Saturday, January 16, 2010

Up Early!

What a nasty little morning! We were up early to the grocery store and then to a "Sip & See" to see the new addition to our family...Leah. I posted the photos on my FaceBook page. Just too many for posting here. It's been rainy here again for several days now and cold. Hopefully it'll warm back up by this afternoon. Hope you all have a Great day! I'll be re-opening the Brenda Photo Challenge this weekend. I've had SO many request to get it going again... so I'll get that done sometime today! Check back on that page!


Donna said...

Love that pink tulip! I'm going to miss my sea of daffodils this spring. sniff, sniff, waahhhh!!! We're going to plant some this fall for next year, once we get settled into our new place.

YEAH, on opening up the challenge back up! I just sent you a BIG list of possible topics.

Lynn said...

Tulips are so cheery. :D

I understand about the three days of mist, rain, and cold. The weather has cleared here; you have clear skies on the way.

Brenda said...

Pretty pink bloom! Y'all be careful traveling! I saw the pics on face book, such a cutie.

The Urban Cowboy said...

I miss Texas!

Sally said...

Congrats on the new addition.

(I'm going to borrow your Doctors without Borders link)

Janice said...

Love the pink tulip picture! I was wondering about the photo challenge earlier today - glad its coming back! Hope you have a great weekend and that all this yucky weather will go away.

Donna said...

Donna- Ahhh! Cant you go out NOW and plant the bulbs? It's not too late for your area is it?
And I got the list! Super stuff! Will be using them!

Lynn- Thank Goodness! Can't wait for that possible 70 I see coming by next Friday!!

Brenda- Thanks! I also fixed the URL problem!

UC- Then...Get 'Chur butt on Home Boy!!Hahaaa...We left the lights on for you!!

Sally- Yes mam you can borrow it...we donated to them and have for several years now...since Katrina...

BG- Thanks sweetie!!
Hope you're going to join in again!!!!!

SOUL said...

did you go to dallas and not call me?
awwww, (*tear*)
hugs anyway

Ann said...

ok I give up, what is a sip and see?
Love that tulip pic

DHV said...

What new additiona? What have I missed? Congratulations all the same!

Dick said...

Hi Donna

Of course as a Dutchman I love the tulip, lol.
I've never heard of "Sip & See".
Can't imagine to be on an empty road like that, maybe I have to move to Texas.

Donna said... mam...That exit will take you to I-35(N)...we are on the loop around Waco that takes us home. Have a DRY Day Girl!!!hughugs

Ann- A "Sip & See" is a Come & Go...Basically a "Come get a look and Then get Out"...Hahahaa...Works for Me!!

Donna said...

Dee-Hahaa...No, you havn't missed anything..just my Hubby's brother is now a grandfather and we went to see Leah, the newborn little girl...Hope you're still having a blast on "WalkAbout"!!!

Dick- I love tulips as well! And Texas is Always welcoming new people!!Hahaa...Stay Warm!!hughugs

Jeanette said...

Congratulations to the new grandfather! That is very exciting! Looking forward to the Brenda Phot Challenge again!

Donna said...

Jeanette- Thanks! Looking forward to seeing great photos from you!!hughugs

Unknown said...

Hi Donna, your blog looks so pretty all decorated for Valentines Day. Have a great week Donna and I'll check out your pics on Facebook.

Donna said...

Joan- Thanks Girl! Have a great week!hughugs

kimberly said...

LOVE the tulip....we have a forecast of rain for 5 days.....and i am loving the first day of it...only because we don't get this very often!!!

Donna said...

Kimberly- Enjoy the "wet" Girl!! Bet you need it!hughugs

SOUL said...

you're lucky then :))
i know-- i'm scary huh-- to come back two days later to re- threaten you?
bwa hahahahah

i do wonder which of us needs to worry sometimes
:)) happy tuesday-
ps-- time for an update- reckon?

Donna said...

Brezz-Bring It Girlie!!!LOL...
Alright, Alright...I'll update...sometime today...
How 'Bout That Scott Brown Win, huhhuh???

SOUL said...

hmmmm... who's scott brown?
sorry- should i know?
omg-- i know-- just say it--
brezz is a -----
i can take it.
have a happy day

DHV said...

A new baby in the family, how nice. I thought you were closing down your facebook account because of getting hijacked. I was just about to succumb and start one when yours was hacked, and that put me off.

SOUL said...

hmmm... i just answered your coment-- and guess what? i somehow-- missed the word -win- apparently more than once.
labotomy? who me? ok-- i'm ready.

good. that's very good. i hope this means what i think it means.
i am no political guru by any means.
is that ok with you?

anyhow-- it's not 'today' and there is still no update-- get busy woman :))
what is goin on in your world?

hope you have a happy day-
how's the weather?