Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remember the Vanilla Recipe?

The bottle I "brewed" the vanilla beans and vodka in...and the bottle I transferred it to.
Look at how rich and clear it is!
I used eight fresh vanilla beans and the 5th of vodka...and I let it "blend" for almost nine months!!Hahaaa....Oh Yeah Baby! Of course, you could start using it after about two months, and I Did! BUT, I just left the beans in the vodka and continued to use it in my cooking. Wonderful Stuff Miz Donna (Cottage Days)!!! I originally got the recipe from Donna... I'll NEVER buy the store brands again!!! EVER!! This home brew is SO Rich and dark! The longer you let it sit with the beans in instead of out, the better it is! I need to go get more beans and vodka for the Next batch! I don't want to get caught without my 'Nilla!!!Hahaa...Surprisingly, I found the fresh beans at WalMart!! Not One grocer had ANY fresh!!
So, here's my recipe: 8 fresh vanilla beans (watch out for price shock!! Just 2 beans were $8.00!! Go to the liquor store and get a good brand, 5th of vodka. That's it!!
Slice the whole beans right down the middle to open them up...Stuff them whole into the vodka. You'll have to pour out a little of the vodka so you can get the beans in. Or, put it in a larger bottle. Keep in a dark cabinet and take out to shake the bottle weekly.
I have now posted the Next Brenda Photo Challenge! Try out the NEW link system! I think you'll like it! Have a great night....Is tomorrow Monday again???LOL...Oh well, lets all have a Great week!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (1-30-10 The Best of 2009)

It was a great Spring time!

Leah came along in October and stole all our hearts!

I think this will be the winner for Hubby and myself for the Best of 2009...My daughter and Tim announced their engagement Christmas evening....

Well, that's it for me even though I could have added many more...Now I'm off to see all of Yours!! Have a Great Saturday where Ever you are!
PS- Well, I hit the WRONG button...Publish...Instead of Post Options...Sorry! Now you have to look at my offerings 12hrs Earlier!!!Hahaa...Night Guys!
PPS-Hahaaaa...I've Also been VERY behind in Visiting all my "Buds"!!! I'm lost and can't find myself....LOL??? I'll make my rounds in the morning...and Coffee in the evil eye to anyone who disturbs me...Again!!!Hahaaa....

Sunday, January 24, 2010


WHAT??Hahaaa.....yes...I'm guilty...I have another addiction...backgrounds. All that sappy Love stuff going on...LOL....hearts and rose petals, Geez! Enough of that already! I love pinks, blues and flowers, period. I feel better. Truly...LOL...This background reminds me of an old Victorian house and I would Love to own one BUT, Hubby only looks at the plumbing problems that one would bring with ownership. Oh well...Maybe my next life.
Hope you all had a great and restful weekend! It's already the start of another one so, hang on to your hats....and have a Wonderful Week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Am I Doing....?

Well...I've had a "lurker"...Hahaa..."Brezz" threaten me with the "Banshee" if I don't update my blog....I'm afraid of her so I do as she says....LOL!! Anyway, what have I been up to...lets see...Little William is sick again, low fever...Our old dog, Corkey is sick office is giving me hives...LOL...I'm looking at Barbara Boxer in the Senate talk about things that she has Not researched...OKOK, I won't go there. The drive-thru teller at the bank is pissed because she thinks she's entitled to a "special deal" with her plumbing...That She Won't Get...I should have bought a 16gig IPhone instead of an 8....WHAT??!!Hahaaa....Then I check out my Cooking blog and find a crappy comment, on my pancake post, that was left...SO I left one of my Own...LOLHahaa...OH Yes I did!!! I was simply feeling some, oats? Oh well...I Really am happy...truly...As long as I'm still kicking...I'm blessed. And I have ALL of YOU!!! That makes me happy...OK, I'm better. Happy Thursday Gang!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Up Early!

What a nasty little morning! We were up early to the grocery store and then to a "Sip & See" to see the new addition to our family...Leah. I posted the photos on my FaceBook page. Just too many for posting here. It's been rainy here again for several days now and cold. Hopefully it'll warm back up by this afternoon. Hope you all have a Great day! I'll be re-opening the Brenda Photo Challenge this weekend. I've had SO many request to get it going again... so I'll get that done sometime today! Check back on that page!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wailing Wordless Wednesday...

....We have an adman....Lets call him Mr. Bob...Mr. Bob likes to bring us goodies...I've now lost 5 lbs on my locarb diet...I am a card carrying member of the NRA...(National Rifle Association)...I am now looking for a target...i 'wanna cookie...!!!!!Hahaa.....Happy Wednesday Guys!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Said LoCarb Eating Was Boring?

Hubby always comes up with great lo-carb ideas to eat! He out-did himself this past weekend...Pot roast with asparagus and salmon, zucchini and green beans. The lemon sauce on the salmon was Wonderful! I needed a straw!!LOL...He also makes the pot roast taste like "granny's" recipe. Delicious! We're still sitting at 4lbs (me) and 6lbs (him)#*&@#...hahaa...but we just SAT this weekend and did NOTHING! I don't think we moved much at all...nice! So, if you think a lo-carb diet might be for you, get on the Internet and click here:
We've got his cookbooks and are learning a Lot. Well, y'all have a wonderful day...I'm off again to tackle some cleaning here at the office.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Shopping Trip for Samantha's Dress...

The beginning....
More apprehension....Gads...Hahaaa....
Sparkles...Everywhere at Davids Bridal Shop...
Kayllie? Hope I got the name right...She's one of Crystals sweet friends who helped out.
Sarah, another sweetie who gave Great input!
Crystal and the Not so delighted Samantha...bridesmade.
"Mom! These are SO Long!"
I told her to SMILE!!! but she just thought this dress was too dumb looking...
Sarah picking and tweaking...
FINALLY...THE dress...Everyone approved!
Final approval and we all headed for the checkout...Glad that's taken care of...AND it was COLD! Not inside the shop but Outside! Overnight low of 11 degrees!!! What a pain! This morning I have a Serious headache from it! Going in for the Excedrin and HOT coffee...Nothing to do today but plan lunch and supper...yeah! Oh yeah, Hubby and I have started our lo-carb eating last Monday and I've lost 4lbs and Hubby's lost 6!!! Dang MEN!!!!Hahaaa...Oh well, such is life. Have a Great day Guys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can You Tell?Hahaa...

Yes, I changed the background again....WHAT??LOL.....I'm just yancy. It's going to begin getting colder here and That's fine BUT, I just don't want any of the rain to come in with it. Makes for a nasty time! Nothing at all going on here...Thank You God!!! Crystal is starting to freak out about WHAT to get married in...Hahaa! It'll teach her to say "Yes..."!!!
Well guess I'll get this posted...headed to the Vet's office to get tapeworm meds for our old Corky dog...geez....Happy night all and be glad you don't have tapeworms...yes, I'm grateful....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Been Busy...

Goodness, what a week...William (10yr old Grandson) has been super sick. 103temp at it's highest...99 at its lowest! Never Breaking!! I really feel it was the Swine flu and not the N1H1 variety...but scary, nonetheless. He had a playmate at the daycare he Use to attend, die about two weeks ago from the N1H1...They had been babies and playmates for almost all their lives...Will hasn't been to the daycare now for several years and we heard about the friends passing on the news...terrible! They were the same age and it hit the kids pretty hard. SO, I began my research...and applied my nursing skills and meds...I'm happy to report his fever Finally broke (after 5 constant days) and has not returned...If he's Still fever free all day today, (they say after 24 but I like 36hrs) he can go back to school tomorrow. Thank God....You know if I'm not around Anywhere much, Someone's sick....
I piddled around changing my blog again...Hahaa...You know me. Hope and pray everyone is well and HAPPY!! Don't make me hurt you! I want some Smiling going on!! Happy day everyone!