Thursday, February 27, 2014

It would take Forever!

WHERE IN THE HECK ARE THE REST OF MY PHOTOS?  WHAT HAPPENED?????  OK, I have NO freaking idea what's happened but I have a sneaky suspicion Google had a hand in it!
Good Lord....what a MESS!  I'll have to start ALL over....Bear with this mess.....Ive now tried to place JUST an image on my sidebar and now you MUST include a "title"...I never had to do this before!  Like my pink rose?  Now it has to have a title.....This may be the end of my relationship with Blogger...If you visit me through IE, no photos...Firefox?  background and 3 or 4 photos are seen...Safari? no photos....SO....I may start using my WordPress account....although I do have a blogger account that wasn't linked to this's going to be a long weekend trying to figure out what to do.....Hang in there with me....I'll be in and out of here all weekend.  I cant get into my WP account because my user ID and password is at home.....sigh....later guys!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Samantha's 19...sigh

 Our granddaughter Samantha turned 19 this past Sunday.  I almost can't believe that that many years have just flown by!  If you have little ones still running around your house, enjoy every minute of them....It was just yesterday that she would stand by my bed and ask me to read her a bedtime story...of which, I always did, then the tickling match would begin and the whole house would hear her screaming for me to..Don't...Stop....Don't....Stop!!!!Hahaaaa......Fun memories.....
What a blessing she is.....
 Insofar as our newest member of the family, Libby, goes...she's growing like a weed.  At least I think she is...hard to tell.  Anyway, she's been keeping us busy.  She's our little sweetie...
And all we've been doing?  Working, sleeping and playing with the pups.  Sounds exciting...hahahaa......
Well, guess I'll go check up on what you've been doing...Enjoy your evening or morning!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Work, Libby and Coffee....

                                YES!!!  MORE baby pictures!!Hahaaaa

Well as you can guess, about all we are doing these days is going to work, tending to Libby and drinking coffee, maybe not always in that order.  Our Buddy (Libby's older "brother") has decided he very much likes Libby!  This is a Good thing....we were worried he wouldn't accept her but he has and they play great together now.   Who wouldn't be able to "hang" with that face?Hahaaaa

Well, guess I'd best get down to business...Hope those of you that are suffering your way through those awful snowstorms are safe and were prepared!  They sound monstrous!  Am continuing to send prayers to you all!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Street Scenes

I am SO proud of myself....I am working on this post January 16th!!!  Hahaaaa.....( A LOT of good it did me!!Hahaaa...I  STILL forgot to SIGN UP for the challenge...and yes, this time I'm using the excuse of "the dog ate my homework", literally!  We got a new pup, Olivia, and she is a challenge to keep up with!  This morning I am sitting at my computer, holding Libby, when I look up at the calendar and see...February 8th......8th....something happening on the 8th.....OMG.....Happened Again!  Even the scheduler can't save me!  SORRY Donna!)  
I took the above shot on a very rainy morning on my way to work.  The light was about to change to green...I remembered the challenge, grabbed my IPhone and started clicking.  Not bad for a cell phone photo!  The colors are mainly, just how you see them...I hardly did any editing.  Just brightened the shot a bit.  Hopefully, I see another "scene" sometime before the challenge...otherwise, this will be all I enter.
Have a super weekend and hop on over to see other entries for Street Scenes Challenge at, A Personal Photo Challenge!