Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At It Again!

But THIS time I Finally figured out how to enlarge photos Without those zigzaggy edges!! Thank you Donna for the tutorial on enlarging your Template! Everything works... now...if I could just fine the RIGHT Background!!Hahaa...you know me! But I'll get there. While I was re-working all of this, my Free Blogger Backgrounds list disappeared...Geez! That was an ongoing project! Oh well, starting over is my middle name. Hope you all have a great day...and I Know I haven't been checking in much lately! Bare with me for another few weeks untill I get my Girl Married, Honeymoon for her and babysitting for me, done!LOL...Am I tired yet?


Joan said...

It looks really pretty. So soft!

My template is so ugly I feel like throwing up when I go in there. I'm going to have to rethink the ugly theme.

The Urban Cowboy said...

I never know what I'm going to see when I get to your place!

Donna said...

Joan! Thanks but I think it's a little too Something in here..LOL...But I'm Glad I finally learned the larger pic trick!!
Let me know if you want to know it...I always like to share!

Uc-Hahahaa...Surprises are FUN!! It's going to change again...soon!!
Happy day big guy!

Donna said...

Cupcake- Hahaa...I'm still looking...lost all my freebie spots and am trying to locate those again...Thanks though!!

Ann said...

That flower picture is very pretty. I'm not quite sure I understand what you're talking about with enlarging and templates but that's ok I seem to be in a permanent state of confusion lately

SOUL said...

lovely decor, as usual. you sure do get creative. i just know the wedding will be absolutely gorgeous! make sure we get to see lotsa pix.

i bet you are very tired -- buck up lil cowboy - ette :)) not far off-- warm weather , and resting in the sunshine -- perhaps margaritas in hand? yeh, that's the ticket-

have a good night girlie-


(musics on the video now-- and the long one 'should ' work" :O

Donna said...

Ann- LOL...Well, that's ok...I just end up changing my template, Often and I like my photos where I can See them...Happy night sweetie!

Brenda- Hahaa...!! Gads, that sounds Nice...Bouncing back over to try again!
Happy night to you too!

Donna said...

Hey, lookie there! A BIG PICTURE! Way to go, girl! Glad that my little tutorial helped you out. I don't know what you mean about the zigzaggy edges though, LOL.

And NO, I am not going to get in the tutorial, background, header business! ROFL! I would make about 5 cents an hour! I might do a tutorial sometime on making a background, but it sure isn't going to happen anytime soon! Don't forget this web site - she has beauties!

Sally said...

Pretty picture!! Yes, we want a LOT of pix of the weddin'. :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Very nice and I love that gorgeous pink flower. Aren't the larger pics fun, trouble is I have to restrain myself on the size at times. I don't understand what you meant by zigzaggy edges either!


Donna said...

Thanks Everyone! I give an answer to questions on my next post!
Happy day to you!!

WR said...

Great photo. I learned something reading all of this...now to see if I can apply it! :)

Sandy Trefger said...

ohhh wedding planning. I do know how that can consume one especially the bride and her mother. :) Enjoy the time though.