Saturday, February 23, 2008

So...You've Just Experienced a Happy 13 Party!

This is Crystal at 7:00am....The kids (5 screaming girls and one Very happy little boy) were UP until 4:00am this morning!!!LOL...Poor Crystal...her's pooped!!! The last thing I remember was a bathroom door slamming. Hubby said there was screaming at around 4:00am, but then, all was quiet....Hummmmm....They had been telling each other ghost stories!LOL...I imagine there Was screaming!! Oh Well, you'll have to go to Crystal's blog for the full story and pictures(she's working on it as I type this). The only one I managed to get was poor Mother this morning. Bless her little heart! She worked hard to make a sweet memory for Samantha. She did it in spades. Hubby and I are proud of her...and love her very much.....(can I go to bed now?)LOL....Night y'all.