Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Shower...

Good Morning! Well, today we have the wedding shower for Crystal at Sironia's...Should be fun. Her Grandmother is hosting it. I'll be taking Both of my cameras...Hopefully I'll get some good shots, of Something!Hahaa...No table dancing though! The Sun is Suppose to be shining and the temp, around 70 degrees; lets hope so....I'll try to get some photos up by this evening.
Well, guess I'll get in there and eat some breakfast...I KNOW!! It's a tough job but we don't want to insult Hubby's efforts, now Do we?!!Hahaa...Have a great day everyone!


Anvilcloud said...

70°? Disgusting you are. :)

Sally said...

Gorgeous photo!! Have fun today, and LOTS of pictures please!!

The sun is shining here; we're off to the park!! :)

Lynn said...

At least the weather is cooperating and the roses are awesome.

Donna said...

OhNo Obiecloud!!!Hahahaaaa....I'm SO SORRY!!!LOLHahaaaa....
Dash it all.....Hahaaa
Try this, Close your eyes real tight...Get Cuppa to book your flight to Texas...and Wha-la!

Donna said...

Sally- OH Good!! Glad those storms left you alone Girl! Y'all have a blast at the park!!

Lynn- It'll be 90 before you know it!! Have a fun weekend!!

Donna said...

Have FUN, sweetie! Marty wishes he could be there. He would table dance and provide some entertainment, LOL!

Donna said...

Hahahaa...NO table dancing!! Although, Crystal May attempt it!
Have a fun House Building day!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Have fun....Like I am so sure you all will:)

Donna said...

Thanks Cupcake! We did! Happy day to you!!

Brenda said...

Send some of those 70's up to me please! I know there was a lotta fun going on at the shower cause I saw some pics on facebook. Now, where's YOU having fun at the shower?

Donna said...

Hahaa...the safest place to be is Behind the camera Miz Brenda!!!

SOUL said...

no table dancing?
i take it that means you might have a history of this? or some expectation for such a thing-- for a reason?

anyhow-- i bet someone else woulda been behind a camera for that shot :))

happy sunday!
get some chill time -- you deserve it-

"just say NO."

Sandy Trefger said...

The rose photo is so beautiful and your daughter and grand-daughter seem to be having lots of fun! Get some rest!!