Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dec 7th and a Thanksgiving Lunch at the In-Law's...

This is Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, 1941.  Out of the thousands of photos taken, this one jumped out at me.  The suddenness...the confusion...the heartbreak...God Bless America.
Katherine, Aaron and Aaron's mom, Deb

Kat, Crystal and Tim

The chef, Aaron
Larry and Kenny's mom, Ann (89)

Larry and Kenny's Dad, Gerald (91)

Larry surveys the room...waiting

Their family buzzing around busily...That's Larry's younger brother, Kenny on the left

Two hungry babies, Wyatt and Leah
William...yes I see that tongue sticking out at me...Hahaa...teens...

Thanksgiving came and went...we were thankful we could all be together another year.  Larry and his brother Kenny also are thankful they still have their parents!  Amazing...Ann and Gerald will also be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this month!  Not many couples around that can say that!
Well,  just wanted to jump in here and get a post done...and check on all of you.  Hopefully, I'll be good and get a post done before Christmas!
Coming to see you!


Sandy Trefger said...

That photo does really jump out. One can only imagine what it was like! Fabulous family photos too!

Jenny said...

I love that you came to see me! What a beautiful home they have and yes, incredible blessing for Larry to still have his parents. How wonderful. Neither TG nor I were able to give our kids great-grandparents, only wonderful grandparents. That generation experienced things we can only imagine -- Pearl Harbor Day among the most poignant and life-changing. God bless America again! xoxo

Out on the prairie said...

Looks like a great meal. I served at a community meal, 3500 meals were served or delivered.Our WWII vets are thinning down, we had 2 at our veterans day ceremony. I had a great uncle on the Arizona.

Nita Jo said...

It looks like you had an awesome time! I miss huge family gatherings like this one. It was just the four of us again this year, but still a wonderful time! Love the B&W photo of Wyatt and Leah. Also love those names! My mom was a Leah. :)

Ann said...

glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. 70 years is quite a milestone.

bichonpawz said...

That photo jumps out at me too. I am glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Wow! 70 years is absolutely amazing!

Anvilcloud said...

That is a long-living family. Their gene are swimming in a good pool. :)

Nice trip for you. I like the photo of many hands working in the kitchen.