Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Doo...Before The Wedding...

This was the new "doo" I had done at the beauty parlor..(parlour to you Ac)!LOL..... 62pins LATER!! Know how the beautician rams one pin over the top of Another pin??? Know how that feels??Hahahaaa...GADS!!! I'm STILL spitting out pins!!
NOW...on to the wedding photos below....

May I Present Mr & Mrs Tim Waid?

Crystals Bouquet...
Flower girls bouquet...
Early on, Crystal and Will...
What we walked into on Friday night...geez...
You didn't think they'd leave Pepe out of the ceremony did you??Hahaaa...
Crystal and some old baglady...Her "do" was killing her...that's just what the gossip was....LOL
Getting set up to do a lot of waiting...
Blurry picture of "the Girls"...Samantha, Mindy (Best Friend), Crystal, and Rhonda (Tim's sister)
Samantha Could Not Wait!!!Hahaaa...bless her heart! She was SO Happy that Crys and Tim were getting married...She just wanted, FAMILY!!!
See??? I TOLD you that "you just RUN 'Em down the aisle" the other day, Didn't I??Hahaa...
Now, "The Boys"...... Tim, Jessie, Ty (Tim's Son) Willian (Ring Bearer) and I'm SO sorry, I don't know the gentlemans name on the end! And Also Pepe, the Dog....
My baby Sami cried ALL the way through the ceremony....Bless her heart!
Finally! Introducing Mr & Mrs Tim Waid..... The day was windy but a beautiful 75 degrees. Sun was shinning and everything came together. This church is like a great big unfinished barn, but with heart...You Never catch Pastor Moore without his green boots...I need to ask Tim what they signify...After the ceremony, My sister and I cut cake...cleaned and bottlewashed...It was a good day to get married...for Life!!Hahaa...Now I need to get started on the laundry...Happy day everyone!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick Check In!!

Now SEE? I TOLD you I'd get back to you!!Hahaa....but not for long...Went and picked up the cake today. You talk about HEAVY!! I have No idea what they made it out of but my biceps feel, Buff!!!LOL...It sits in the box beckoning to me...I will need to assemble (finish decorating with the two extra boxes of strawberries) it when I get to the church tonight for the rehearsal...I Really don't know Why you need to rehearse these things! Music on, Grab daughter...Run her down the isle...They say "YES" to the preacher...Cut and eat cake...drink a coffee...They smile for the camera......Say "We're happy for You Two"...and Run out the front door!! There! Isn't that how it goes??Hahahaa.....geez....I'll get pictures....LOL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking a Tiny Break!! Promise!

Oh Now, Stop That!! No teeth nashing Allowed!! I Know you'll miss me but you WILL get by!Hahaaa....Gotta' get Crystal married...fill in at HER desk at work...YUCK!!! Also keeping the two rugrats of hers all next week while she and Tim are on the honeymoon ship ( feeling Faint here!!)LOL...passing all those glorious islands...drinking Bahama Mamas...letting the delicious Sun dance over their bodies....WHAT???Hahahaa....Geez...I 'wanna go....alas...I shall stay and do my duty. SO, I shall be doing all the things I'm suppose to be doing and try to stay sane! I'll check back when things settle back down hopefully by Sunday or Monday. Geez, is it MONDAY YET???LOL....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Couldn't help posting this...Hahaa...Love it! Y'all have a Great day!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sneak Peak...Since You Can't Join Us!

Just a tiny peak of the Bride to Be...Quit thinking..."traditional!" It's not....Three children and a dog doesn't leave much room for being fancy...That time has passed. What it IS though, is...What They be it! Not fancy but Pretty...Happy...Joyful...Loving. That's fine with Hubby and I. It's been YEARS since our Girl has been "happy" in love, so here's to you and Tim and the babies Sweetheart....It's been a Long time coming... "I Hope You Dance". , With Love....

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (3-20-10) Fruit/Macro

Kiwi of my favorites....

WHAT??Hahaaaa...Well, I DID have to sample it!
And Tomatoes! YES they ARE fruit!!
OK, that's it for me! Thank you SO much for playing along again! This theme was created by
Thanks Jeanette!! Can't Wait to get going to see all of Your entries...I've been running around like crazy this week. I had Every intention of coming home and getting all this posted when Crystal (my daughter) showed up wanting to burn some photos on a CD...WELL!!! She did I guess and when I sat down to get started, my computer crashed!!Hahaaa....geesus!!! IF you do NOT have an Anti-Viral program on your computer, GET ONE!! You can Never have too many! I managed to get things back up to the point that I could get back online and download a program called Malwarebytes. Goodness!! It found TWO Trojans and forty four (44) other viruses!!! I THOUGHT my Windows Defender was doing the job but NO!!! I Also have Norton!! Oh Well, the old computer is running like a champ now, SO....Here I come!!!
Have a great day Guys!

Chocolate Fix...and Challenge!

Morning! Just wanted to remind you Brenda Blogger Photo Takers, that the Brenda Photo Challenge is due tomorrow morning! Make sure you have your Fruit/Macro photos up and ready for Visitors!! Can't wait to see the entries!! So, get your coffee pots loaded and ready for some FUN viewing! I know the above Macro isn't fruit...but I needed a CHOCOLATE FIX!!LOL... Y'all have a great day and we'll all see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Bit 'o The Irish...

Green leaves...Hahaaa...Yes, that's the best I could do for St. Patricks Day...This is the First bloom on my rose bush in front of our office. I've really been in a blue funk this week because of all the "Washington" games that are being played...Heartsick is more like it...but enough of that here...
The top photo is of Crystal at her shower this past Saturday. As you can see...she obviously does not understand the concept of "modern appliances"! I'll HAVE to get her Back into the kitchen and show her the Proper way to use this "egg tosser"...Works Great when you're in a hurry for breakfast...LOL
Well, here's hoping you all have a great day...and Please find a moment to pray for our Country.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pooped But Had a Good Time...

Well, we made it...and had a fun time! This is my grandaughter, Samantha and my daughter, Crystal... I'm SO pooped! I've uploaded the pics to my FaceBook page which took Forever. I Promise I'll post some more here tomorrow. Happy night to you! I'm going to try to find a comfy spot and vegetate....Night all!

The Shower...

Good Morning! Well, today we have the wedding shower for Crystal at Sironia's...Should be fun. Her Grandmother is hosting it. I'll be taking Both of my cameras...Hopefully I'll get some good shots, of Something!Hahaa...No table dancing though! The Sun is Suppose to be shining and the temp, around 70 degrees; lets hope so....I'll try to get some photos up by this evening.
Well, guess I'll get in there and eat some breakfast...I KNOW!! It's a tough job but we don't want to insult Hubby's efforts, now Do we?!!Hahaa...Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

This is SO peaceful and Beautiful...Love the music! Grab some coffee and enjoy! This Earth of ours is Truly an amazing place.....

Song: Night Ride Across The Caucasus
Artist: Loreena McKennitt
Album: The Book of Secrets

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"ZiggZaggy Edges" on Photo Enlargement...

Morning Everyone! Just wanted to answer the question concerning what I meant about the edges on photos when you don't enlarge a photo correctly. The first photo of my sweet baby girl, Crystal, was enlarged correctly...The second one was not. See the "edges" or Outline of the objects in the photo? Looks jagged doesn't it?!! Not a nice thing to have when you want to show off your latest photo achievement! I fought this for two years until Donna, of Cottage Days, posted several tutorials on her blog. There are SO many different things to learn about your blog...And blogging. I guess it just depends on how much time you want to invest. I LOVE Photography and really want my photos to look nice so, I feel the extra time is worth it. Maybe you're more, "The Writer"... more concerned with content...I admit...MY content isn't really that interesting and may bore some of you to tears...LOL...WHAT??? HEARD THAT!!! And Maybe sometime in the future I'll start working on content for you...HAhaaa...But in the Mean time, you'll just have to suffer through it! Well, guess that's it for my content today...Hope you all have a Great Wednesday..(already??) Be Happy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At It Again!

But THIS time I Finally figured out how to enlarge photos Without those zigzaggy edges!! Thank you Donna for the tutorial on enlarging your Template! Everything works... now...if I could just fine the RIGHT Background!! know me! But I'll get there. While I was re-working all of this, my Free Blogger Backgrounds list disappeared...Geez! That was an ongoing project! Oh well, starting over is my middle name. Hope you all have a great day...and I Know I haven't been checking in much lately! Bare with me for another few weeks untill I get my Girl Married, Honeymoon for her and babysitting for me, done!LOL...Am I tired yet?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Hope I'm Done!!

Geez Louise! Six and a half hours in town yesterday...It was a marathon! I've put off getting all the things I need for Crystals wedding and brother, I'm paying for it!Hahaa...I feel like someone beat the bottom of my feet with a baton...I HATE to shop! Oh YES I DO! Store after Store after Store!! But I must admit, I found a surprise at Dillards. See those hosiery in the photos? Do any of you remember these patterns from the 60's?? Well I did and just had to indulge. I got one of each...I just love them. I also had to get pumps (not the ones in the photo) and my black slacks. Those dressing rooms! There's more room in my closet...Also had to get lingerie for Crys' party next Saturday...I Know I've forgotten something...I just Know it! I Really don't know where that Double Mocha Latte Frappachino came from...?LOL... I was on a schedule! No time for that stuff!
So, guess I'll go check my list again for the Eleventh Thousandth Time...and grab another cuppa coffee. Y'all have a Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

We Do Everything Better in Texas!!

AlRight Ladies! It's FRIDAY! Time to let your hair down and Relax...Hahaa...Nothing Serious today! Also know that NO cowboys were injured in the making of this film...LOL...Thanks Shaleen!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Taken With My Cell Phone Thursday"

"Taken With My Cell Phone Thursdays" is a fun photo op! Creator is Sandy of From The Heart of Texas blog! Easy to do and Another reason to pull out a camera!! Go sign up! Lets all give her a big boost!!
My little pitiful offering is a Dusty...LOL... potted ivy that I got when my Dad passed in 2002...Still managing to keep it going! Have a great day guys!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Woke UP this Way!

...I woke up this way...I did...Seems like the More I do, the LESS I get done! Jobs are coming out of the woodwork, I Swear it! I'm seriously trying to find my mojo...It's around here somewhere.
I also called the phone company...AT&T!!! I no longer need the flippin $30 "don't call, no call, who are you call, hide the call, find the call, I don't Want to call" package... The woman ended by saying "Well, Thank you Mrs Pi**ed Off, you've just saved $17 dollars on you phone bill..." I hate math...but I Need math so I USE math. I cancel a $30 dollar package and I end up saving $17....I told her (after a BIG hearty laugh) "Oh yes! I forgot! I need to pay all those Universal Taxes for crackheads to have cell phones..." No problem. I Give UP! You could "hear" her smiling on the other end of the line...And then she says the line we all hate to hear..."You have a nice day...!" HAhahaaa....THEN! I call Direct TV to DUMP the HBO useless package...You Don't want to know how THAT went! Lets just say, when I say "I want to cancel the HBO package", it does NOT mean that I want to ADD Anything Else!!! GEEZZZ!!!!
I think I'll just go into the bathroom and check my ears again...I think they've turned red by now...I need pie...Chocolate pie. You have a nice day now...Hahaaaa....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go Sign Up!! Well? I'm Waiting!!!

Well, I've got the Next Brenda Photo Challenge posted! Should be another fun one! If you've not participated in any of the other ones, Go Sign Up! It's fun...It makes you pull your camera out and actually Use it...I've SEEN your photos!!!! They're Great! So, what are you waiting for? There's no winners OR losers! Even signing up for it is fun....WHAT???!!!Hahaaa...well, it IS!!
Have a great Tuesday!
.....Well? I'm watching you go sign up...:o()