Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WARNING! Turn your sound Down!

Ok....Ok....so I added a little music! Music Box is at the bottom right hand side of my blog...WAY down on the bottom! HURRY! Hahahaaa......Don't 'Cha just hate surprises? I was just in one of those moods today...Needed some soothing tunes. I'm not much on music because I am almost Always listening to news radio but today I have had ENOUGH of that for a while. Nothing but bad to horrible news day in and day out...economy sucks...the World is in CONSTANT upheaval...murder and mayhem....storms....droughts....I broke a

nail...whinning...earthquakes...hurricanes....Wars we don't need to BE IN....tornados....politicians making the same old stale promises....Can you hear me SIGH? Geeeez.......I'm SO tired of it!

SO, "listen to my mood" today or not....My favorite on the list is Fields of Gold by Sting....I think an evening coffee is called for....Night all.

Monday, August 29, 2011

What Makes People Do This?

One of my good Blogging Buddies blog was vandalized! Precious words were stolen from her site! Kathryn (Crystal Jigsaw) has been blogging for four years now...Lots of hard work involved in her post. What in the World are some people thinking when they set out to steal from others??? Do they REALLY think they won't get caught? Oh sure, they'll probably manage to steal and get by but the Mistress Karma is Always lurking in the background...waiting. I'm pretty sure none of MY post have ever been stolen...WHAT??? I HEARD that!! But then again, one never really knows. Some people work extremely hard on the preparation of their post...a few drops of Blood, Sweat and Tears are usually involved. Then, some intellectually blank thief swoops in to steal from you. Kathryn is angry to say the least...bless her heart! But, thanks to two vigilant fellow blogger friends of hers, the thief was found out! You know? I love how we all take care of each other! Well Done ladies! You can pop over to Kathryn's blog and read all about it.
Believe it or not, when Crystal (my kiddo) and I walked outside to go to lunch a while ago, there were RAINDROPS falling on our heads!!Hahaaa...Don't think the sky will dump anything worthwhile but at least it's cloudy! Also, thank goodness my East coast buddies are safe and sound from Irene! Not only do you have to watch out for the hurricane itself but, Also tornados within the hurricane! Scary stuff!
Well, guess I'll get to work...Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Lordy! Every time we change computer OS's I know it's going to be a challenge! Not so much learning something new but making SURE QuickBooks works for all of us! This is Ross the Computer Boss...We call him for the "heavy" stuff. I have no fingernails left...It was a ten and a half hour workday for me and by the end of it I was Never so ready to go HOME!Hahaa....Got back on it this morning to clean up and tweak things. I think we're set. I know I haven't been around to visit much but it HAD to be done.
Still no rain here...and still triple digits. 106 today and by Friday, 110 again. That's NOT the heat index either....geeeez. Earthquakes! Hope you all are alright! We got none of that here. I see Irene is gaining force! If you are in her path...Get Out of The Way! BE Safe people...Don't go looking for your surf boards!
Well, guess I'll get this posted and come a'visitin! Y'all behave.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bread and Laundry...

Yes...I baked Bread! Never have used an Easier recipe than this one. It's a crisp, Italian type bread with sourdough overtones. I call it a "pully" bread. Stretchy. It is Good! I never knew that salt, water, flour and yeast could make such a good bread and you don't knead it either! Couldn't be easier. This was a four loaf recipe. I baked one loaf and the other three are still sitting in the refrigerator, in dough form.

We didn't do much this past weekend except cook and do laundry...Hubby made a batch of spagetti for the coming week and I worked on the laundry...my Most Bestest Job of running a household!Hahaaa....geeeez. It's alive and it breeds in the dirty clothes hamper...it does!

Well, here's to another hot week here in Texas. Hope you all are staying cool where ever you may be. Have a great day!

Recipe Here!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Pink sky at night, sailor's delight....Pink sky at dawn...sailor be warned. Well??? We're still waiting for the "warned" part! No rain yet! This is REALLY getting old! Temp today, 107, heat index, 115degrees.
I took this photo out in New Mexico last year but it's not signed because I'm at work and my computer no longer has my PSE's on it. We're getting new computers Tuesday and I had to clean out my old CPU. I'll have to reload everything next week.
It's not a bad shot...The sky was really pretty that morning.
Well, it's Friday again. We have nothing special planned for the weekend. This is the Grandkids last free one before school begins again. It's also "tax-free shopping" weekend here in Texas, as well.
I just wanted to check in with you to say Happy Weekend! I am absolutely, Non-News worthy today....Have a safe one!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Still, No Rain...sigh.

Nothing...Nada! We DID have cloudy skies though which brought a much needed bit of relief to our Texas sky. Some areas that dotted Texas got a little rain but, as hopeful as we were, none fell on OUR yard! Yes, I will be glad for the cooler weather to begin (I KNOW Ac! You predicted last Winter I'd be screaming for cooler weather...Hahaaa...I AM!!). Just not ICE! Think I'll move to Belize....
We did not do One thing this last weekend. It's just been so busy around here lately that my get up and Go, got up and went without me....Hubby did a little geocaching and I watched the news (Horrible about the grandstand falling in Indiana?!!!! Bless their hearts!) Gov. Rick Perry jumping in the POTUS race...thank God!
Well, hope you all have a great day...and if you're getting rain, blow some our way!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It Ain't So Bad!

Somehow, I always figured that turning 60 would cause me to hyperventilate...I'm still waiting for it to happen...but it seems to be just, another day! I didn't wake up with a witches wart on my nose or hair growing between my toes! Mamma Was Wrong!!!Hahaaaa.....Nope, I was just grateful that I got another day given to me. It's been a fun one. The flowers above were sent by a dear friend this morning and I couldn't resist taking a photo. Hope you all are having as much fun as I am today and your worlds are Peaceful!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogroll Cleaning!

Goodness what a mess! I was looking through all the blog links that I have accumulated lately...not pretty! BUT! In my defense, when I find something or someone who proves interesting, I save the link. Some of the links weren't even in existence anymore! Some haven't posted in months (but I'm still hopeful...Hahaaaa) but I just don't have the heart to dump them yet...and some have never bothered to add me to their blog roll or visit me anymore, so out they go. It doesn't look like I did much, but I did manage to clean out eleven blogs. Better than nothing! You always need new space for those new links you might want to add...Hahaaaa.
If you're reading this...Don't Worry! You're still on my blog roll! I know who you are. It's just when I have to scratch my head wondering, just who IS Imelda from Timbuktu.
So, in between running around the shop and getting in the way of a very efficient daughter and hubby, I have chosen to get my invoices entered and clean out the blog roll...safer that way!Hahaaa....Hope you're all having a Cool or Warm day (as in temp...It's suppose to be 109 here today) and you get lots accomplished! Sneaking out of my office now for a coffee...maybe they won't see me....

Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Love, Found!

We got a chance to get out of town for a few days and gladly hauled butt!Hahaa.....I found a new love. Fresh Cherries! Oh my Goodness people! Why have I NOT noticed these gems before? Someone would ask if I'd like a cherry and the answer would Always be a resounding, NO! I do believe, that those old red ones in syrup, had ruined me when I was a kid and I never bothered trying the fresh cherry. What a loss for me. But, I have now jumped on the CherryWagon and I'll never look back. They taste like a cross between plums and tart cherries! Wonderful!
If you have never tried one...DO! If you like plums, you'll LOVE a fresh cherry!
Well, it's the start of the work week for us. Our front office guy, Ken, is on vacation this week so, it'll be a little busier for me, Crys and Hubby. Hope you all had a great weekend...I know we did.
I might be a bit late, but I'll be checking on you! Happy night (or day) to you!