Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wish I could Change the Date

I've never been dumped by the Internet before so Wednesdays post, at least half of it was Thursdays post as well. So guess I'll just put up a picture because of my lack of news for today. Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a nice weekend, Donna. Take care.

Donna said...

Thanks Sally, you to!

RobC said...

Thanks for the kind words Donna.
Hope I can help with the date thing now as well.
When you are in the post editor busy compling a posting you will see a Post Options (blue) in the bottom left of the post input window border (hope that makes sense) and when you click on that it lets you change your comment settings, baclinnks and the date/time for that particular posting. Hope that helps and yell if you need more help. I love sharing what I have learnt.