Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The most honest three minutes in television history...


 I think most Americans feel this way right now...we are tired. We have been lied to by our Government, our representatives, the media...and to what end? What a week...and it's only Wednesday. Next up? Sebelious and her "deer in the headlights" lies about the healthcare website. I try to not do politics on this blog...but thought you might appreciate the video...He said what we are All saying...Europe is trying to get OUT of nationalization of healthcare and here we are flying head first INTO it...insane.
Guess that's my cue for more coffee...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Sconey Sunday!

Larry made scones AGAIN....That ground up yellow curly stuff in the top photo is butter....oh yeah.  When he's cooking, I'm constantly having to look in the kitchen to make sure it's not Paula Deen.  This is a Real Butter household, has been for years.  Margarine contains the same stuff plastic bottles are made of...and even though at times I feel like my smile has been "plastered" on (as in fake, plastic)  we do our best to go along with Mother Nature.  I'm sick and tired of the constant changes in opinion of all the Super Thinkers in Washington who think they know what's best for my family..."They" can never make up "their" minds on the safe qualities of an egg much less, butter!  I say, let them eat cake made with the plastic stuff...euwwww!  Hubby also has mastered the old trick...of which I taught him... :o],  to grate the butter instead of waiting an hour or so for it to soften.  Works grate (pun intended)!
We have done Nothing except work....boring, I know.  Hope you all have been having Much More Fun!  I'm going in for another coffee then I'll be hopping over to your worlds!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge - Food

Hello!  It's time for Donna's, A Personal Photo Challenge again.  I haven't really had many opportunities to participate but when I saw the challenge, Food Photography, I knew I was just going to have to make time to do it!Hahaa....I'm not wonderful at these challenges but I love a pretty picture especially when it's food.

We had gone on a mini-trip to New Orleans and I got the shot of my pie slice.  It was Key Lime and it was delicious!  The second one was a creation I made from a recipe from Pinterest several months ago...mostly egg and fluff.  It too, was wonderful.  
The pie slice was taken in natural light...we were sitting on a patio in a beautiful garden.  The bottom photo was taken indoors under florescent lighting.  
Well, that's it for me...Go on over to the Challenge link I posted above and enjoy all the other entries.  Check back often because people keep joining the challenge right through the weekend!!
Speaking of weekends...Enjoy Your's! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This is Jack...He belongs to an old friend we stopped to see on our way to New Orleans a few weeks ago.  He loves to stand at the open door and watch the hummingbirds at the feeders.  Being that her house is in New Iberia, Louisiana, and the weather is conducive to  "hey, look here, my soil can grow ANYTHING..."  Hahaaaa......and the hummers flock to her thirteen feeders...yes, I said thirteen.  That's a Lot of feeders and birds!  Keeps Deb Very Busy!
As usual, there hasn't been much happening here except maybe the Shut-Down...No, you don't want to know how I feel about that right now except certain people need to stop playing with our country.  We are ALL getting tired of it both Left AND right!
SO, as I sit hearing Supreme Leader's voice, I'll get up and go get another coffee.