Sunday, August 18, 2019

Canning Jam and Making Cookies and Tricks...

Had a hankering for homemade jam!  That stuff you buy in the market is to darn sweet!  So, I bought some strawberries and raspberries and made my own...It turned out great.  With the recipe I used, I cut the sugar back from seven cups to four cups of sugar.  Boy, what a difference it made!  Good stuff...

Also made kosher dills...Larry wanted me to add red chili peppers to them as an experiment...I did...They are really good but a bit too spicy for me even though, he loves them.  Glad I didn't add them to all the jars!
Made bread and butter pickles too...yummy with almost anything... especially my favorite, fried chicken!

And also made blackberry and some cherry. 

Made cookies...

Also made my own Buttermilk ranch dressing.  Much better than store bought!

And I ran out of cookie cooling rack space so I created my own!  Cheesy looking but it works.

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last post.  Been a little busy canning and baking...and generally staying busy. 
See the last photo of the crumpled up parchment paper?  Well it's a trick I learned to make your paper lay right where you want it!
Crumple it up, wet it a bit, squeeze out any excess water then open it back up and lay it out on your baking sheet or pan!  Works great and doesn't affect the food.
Well, I've bored you enough today.  Hope you are enjoying's high heat and dry here in central Texas.  We need rain.
Oh's August.  
Coming to check on you!  Enjoy your day...

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Give Us Strength...

Dear God in Heaven!  Give us all the strength to find our way through all the horror happening in our country.  Please pray for those in El Paso, Texas and those in Dayton, Ohio...this we pray in your Name...Amen.♥️