Friday, August 17, 2007

Rain,Rain,Get back here!

Jeez...Yes it's going to rain, no, it's not going to rain...really wish they'd make up their minds! It started out in the mid 80's this morning then got a little warmer...etc. San Antonio and Houston really caught it. We're in central Texas, so not much happened here. It's back to the sweat tank again. I'm whining aren't I,...sorry. I know it could be so much worse. So many people are in such terrible pain today. Peru, the miners and rescuers...Really makes you look at yourself and wonder how you can possibly...whine...won't do it again. Check-up status on my sister's new horse? Doing so much better. Talked with her this afternoon and she said he was up walking on all fours! And eating. There is a happy little light in his eyes to, she said. It's like he knows who she is and what she did for him. I know he does.
So glad it's Friday. Hubby asked what I wanted to do this weekend and I said do the writing thing, play on the computer. Just one of those restful weekends. You know, laundry, floors etc?
He's got a new toy. Palm pilot thingy so that's what he wants to do. It'll be a "techy" weekend. Sounds good to me but there must be coffee. Lots of coffee. Here's hoping you all have a great evening and a better Saturday...except Sally. You have a great Sunday!