Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun phone call!

I had a fun phone call from my cousin Roni from Connecticut tonight. Really love to hear from her and Mike (hubby). We hardly ever get to see each other (every 10 yrs or so) so that's what makes the phone calls such a treasure. My Aunt Josephine is still living (89 Roni said) and in her own home to boot! She has daughters and family to come in and help out, but still has her home. I think that's great. The last time we went up for a visit they took us to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos. Fun...If you're ever that way, stop in. Treat of a lifetime. Not the gambling, as much as the beauty of the places. Lots of money spent. Thanks for the call Roni.

We love yall..(Wire to!)

Work was busy. Had some gliches I had to work out in a computer program but got that fixed. Crystal was back to work so that made it easier to get back to doing what I do. My daughter works for us to. Nice...

Well guess I'll close for tonight. Roni...Give Betty, Rod & Aunt Josephine big hugs from us.

Yall have a great Wednesday......

Monday, July 30, 2007

They're Glad to be Home!

All good things usually do come to an end. The kids are now all home from Oklahoma. Seems they had a blast. I'm glad. They got to see a holy mountain, paddle boats(which Tasha and Sami tried) hard to do...went to the beach...bet 'cha didn't know there was a "beach" in Oklahoma! It's man made. Also while on top of the holy mountain they saw a GI swearing in ceremony. Crys said it was beautifully done. Apparently the young man was re-enlisting.

Well there's really not much to write about tonight. Work was very busy, phones ringing pretty well all day. Some days not too much then it really starts out with a bang. Of course school is gearing up for it's August beginning... I think my hair-pulling phone call today was when a woman calls up to get a plumber out to unstop her toilet. I politely tell her we always call before we come to let her know we're on the way...She says that's fine but she won't be home most of the day. I say "that's fine, what about tomorrow?", "No, it has to be today!".......Needless to say the call got done but people just don't really think things through when they call. Yall have a great evening.....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Very Good Company!

Well Henry came for a visit. Larry ended up cooking Brats with onion and bell pepper for lunch so I didn't have to try to figure anything out. He's very handy that way! Actually, he does do a lot of the cooking. Says he enjoys it. I did it for so many years that I think I'd rather do the cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, I got a lot of the hard stuff done(bathtub,toilets,etc) Never seems to be enough time on the weekends to get to it all.

We ate lunch and just sat around playing catch-up on all the news from Henry.We've known him since we were kids in school. Really a sweet person who'd do anything for you. Even tempered (unless he's on a golf course) and a pretty funny guy. Lots of teasing on both sides. We've always believed one friend like that is worth 50 of the kind that you have to paste a frozen smile on your face just to get through the next hour. They're few and far between. We have another couple in San Antonio, Tom & Bev whom we've known for almost 40 years. Like I say, if they're willing to stick it out with you over the long hall, you've got true friends. Don't let 'em get away...
Today is also our Grandson, Williams 8th birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! We had a party for him before they left on vacation. Transformers all over the house!

Henry and Jane and their son Ryan own a house in New Mexico. They've just bought it so they have lots to do. We've been trying to get out there for a visit but something always pops up at work. Maybe someday.

Well guess I'll close for tonight. It's been a relaxing day but I still have a load of laundry calling my name.....night all.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Beautiful!

I got my phone call about 9:00pm last night from Crystal saying they had made it just fine. This afternoon I get another phone call from her, on her cell phone, at the top of some mountain, in which she exclaims, loudly, "It's Beautiful". Couldn't exactly understand a whole lot after that except to say they were having fun.
We got rained on again this morning. I'm glad because the flowers were starting to wilt a little. Nice not to have to water. Larry,my husband, decided to call and check on some good friends of ours. Henry and Jane and their son Ryan. They had gone to spend time in Michigan, which they did and are now on their way to Angel Fire, New Mexico. Henry will be stopping by for lunch tomorrow so I hope I can think of something good to cook. I found this neat blog called "Pioneer Woman Cooks". She not only gives you recipes but takes it step by step with pictures. Can't really go wrong. I haven't worked out this link thing on the blog yet but google Pioneer Woman Cooks and it brings it up.

Well guess I'll get in the kitchen and and start my planning and plotting for tomorrows lunch. Yall have a safe evening!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well they're off!

The kids got off to Oklahoma at around three this afternoon. Tasha had to work and so did Crys. All the kids were excited. Now it's the waiting game for the "you-better-call-me-when-you-get-there" phone call. Hope they have a good time.

It clouded up again this afternoon. Thought it was really going to let 'er rip but nothing. Oh well, some say we've had too much rain lately.
What did we do at work today? Installing more ways to catch the thieves that have been plaguing us lately. We have a plumbing company and copper seems to be the choice item on the menu. We have cameras...everywhere. Even caught one guy trying to pry open the back door on camera. Police found and arrested him. SO, more wiring by our faithful Ken and Tony. Seems we are constantly having to invent new ways to catch them. Any ideas? Can't get dogs, they'd just poison them, can't have electric fences, they'd sue us, can't have a gorilla, cost too much to feed...oh well. Guess I'll get busy washing clothes. You have a great Friday...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Girls going on vacation

My daughter and her best friend are going on vacation. It's off to Oklahoma to visit with friends and relax. Crystal is my daughter (in the dark shirt). She has two children, Samantha & William. Tasha has one son named Dawson. They have known each other forever. It's raining right now when not an hour ago it was hot and sunny. (91 degrees today) Not sure how long it will last but we've been getting a shower at least once a week here now. Talk about weird weather..

Well, I have read some of Harry Potter and really am looking forward to finishing it. As soon as we heard on the news about there being missing pages in some of the shipments, I was quick to check my book. It was fine. Happened to some of the ones that were shipped up north. Watch out Roni and Mike!!

Well guess I'll close for tonight. The grandkids are being awfully quiet. Come to think of it, so are the big girls! Night yall and have a happy Thursday.....

Learning to upload pictures

I love this one. Puppy looks so comfortable. I'm trying to upload pictures from the web but not having any luck. I'll keep at it. I'm sure it's one of those "hit-myself-in-the-head" things but right now it feels like climbing Mt. Everest....more later

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Computer's Back

Well I'm happy to say the computer is back up and running again. Found out what happened. If you have Windows Vista make very sure you know the programs that you either download or buy are compatible to Vista! The Spy bot and Ad Aware programs that were loaded on the computer were not!!! SO, when I ran the scans they picked up on un-identifiable or parasites and destroyed them...They were not written to acknowledge the new applications and files of Vista so when they encountered them, they destroyed them. Makes sense. I un-installed Norton then recovered the original Norton within Vista (happily found) reloaded it and now it's back to normal.
Well that's about it for today. Have a good evening and a better tomorrow.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Working out the bugs

Good Morning, Still trying to work out the bugs on the uploading of pictures and where to place them in the post. I was going to the wrong place on the template and uploading pics the hard way. It is really a learning experience. If you see things in one place one day, then in another the next, you'll know I'm practicing. This pic is from a backyard flowerbed. Hope I can get it right this time. Had to bring in my laptop to get worked on. After a download of "something", it went on the fritz, so I'm posting on my computer at work. I have Windows Vista Home Premium on a new laptop. No back-up disk.....If any of you buy a new computer...take it out of the box, turn it on, enter all password info,etc., then when you feel it's all ready to go, make a back-up and restore disk.....If I had, I wouldn't be in this pickle. I also thought if I upgraded to Vista Ultimate it might restore some links...decided against doing that because it seems that the problem would just copy over into the new program. Ultimate alse has the capability of creating a backup and restore. I thought Premium did untill I started researching my problem. Live and learn. Well have a great day and I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

See what I mean about not getting the post in the right place?

Windows Vista and I'm tired

Long story short, this is the third edit job on this post this evening and I can't get pictures to stay in the right place....Awful day for my computer as well. New computer and now after Norton security decided to rear it's ugly head by refusing to turn on auto protect, I'm ready to give up ..... for today anyway. Yall have a happy Monday....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Daddy's Birthday is Today

July 21st, 1921 heralded in with a bang. One of the most wonderful men in my life was born. He was a wonderful father, great listener and knew all the right things to say. He was always there for me and I miss him something awful.....He worked hard all his life but never griped once that I can remember. When he crossed over Oct 6th, 2002, we knew we'd see him again but every once in a while I find myself wishing.......I love you Daddy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just the Beginning

Is there ever a reason to start something new in one's life? Sure...starting a new chapter, taking on a new challenge means growth. So you say having a blog means new growth? Well for me it does. It's the beginning of stepping out of the safe circle of my life and committing myself to going forward. Starting. Doing. I'm tired of looking into the window from the sidewalk. I want to get busy and this step is part of doing that. I don't know if I'll put this out "there" yet, but who knows. Maybe down the road. We'll see. Me blogging? Now if I can just get the swing of this, that book I want to do should be a breeze? Later.......