Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ain't It The Truth!Hahaa...

Since 5:00am, I've accomplished NADA! I start and stop...take one step forward and get knocked back twenty! What a wasted day! Already!LOL...Geez! Got all my computer entries done but now I'm staring at an office that needs Serious attention. I'm going...I'm going!
Hope your day is Productive...I think I need to find my mojo...It's around here Somewhere...maybe under THAT pile or somewhere OVER there...Reminds me of a line from the movie, The Mummy..."This is cursed, That is cursed..."
Happy day everyone!


Anvilcloud said...

Well, if you got your computer entries done and have posted a blog, then you've done something. :)

Donna said...

Ac-....Hey! You're RIGHT!!Hahahaa...hughugs

Ann said...

Don't feel bad, I do that all the time. I keep telling myself I'm going to be productive but it just never happens.
Have a great one.

Jeanne said...

There's days and then there's days! Thanks for the comment sweetie. {{HUGS}}

Karen M said...

Love your cartoon and I can so relate!

Glad you at least got the computer entries done. If you find your mojo, see if mine is with it and send it on over.

SOUL said...

i bet you accomplished a lot more than you were aware of -- right?
it happens.. feels like the entire day goes by without doin a thing-- then the next day comes-- and voila-- you have nuthin to do - cuz you did it all yesterday !

ok-- maybe in a perfect world-- but i tried. :))

anyhow-- i hope you have a happy friday

and a productive day-

i really need to find that cartoon on a t-shirt-- only with a SLOTH on it :))
i am a sloth for a reason ya know


Donna said...

I hear ya! I'm stuffing piles into boxes, hoping to deal with it all later! hahaha!!!!

Brenda said...

Look for my mojo too while you're at it, will ya?


Nita Jo said...

This post fits my day perfectly! I have such great organizing plans. Hubby is home, baking me a pie. I want to take advantage of him being here and rearrange a few things... he hates the "r" word!
Well, off to do something! HUGS!