Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy First Day of Spring!

Morning!  Happy Spring...I'm glad to finally see it.  Larry and I took a drive over to McGregor, Texas (a 15 min drive) for breakfast at GW Bushes favorite restaurant then onward to check out the SPACEX facility.  (Sorry the photos are a bit blurry...wrong setting) We went several years ago and could ride right up close to the buildings, etc.
No More!  Security gates...all entry points.  SO, we stopped before getting too close and turned around, and headed to main street, where our tax accountant is located.  Took two minutes to drop off the packet and we were headed home with a promise that he'd be calling within a few days.  I'm so glad that we have someone to do them...what a pain!  They certainly earn their money!
Well, I best get outside and dump my used coffee grounds on the roses before the neighbors start leaving for work...a coat, gown and Larry's shoes isn't a pretty picture first thing in the morning!
Stay warm or cool my friends!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

What Are You Waiting For....Use Those Dishes!

Castles and Ships of England by Johnson Bros

Blue Willow

Blue Willow by Johnson Bros

Pursuit by Noritake, Keltcrafe

Old Country Roses by Royal Albert 1962

Lunch...Hahaa...needed a break from hunting down all those dishes!

And checking out a squirrel hunting his lunch...

And finally, Larry needed a haircut...couldn't   wait!  Stormy!

I sat in the truck while an ambulance buzzed by... :O(

Last week, I saw a post about dishes at  Janice at Gypsy Farm Girl …. and how we should just start using those that we've all relegated to cupboards...china cabinets...the closet or the cedar chest (Hope Chest). She made a great point and made a ton of sense.  I've had dishes put up in different spots of my house, for years!  How ridiculous do I feel...No child of mine has my taste in really, anything!  SO, I don't think they are going to put them in their closets or cupboard after I'm gone!  The one set I have is really a hard to find pattern...Keltcraft, Pursuit.  $2500.00 now.  I have the six plate 30 pieces set plus teapot.  I may end up selling it.  Of course, it's only worth that IF you can sell it.  Who knows...Anyway, my point is...go look in your cupboards!  What do you see?  Why are they just sitting there?  You didn't originally buy them for investment, did you?  You bought them because you loved them...the pattern...the look.  Well, I for one am going to go for it...I'm 67 now...I think it's about time.
Stay warm or cool my friends! 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Magnolia Table Birthday and Our Own, Cheaper Fare!

Those round balls are their version of hash browns...shredded hash browns mixed with mashed potatoes with seasonings.  Pretty good.

French toast with strawberry butter

Granted...they were large biscuits!
Larry did ribs for Sunday lunch...

I made the buttered noodles with garlic, bell pepper, tomato and parmesan cheese  

A close up of the noodles...I know you needed a better view...Hahaaa

Good Morning!  
It was our granddaughter's 24th birthday on the 23rd of February and her birthday request was to eat at Chip & JoAnne Gaines', Magnolia Table on the Circle, here in Waco, Texas.  Okay then...If that's what Baby wants, that's what Baby gets.
Larry and I, being in a family plumbing business, have our reasons as to why the very thought of giving the Gaines' any money for anything, leaves a sick feeling in the pit on one's stomach...I won't go into it but it's fair to say, being in the plumbing business...we got left at the alter...not their total $$$$$ invoice buttt...1/3rd left still owing.  SO, Okay...I'll go into it...Hahaa... Chipper went around Larry and paid a visit to Larry's retired dad (then 85ish), presented a check and basically said, take it or leave it...of course, he took it...their flip and flop show depended on our taking it...I'm still pissed...buttt, oh well.  Karma will visit one day. 
SO...back to the birthday... Sam enjoyed her breakfast (we arrived in the rain at 5:45 AM to get in line...waited about 20 minutes...then were herded in.  I must say the food was good...couldn't find a thing wrong with it and believe me, I was looking.  The waiter was very nice and even presented Sam with a birthday cookie...nice!  
The bill came...for four pancake breakfast, one french toast breakfast, two biscuit & gravy breakfast, a hot chocolate and two coffees... and a water...$109.00, $10 dollar tip included.  
Did Sam love it?  Yes she did...Is that what counts?  Yes it is...and we'd do it again.  But...y'all need to pray for me.  Really...We weren't the only shop they left unpaid in town, or so we heard.  Or just "settled" with...I just need to get over it.  Larry keeps telling me to...Lotta' good that's doing.  We also have not been downtown to see the SILO's...oh well.
Did you have any trouble getting up this morning because of the time change?  
Stay warm or cool, where ever you are my friends!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spring Forward this Weekend!

(I added the powdered sugar for some extra sweetness OR, you can add 1/8 C sugar to the mix)

Lunch on Wednesday...Pork chop with onion and mushroom gravy

We enjoy the company of Liberals, Democrats (not the same) and, Republicans...Trust me when I say we ALL agree...
Had to laugh at this picture though...says it all! :O

Well, the high today is suppose to reach wonder we keep sniffling!  Oh well, no griping will be heard from me.  Can't stand the cold so at least I'll be able to get outside and do a little fertilizing.  I've been putting used coffee grounds on my rose bushes for about two weeks.  Now I think it's time to put the rose food out.  It's suppose to rain Saturday morning so I may wait until right before it does.  
I am now being summoned to lunch by hubby...Stay warm or cool my friends!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

It's Texas...It's Cold...30 degrees

Our Buddy

Our Libby

Our babies are freezing down here!!Hahaa….Well, it's true.  We don't like anything below fifty!  That's why we live in the South.  And I'm afraid the darn frost got my Noah's Ark, that I just found, growing like a weed!  Darn!
Well, thought you'd like a short post you can ooh and ahhhh over photos of our furrbabies.
Stay warm or cool my friends!