Monday, March 11, 2019

Magnolia Table Birthday and Our Own, Cheaper Fare!

Those round balls are their version of hash browns...shredded hash browns mixed with mashed potatoes with seasonings.  Pretty good.

French toast with strawberry butter

Granted...they were large biscuits!
Larry did ribs for Sunday lunch...

I made the buttered noodles with garlic, bell pepper, tomato and parmesan cheese  

A close up of the noodles...I know you needed a better view...Hahaaa

Good Morning!  
It was our granddaughter's 24th birthday on the 23rd of February and her birthday request was to eat at Chip & JoAnne Gaines', Magnolia Table on the Circle, here in Waco, Texas.  Okay then...If that's what Baby wants, that's what Baby gets.
Larry and I, being in a family plumbing business, have our reasons as to why the very thought of giving the Gaines' any money for anything, leaves a sick feeling in the pit on one's stomach...I won't go into it but it's fair to say, being in the plumbing business...we got left at the alter...not their total $$$$$ invoice buttt...1/3rd left still owing.  SO, Okay...I'll go into it...Hahaa... Chipper went around Larry and paid a visit to Larry's retired dad (then 85ish), presented a check and basically said, take it or leave it...of course, he took it...their flip and flop show depended on our taking it...I'm still pissed...buttt, oh well.  Karma will visit one day. 
SO...back to the birthday... Sam enjoyed her breakfast (we arrived in the rain at 5:45 AM to get in line...waited about 20 minutes...then were herded in.  I must say the food was good...couldn't find a thing wrong with it and believe me, I was looking.  The waiter was very nice and even presented Sam with a birthday cookie...nice!  
The bill came...for four pancake breakfast, one french toast breakfast, two biscuit & gravy breakfast, a hot chocolate and two coffees... and a water...$109.00, $10 dollar tip included.  
Did Sam love it?  Yes she did...Is that what counts?  Yes it is...and we'd do it again.  But...y'all need to pray for me.  Really...We weren't the only shop they left unpaid in town, or so we heard.  Or just "settled" with...I just need to get over it.  Larry keeps telling me to...Lotta' good that's doing.  We also have not been downtown to see the SILO's...oh well.
Did you have any trouble getting up this morning because of the time change?  
Stay warm or cool, where ever you are my friends!


Lin said...

oooh, that would leave a sour taste in my mouth too. I don't think I could have visited the restaurant, granddaughter or no granddaughter. I believe in boycotting bad businesses...and I do all the time.

That said...a good meal out is not cheap. Breakfast is one of the worst, really. $25 or so per person is really not outrageous...even for a lesser-known named place.

Anvilcloud said...

I broke my modest eating at least twice last week, but your photos still leave me feeling deprived.

No the time change doesn't bother me since I will sleep the same amount of time and get up too early as always.

Out on the prairie said...

never tire of biscuits and gravy, a fav in my family

Lee said...

Now, that does look and sound so inviting! I would've gate-crashed if I'd known! :)

Ann said...

I would have a hard time going there too. Not a good way to build your reputation. The food does look good but that's a crazy bill.
Yes, the time change is screwing me up a bit. It never bothered me as much as it has this year.

Kay G. said...

Hello Donna!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I appreciate it very much.
I will come back and visit you again and please, do the same for me. I love new blogging friends. Love, Kay

Kay G. said...

Hey Donna!
Thanks so much for becoming a new follower! I was so pleased to see your pretty pink rose on the side of my blog!
I came back and read this ( I was too tired this morning to concentrate) and I think that is AWFUL about that Chip & Joanna Gaines! My word, she is on EVERYTHING these days...perhaps it will come out how they really are. My husband says he is surprised that they haven't tried to copyright the word "Magnolia"! LOL! Just goes to show how these successful people do things, they run over a lot of folks on the way. ANd for $109.00 plus tip, that had BETTER be a good breakfast! :-)

Jenny said...

Oh dear. This is going to be a long comment.

First let me say, you'll be glad to know that I totally, completely, one hundred percent ignore the Gainses. I could honestly not care less about them if they paid me to care even less than I do. For one thing, I don't watch that kind of TV -- that is, the kind with commercial breaks. Uh-uh. NEVAH! So that lets me out unless they're on one of my streaming services ... which, if they ARE, I would not go looking and then watch because ... remember? I COULD NOT CARE LESS IF THEY PAID ME TO CARE LESS THAN I DO.

The reason being, I tend to shy away from most things that are popular. I like to follow things that are NOT in vogue. I'm not a joiner. Also I don't like to copy because I prefer coming up with something original on my own. If that's not what I'm doing, don't tell me. I like to think that I am.

Also, my husband is the owner of a small business. He still works full time, and mostly alone because try as he might, he cannot find a younger man who will put in the hours that he does -- or even show up reliably. Go figure.

Several years ago a church member stiffed TG for many thousands of dollars. I seethed for YEARS but TG would NOT rise and take the bait. He just will not get mad at anyone. Ever. He forgives and moves on. I am not like that. I should be and I pray that someday I will be, but right now I am not. For my TG's sake I was so angry about that.

Even more so because I saw the man -- a contractor -- paying others cash for services while he still owed TG a LOT of money. Eventually he paid TG a portion of what he owed him and promised to pay him every cent if it was the last thing he ever did.

Only, he never did. Because, about two years ago, he died. So that's the end of that -- figuratively and literally. The widow is not going to pay up.

Moral: If you're going to do something, do it NOW. And do right, until the stars fall. Because right is its own reward. And yes -- it matters to people.

But you need to let your grievance go because God has blessed you in ways that CG and JG can only dream of. I truly believe that. Those who would cheat others are not enjoying the blessings of God, no matter how successful they appear in the eyes of the world.

In closing I'll say -- did I read that you showed up at that restaurant BEFORE six o'clock in the morning and waited 20 minutes to be seated? Good grief! The food looks fantastic but I would have told Baby that we'd go at a saner hour, haaahahaha! And yes, it was too expensive. But I hope Sam had a wonderful day.

And that is all for now, hahaaha xoxo

Pam said...

Oh my I want to go eat with you. All that, esp breakfast looks amazing and I am not even hungry yet. Time change usually don't mess with me until we do the fall back.