Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thanks Again!

Thanks again RobC!! Yes that does help! Now for the big one....HOW do you delete a picture? I've read different methods in the help center, but call me dense...Isn't there ever an easy way to do things on these sites? I've been looking at Blog City and it looks a bit easier but I'm not sure about how to get all of my post to it. Oh well, probably will leave well enough alone. Really, the only other complaint I have is the deletion of pictures. Sometimes I choose the wrong one, but can't get rid of it. You should write a how-to book! Do it as an online E-book. I'd buy it!
Well yesterday I met Lani at the book store. Had a good time as usual. Tuesdays, I look forward to...books, chatter, Mocha
Guess I'll get back to work before the boss catches me corking off....Oh yeah, I'm married to bring it on! Y'all have a great day and a better Thursday!


RobC said...

Deleting pictures is easy peasy...
Highlight the picture like you would text and use DEL. or otherwise make sure the cursor is on the right of the picture and use BACKSPACE, that will usually clear a picture out of the editor.
Here is another tip, always have a spare "notepad" open and use copy/paste to paste the HTML to the notepad before you delete stuff. By HTML I mean when you select the Edit HTML tag (the left hand tag on the upper right of the editor)
If you delete something you did not want to you just copy the HTML back after clearing the editor.
Hope that makes sense, KatieB says I talk in technolese too much. :-)

CaBaCuRl said...

Well, that solved a dilemma for me too. Blogging seems to be full of mysteries and challenges. Please tell me that picture you posted on MOnday was not for real!!

Irina said...

Hi Donna,

Hope you won the battle with your pictures :)

And thank you for visiting my blog!

Jules said...

Hi Donna
Have enjoyed reading your blog - thanks for popping into Rabaul for a visit - glad you like the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna - do you mind if I borrow your Robc? In case he comes back to this comment spot - I'm trying to put back the links I had on the right side of my blog, but they wind up at the bottom!

Anyone? Thanks.

I love that picture today! :)

Anonymous said...

It is a bit of a learning curve.. that is for sure.. but so much fun.

RobC said...

Hi Sally
I peeked over on your blog and see what you want but I am not an expert with CSS yet, so I suggest you ask the person that designed your layout. I could have a look at the template and maybe figure out why it is not rendering on the right but that may take a while, the designer may be the quicker option in this case. Send the template code to my gmail at beetlecrusher at if you like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much robc! You're so kind. Will send you an email.