Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to My Friends!

Sending you Hope, Love and Belief in this beautiful Christmas season.  May you all have a safe and happy weekend!
God Bless us, everyone....

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20th...Just Remembering

Just remembering...This is my Dad's sister Mary (L), daughter RuthAnn (middle), and grandmother, Marget (R).  My Dad's parents are from Vienna, Austria.  Grandmother was a servant in Grandfather's house.  Long story short, they fell in love...grandfather was disinherited for marrying the maid, so he left for America. After he got settled, he sent for my grandmother.  They bought land in Stonington, Connecticut, a short walk to Old Mystic.  They made a life together...grandfather and both sons, my dad Godfrey and my Uncle Frank, built the house.  Two stories...Daddy always talked about how wonderful the Christmases were at home.  All the food was farm raised...the tree was cut from their land and they all (four children) helped decorate it.  Real candles, not electric lights...only to be put on Christmas Eve...
Wish I could go back in time just to see it all...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18 and Chocolate Chip Cookies...

I started baking cookies at 8am...finished at 1:30....Both kinds of cookies turned out wonderful!  The one above in the photo, is one called Big Chocolate Chip.  The other batch is White Chocolate Orange Cookies.  I only had the strength (WHAT?) post the Chocolate Chip one.  I put the recipe on my cooking blog HERE.  Enjoy...And do try it!  They are Wonderful!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ooops! December 17th...Late

Well, look who's late with her own challenge!Hahaa...Oh my word!  BUT...I've Been Busy! excuse is it?!'ll probably happen again as well.  
The Christmas card above is from my Granddaughter, Samantha.  She lives on her on her own and we are so proud of her.  She is 21.  I can't believe where the time went to!  Poooofff!  Gone!  If you still get the fun and joy of having your little ones still making messes, drinking all the milk, running and screaming at the top of their lungs around your house, mark yourself blessed!  They grow up way too fast...
The second photo speaks for itself...nothing like fighting the crowds for a few stocking stuffers and having your foot run over by a crazy lady...who just kept on going??!!  Hit and run I'd say...
Later...gotta' go make more fudge.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14th...A Boy and a Tree

This was taken Thanksgiving evening.  That's our grandson, William.  He's about 6 ft., 1 or 2 inches himself but needed the ladder for the tree topper.  This is an every year tradition...after the Thanksgiving meal, Larry brings in the tree and our daughter and grandkids get busy.  Oh yes, I help as well. 
"A little to the left"
"That looks better"
"How about using the red one"
"You're doing a great job"
"Awww, my babies!  It's beautiful!  Thank you!"

Yep...every year.  I tried to call it off one year and caused such a firestorm that I quickly reconsidered!Hahaaa.  
Well. guess I'll go heat up lunch.
Have a super Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13...Lunch and Two Hopefuls

I had been shopping and doing some small time decorating on Sunday.  Larry made  lunch right after we had both made desserts.  The whole time, Buddy and Libby stood silently by hoping something would fall to the floor...My Dad use to always say, "Live in hope, die in despair..."
Don't worry though...I found a few nibbles for them both. Christmas is about giving after all...
Hope you're doing great today...

Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12th...Christmas Shopping Begins

Well goodness!  The day has just gotten away from me!  Mondays are always busy days for me.  Mail, invoices to be entered...movies to watch...Hahaaa...seriously.  I hope you all have gotten a bit more in the mood for Christmas.  I even did a little shopping on my lunch hour!  And...I took a picture of my shopping cart, loaded the photo onto the computer and wha-laaa, I can't frigging find it!Hahaa...Only me!
SO, have a happy evening...I'll be hunting that photo for awhile tonight!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 11th...Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp...

Well...I made a crisp...I a 9x13 inch pan no less.  It's big.  Guess I didn't visualize the finished product too well...Hahaaa....but boy is it good!  You just can not find a better taste than rhubarb.  It just imparts that balanced amount of tartness you look for when making these things.  Anyway, I like to start baking and taking at least three quarters of what I make, to the shop for the employees at Christmas.  I don't always manage to be this industrious but since the challenge, I'm finding that I'm getting off my butt and getting into the spirit more...and that's a good thing.
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 10...

Larry and I woke up early...2:30am...yep...and just decided to get on up!  You know how it feels to just lay in bed, get sleepy again and drift off?  Nope, neither do I...SO, it was get up and turn on the coffee maker time.  After playing on the computer a bit, eating breakfast and getting dressed, we hustled into town to get the shopping done.  Walmart had everything we needed, but I swear after raising my daughter then having the granddaughter Samantha around, you'd think I'd remember what kind of baby doll a one year old would like to play with!Hahaa...Nope!  I had NO idea!  My rescuer came in the form of a young black mother of two little ones in her shopping of them was a  one year old!  Mom directed this old woman (head hanging low in embarrassment) the CORRECT baby dolls.  They need to have a completely soft body.  Thanks to her I found a little sweetie and put it in my basket.  How the years erase some things and amplify others...Oh well.  I had sent Larry off to find the radio controlled truck for the 15 year old on the list from yesterday's ornament.  He came around the corner just beaming.  He didn't have any problems! 
Next but lastly, it was the size 18 to 24 month sized clothes.  You know what?  They don't really make much for little boys do they?!  But, Larry saved the day.  On an out of the way hanger were size 24mo pant sets.  Done and done.
After labeling and packing the gifts away, we had lunch...roast, new potatoes and green beans.  The day is only half over...guess I'm in the mood for a Christmas movie.  It's a Wonderful Life should fill the bill!
Have a super Saturday!

Friday, December 9, 2016

December 9....

I get a text from Larry, asking me to stop by City Hall and pick up a Blue Santa Ornament from the Christmas tree that sits in the front entry room.  I don't know how long the tree has been there...probably since December 1st.  There were still too many ornaments on that tree!  People need to get busy here if we have to have them turned in by the 19th!  We have 17 families and 63 children who are in need this year here in Robinson.  That's an average of 3.71 kids per family...sad.
Oh well, I'll be checking back on that tree!
We will be shopping this weekend for a baby doll, remote car and clothes.  Think we can handle that!
Is there something like this in your town?  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Christmas Challenge...

Yes...I laid down the law...I challenged a blogger buddy (an Extremely talented one) to get in the Christmas mood (like anyone listens to me).  I know it's hard to not have that bah humbug feeling when you feel your day is already so jam packed (I know the feeling) with tons of things to do. ..I said, post a picture every day, on your blog, showing how you are preparing for Christmas...hanging an ornament, baking a cake or cookies...watching that favorite Christmas movie...disasters like breaking an ornament or burning the cookies...or maybe something as ordinary as my photo of our front counter here at work.  Boring, I know, but...I had to throw something up there because I think she's going to kick my butt if she reads this...Hahaaa...I also ain't posting her name...momma didn't raise no fool!
Now, if YOU want to join in, just leave a comment here and say, "photo", and we'll all come over to check it out.  Can't promise a bunch of lookers (so many of my old blogger buddies no longer blog, which is a darn shame) but even if no one does it, I the Christmas bells ring!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dec 7th and a Thanksgiving Lunch at the In-Law's...

This is Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, 1941.  Out of the thousands of photos taken, this one jumped out at me.  The suddenness...the confusion...the heartbreak...God Bless America.
Katherine, Aaron and Aaron's mom, Deb

Kat, Crystal and Tim

The chef, Aaron
Larry and Kenny's mom, Ann (89)

Larry and Kenny's Dad, Gerald (91)

Larry surveys the room...waiting

Their family buzzing around busily...That's Larry's younger brother, Kenny on the left

Two hungry babies, Wyatt and Leah
William...yes I see that tongue sticking out at me...Hahaa...teens...

Thanksgiving came and went...we were thankful we could all be together another year.  Larry and his brother Kenny also are thankful they still have their parents!  Amazing...Ann and Gerald will also be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this month!  Not many couples around that can say that!
Well,  just wanted to jump in here and get a post done...and check on all of you.  Hopefully, I'll be good and get a post done before Christmas!
Coming to see you!