Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coke Salad!

OK...Here it is...You Bad Blogger Buddies! I HAD to pose this thing on my plate and, well...You CAN'T put it back in the bowl, now CAN you????Hahahaaa.....I HAD to EAT the thing...Geez, people!! WHAT?????LOLOL....

Coke Salad

2 small boxes Cherry Jello (NOT the sugar free!!LOL)
1 cup Boiling water
1 can drained Bing Cherries, Pitted (Any Tart sweet cherry)(Save the juice!)
1 small can crushed pineapple
1 - 7oz can Coca Cola soft drink
1 - 8oz Cream Cheese, softened
Whipped Cream
2 - cups chopped Pecans (Pronounced Pah-khan if your a Southern cook...Pee-can if you're Northern...LOL)
1 tablespoon Mayonnaise

Get the bowl out that you're going to serve it in.
Pour boiling water into the jello and stir to melt grains.
Pour in the Coke and drained off Cherry juice
Stir and put bowl in the refrigerator until the mixture has Just Begun to set!
Whip together the cream cheese and mayonnaise (set aside)

Now that the jello mixture has Just Started to set..(Very Jiggly) Pour in the cream cheese and mayo mixture and stir well.
Add pineapple and Squished up cherries (mashed)
Now add the pecans, stir.
Put back in the refrigerator, uncovered until it's set.
When ready to with whipped cream.


Hope Your Day Was a Fun One!

How many kitchens used cream cheese this holiday?
Or Jello?
GoodNess! Thanksgiving was a Busy day! We got up at 4am to get things rolling...Mr Turkey went into the oven, pies baking...Coke salad to finish...last minute cleaning. Hours of prep time and several more hours of fun time after everyone showed up. Crystal took pictures and I grabbed HER camera and took more...It wasn't until she left that I realised that I hadn't taken ONE family photo with MY camera...Hahaa...gads. The grandkids spent the night with us and their Father (Crys' ex) came by later Friday and picked them up for the rest of the weekend. But BEFORE he came, I took the kids to town to get a movie we all wanted to see and to get Sami's ears re-pierced. We get the movie home, pop it into our State-of -the -art Latest Newest Blue Ray player...and it WILL NOT PLAY! We fought the Sea of People for over 45 minutes to get that movie...the check out line took up half the store in length!! I'm taking it back today...pray for me...Hahahaa.
If you're wondering about the Last picture...Well, Hubby and I were driving to town last weekend when he said, "Look there!! A UFO!!".....I was SO Excited!! Grabbed my handy canon, and started snapping away...Hubby started laughing...I got pissed...NOT a UFO...A GEICO fly-by plane....with a banner...wanting our business...geez.
SO, guess I'll go whip up a little breakfast. Hope you have a Wonderful day...I've got to decorate the TREE today...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

There are SO many things, in my life, that I'm grateful for...My God, My Family, My Country...and My Blogger Friends...I am Honored that you allow me into your lives on a daily basis. Enjoy your day and know you are loved...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Loaded and Ready for Christmas!

OK...I think I'm done with the re-do...BUT! BEWARE! I reloaded my music box! STOP THAT! I heard those groans!!Hahaa... But! What's Christmas without a few tunes? I Just had to load Angel Eyes...I love that one. And, I had to have Silent Night by Sinead O'Conner!! I love her "breathy" version. BUT, if you don't like tunes played while you read, either turn down your volume or go to the bottom of this page and shut off my music box...sniff, sniff!LOL...Well, guess I'll go eat my supper of soup and crackers...You all have nice and cozy night!

Under Construction!!

The hunt is On for a Christmas background that I like! So hang in there! Just be careful while you rummage around in here...Hahaa...You don't want to trip over the mess! Later gang!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Clean Up Time!

Well, it's THAT time again!! Cleaning! Don't 'ya just Love IT??LOL...I need a back-hoe...It's knee deep and Hubby and I are having Thanksgiving for the gang here at our house this year. The turkey is now thawing in the refrigerator and I need to stop at the grocery AGAIN for what-nots. I'll bet all of you are Ready to go aren't you?!! Geez....Hope your day is a brighter one than mine...If I don't come up for air by Wednesday, call Fabio...HAhaa...
PS- Did y'all know they were going to Re-make True Grit?? The casting company came here to Waco Sat and Sun...We missed it! Samantha could have tried for Mattie's part...Oh well, be looking for it in Your newspapers...But! Who in the World could Ever play the part of John Wayne???

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge (11-21-09) Ageless

Samantha, my Grandaughter...
William, my Grandson and Crystal, his Mother...
My Father, Godfrey and Samantha as a many years ago. me, it's love. Theme was offered by Brenda of What's Up Down South! Thanks Brenda!
On my way to see Your Ageless...Have a Wonderful Saturday everyone!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday?

I'm working SO hard!!!Hahaa...Y'all have a Great day! I'm SO thankful that I can look at my boss and say...go shut up and sit down...LOL

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crock Pot Cooking

UPDATED POST! It was Delicious!! Read below.
Alright Jeanne (A View From Me)!! I couldn't wait until this weekend to try this crock pot recipe of yours! The timing was a little difficult to work out BUT, I finally figured it out...I cooked it on high for 4 hours last night after I got home from work THEN, I stuck it in the refrigerator overnight, packed it up and brought it to work to finish cooking on High for 4 more hours to make it really tender! Can't wait to try it! I cut up 2 potatoes this morning and added them. It smells wonderful! (For the recipe click on Jeanne's link above)

And! Would you believe Christmas decorations are already popping up all Over the place? I was at the mall last weekend and as I turned a corner, here was this Huge tree all decorated and waiting for Santa!Hahaaa....Oh Yeah!

Well, I'd better go check on my crock pot lunch...I'll let y'all know how it turned out! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah and Oprah...

Well, today's the day to watch THE interview...I no longer watch Oprah, but today, I'll make an exception. Oprah will get a HUGE bump in ratings, which she really needs...So many people are gradually understanding the difference between power, and power, with heart. When I learned about the school being built in Africa and Not here in America where there are SO many young, bright and equally deserving girls, I quit...SO many celebs make their money here in the USA and then carry it off to Somewhere else... Oh well, get the picture.
Well, guess I'll get busy on this Monday...I'm Still cleaning things out here at the office and I feel like I'm getting NoWhere with it!!Hahaa...Have a Wonderful Monday everybody!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Looked Up and It Was Friday...

It's Friday and I think I'm SO ready for it...Woke up this morning around 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep! GEEZ!! I'm a walking Zombie! We have no plans this weekend...cook and clean is about all. Hope you have a more interesting weekend planned!Hahaa....Have a great one!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

OK, It's Officially Thanksgiving in Here!

These are the typical suspects! They're now on the RUN! Description as follows: Fast moving batch of black and white feathers...that is all....Hahaaa
Well, I just decided to go ahead and just Change things in here! I've been putting it off mainly because it takes a LONG time to get it how you want it! Pictures, fonts...colors...ugggg! Now I'll be tweaking for days to come and when I Finally get it like I want it...It'll be time for CHRISTMAS!!LOL...Oh well, Such is Life.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft. Hood....

We live 45 minutes from the reservation...I'm SO sick of death being dedicated "In The Name of Allah"....which he was said to have screamed out as he was shooting...There's so many WHY's...but my biggest one is WHY, if he'd wanted out of being deployed, didn't he claim "Conscientious Objector" status??? Needless deaths.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ain't It The Truth!Hahaa...

Since 5:00am, I've accomplished NADA! I start and stop...take one step forward and get knocked back twenty! What a wasted day! Already!LOL...Geez! Got all my computer entries done but now I'm staring at an office that needs Serious attention. I'm going...I'm going!
Hope your day is Productive...I think I need to find my mojo...It's around here Somewhere...maybe under THAT pile or somewhere OVER there...Reminds me of a line from the movie, The Mummy..."This is cursed, That is cursed..."
Happy day everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day!

Morning Everyone! Hubby and I have already been to the polls to do our duty! What a day it's going to be...It's a NAIL BITER DAY!LOL....If you've been reading my blog for very long, you Know how I feel about our current...situation... in this country. WHAT??HAhaa...OKOK...WhatEver Your "position" is, as of right now, you still have the right to voice your opinion! Go exercise that right....And I know you're not use to me being an Old Meany?!!...BUT! Realise this...No Vote? No Voice! Translation: Shut up and sit down!
Have a Wonderful Day Y'all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st..and Several Announcements!

Good Morning Everyone! Did you get enough Candy last night?Hahaa...We've had candy on hand for a blooming WEEK now...think I've had enough for awhile! We had ZERO Goblins come visit...No knocks on the door...Oh well, guess all the crackpots and mean spirited people in this day and age have thoroughly RUINED Halloween in these parts! Unless you take kids to the mall, to structured events, or to new neighborhoods with young children, you're going to be left out of all the fun! Our block has been here for over 40 years...the kids are all gone. Our Granbabies were either off to friend's houses or with their father...Am I too old to adopt at 58??HAhaaaa...probably...Those 2AM feedings are Tough!!
Did you also remember to set your clocks BACK an hour last night(USA)?? I have the clocks that do it automatically FOR you, so no worries here. It's done!
Also! I'll have the next Brenda Photo Challenge set up by this afternoon. It's ALSO going to be the last one, on the every TWO week schedule! During the Holidays, it's just too hard for everyone to do it so frequently, SO, I'm knocking it back to Once A Month. That Should give everyone enough time to get out and take photos and get them posted WITHOUT stressing! Well, I can't think of anything else except...don't forget to go back to the Challenge Blog and check for late comers! We've had several! ALSO!! Miz Brenda of What's Up Down South has had Internet problems for almost a week now, so Don't panic! She DID NOT...I repeat...DID NOT run away with Jose....LOL
Hope you use the extra hour today, doing something truly remarkable...and FUN!!
PS- Don't you just Love the word,,,Also...?Hahaaa