Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ribs and Pugs...

                                 (This photo edit made her look brown...she's not!  She's black)

Morning!  You're probably saying to yourself, "Oh Noooo...more "baby pictures!"Hahaaaaa!
Get over it!Hahaaa.....  Yes, we are having fun with our little Libby.  She weights 2.3 pounds but is a clown, ferocious, playful and  just plain, sweet.  She gets lots of sugars!
Now, that shot at the top?  The Fried RIBS?  Yes, I said FRIED Ribs!  One of our plumbers told us about this wonderful little treat.  Buy some baby back ribs...peanut oil...pull out your little deep frier and fill it with the oil.  What Larry did was dust them with our favorite seasoning and then just put them in the hot oil (electric deep frier at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes...only add about four ribs at a time).
Now that we've done it, we've heard about other places popping up here that soak them in buttermilk, roll in flour and then fry them.  I've eaten  one done that way and it was delicious as well.  In fact, they are ALMOST as wonderful as fried chicken!Hahaaaa.....I said, Almost!
So if you need a good idea for lunch or supper, give it a try! 
Well, guess I'll get busy on some book work....Y'all have a wonderful day!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Introducing Olivia, Pug Princess or Libby for Short!

                        Libby seems to sleep three quarters of the day!

                                                                 Aren't I just TOO CUTE???

BIG BROTHER BUDDY, He lubs her!!!
Samantha had to come play!  Libby is SO dark in some of the shots.  (Forgive the graininess of the shots.....all but one of these were taken on my IPhone so I had to figure out how to get them up into that Cloud so it would transfer to my computer.  Can't anything be easy anymore?)

Well, Hello everyone!  Yes, I know...almost two weeks....BUTT!!!!  I've been busy with my new sweetie pie, Olivia, Pug Princess!!Hahaaa....Libby for short.
Talk about fun....we have had a blast with her already.  We haven't had a new baby puppy in the house since 1992!  Talk about being rusty!  Couldn't remember how it was raising a new one, but it's an adventure....and we are enjoying it!
It also SNOWED here last night!!!  Well....maybe snowed isn't the right word.  Maybe "dusting" is closer to it.....but it is STILL cold!  I just do NOT like being cold......uggggg.
Well, best get this posted before you all give up on me.  Enjoy your weekend!!  
I'll be around shortly to catch-up with you!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Shadow Play

Good Morning!  Better late then Never I suppose!!  I almost forgot this round but luckily, I looked at the calendar this morning and BOO!!!  If it had been a snake....well you get the idea.  I decided to do mine in black and white.  And NO, it's not wonderful but it got me into the mood this morning to get outside and see what I can shoot...with a CAMERA...Hahaaaa......
This was a shot of our granddaughter, Samantha headed to her senior prom.  They stopped at the local park for everyone to take pictures....I got a lot of really great shots but this one, well you can probably imagine how "blown" it was!   I'm always SO focused on getting RID of the shadows that I think I'm missing out on a cool feature.    I never could find the time to do anything with it even though I very much like the "look" of it. 


Go have a look at some of the other participants photos!  And maybe next time???  YOU might join in with us!  I KNOW a few of you who would do wonderfully at this Challenge!  We are ALL learning and at the same time, having fun.  Donna (Host of this Challenge) answers your questions, critiques your photos Fairly....and if she sees something that might improve the shot?  She OFFERS her opinion!  I, personally, have been on some of the other Challenges and the "Host" absolutely RIPS the poor photographers a new one!  I never go back!  I will return to Donna's Challenges because...besides being a Professional, she's a kind and loving Lady....who just happens to know a lot about photography!  Alright, I'm done....Go enjoy!   Happy Saturday!
(Yeah!!  I Just Know I'll get an A+ on this assignment....????Hahaahaaa...NOT)