Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today has been a busy one. Went to work, left at 1:30, came home and really started work. Washing sheets, trying to figure out how to cook a pork roast in our Advantium microwave oven, and doing recovery disc burning for my Vista laptop. That alone took 4 hrs to do. Burning disc that is. Figured out the oven. I think it cooks great. The roast turned out tender and moist. The oven microwaves and cooks like a regular oven all at the same time. We got the one that has the 240 plug, not the 110. We've heard several horror stories about the 110 version. Cost too much to burn up.

105 here today. They say it should only be 98 by Friday...oh well, we'll take it. Also forgot to meet Ellanni at Barnes & Nobel...I'm in trouble!!! She called and forgave me though. I promise! Thursday!!! Well the house is too quiet. I better go check on everyone. Y'all have a great evening and a better Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

A fuse blew on my nearly new microwave. I took what I thought was the fuse to Home Depot, and kept insisting to the kind gentleman who helped me that it WAS a fuse.

It was a light bulb. HA!! I'm sure he laughed the rest of the day.