Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lets Give Lauren a Big Welcome to the World of Blogging!

What a nice day I've had! Do you believe in "chance" encounters? Well, I do...This little story begins with my reading of Jeannes blog this morning. I was looking at her beautiful flower photos and while scrolling down I read about a magazine called Artful Blogging! WELL!Hahaa...This, I had to know more about! The Internet said this certain scrap booking store, Crop, Paper, Scissors, Had it...and That's when it hit me...I Had to have this magazine!!LOL...I went. That's when I met Lauren. Isn't she beautiful? She works there and was delightful! She told me she had Just started a blog last night and was pretty nervous about it. Long story short, we exchanged URL's, chatted about all the exciting things she's going to be doing pretty soon (Traveling to Europe hence the blog for family to keep up with her...Hahaaaa) and I left...without the magazine...They didn't have it! That's fine though. She was So nice. Reminded me of My first post....lordy! So go over and give her a BIG Blogger welcome!! You never know how your day will play out! Happy day or night everyone!

Tea Party Day and some Attitude!!

It's Tea Party Day America!! Doesn't matter if you're Republican, Democrat or Independant!! Get out there and show Washington how we feel about higher taxes! I've hung tea bags on my rear-view mirror in the jeep...WHAT??!!!Hahaaa....Hey! I'm making a statement!!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!