get a grasp on this new year. Maybe all this bad luck was brought upon me because I didn't eat blackeyed peas at just the Right time...Hahaaa....I have no clue! Just glad things are beginning to settle back into a decent routine! I've been a horrible bloggy buddy! Every time I'd try to settle in to do some blog reading, something ELSE would happen. I also updated the Brenda Photo Challenge...a week late on That as well! Sorry! I'm just PITIFUL!Lolol
I seriously hope you all have had Much Better days than I have...and I promise to play catch-up today on reading Your blogs! Have a Wonderful Sunday!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Well the SnowBug got us last night....He decided we needed to be hit. We got about 2 and 1/2 inches here at the shop and a bit more in other places. I have my trusty Jeep with Four Wheel Drive to help me out but I SWEAR...people are just plain DUMB! Some are still driving like they have NO Sense....Had to come in to get payroll done and as soon as the Hubby and Ken get back to the shop, Crys and I are out of here. The snow is packing and forming a plane of ice beneath it and it's only going to get worse this afternoon. Tomorrow, it's suppose to be 58degrees...go figure! Y'all keep safe and warm.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Then Cold....geez

It's Wednesday...It's also a COLD 20degrees...but it Could be worse and I know it. At least it's not raining or snowing. Saw a few flakes but they went away. The only other problem is power outages. Our provider is doing that "rolling outage" thing all over Texas. Keeps the power from simply shutting off and creating havoc... Can't believe it was 80 degrees here last Sunday...nice!
Today, this is the only warm thing I can find...Hope you all are safe and warm where ever you may be. Look around you...Bet you can find something warm around you too! Happy Wednesday!