Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday in Town Oddity

Well, it was off to the HEB grocery early this morning. We go in and do our usual of giving an arm and leg for fresh cranberries, oat bran etc. We come back out of the store and parked right next to us is this car. I'm telling you...there is enough glass and ceramic stuff in this persons front and rear windows, I don't understand how he or she has managed to drive without killing themselves! One sudden stop, and he would get beaned in the back of the head with that glass cat!LOL...geez...Hope they're glued down!!! But on closer inspection (a real Quick one while checking to make sure I wasn't going to get caught) it just looks like those things are just sitting glue or tape...Oh well.
The Sun is trying to peek out this morning. It rained here last night, so mowing the grass is out.
Crystal and the kids have gone to the school carnival, shopping and then Will's baseball meeting. I took pictures this morning before we left for the HEB of Sami "looking" at more shoes on the computer and William trying to dodge my photography efforts. So, guess I'll get this posted and go out and look at Winter's damage in the yard. Y'all have a Warm and Happy day!