Friday, October 11, 2019

Just been a bit busy...

Everett and Samantha...getting married on December 7th, 2019

Made our granddaughter a housewarming cake...yes, they bought a house, ten acres, in the country.

Turned out pretty well...

Buttt....I'll NEVER use Ermine frosting again unless it's to be eaten fairly soon!  It was a hot day...and it sat for several hours in a warm kitchen...It started to creep off the cake... :O()..I'm Learning!!

The reason for all this baking is because Samantha asked me to make her wedding cake...!!  I seriously need practice! I've never made one before... 

I use the plastic bins I get fruit in, to gift cupcakes and such.  Handy!

The cupcake recipe turned out great!

Well, that's about it for now.  Holidays are starting to roll around again!  As you longtimers with me know, Christmas is my favorite.  Not long now...
The cold weather finally rolled in here last night.  It dropped from 92 yesterday to 47 this morning.  Oh well, I love the rain that came with it...dark and kinda day!  
Y'all stay warm or cool where ever you are!!!
PS- Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Canning Jam and Making Cookies and Tricks...

Had a hankering for homemade jam!  That stuff you buy in the market is to darn sweet!  So, I bought some strawberries and raspberries and made my own...It turned out great.  With the recipe I used, I cut the sugar back from seven cups to four cups of sugar.  Boy, what a difference it made!  Good stuff...

Also made kosher dills...Larry wanted me to add red chili peppers to them as an experiment...I did...They are really good but a bit too spicy for me even though, he loves them.  Glad I didn't add them to all the jars!
Made bread and butter pickles too...yummy with almost anything... especially my favorite, fried chicken!

And also made blackberry and some cherry. 

Made cookies...

Also made my own Buttermilk ranch dressing.  Much better than store bought!

And I ran out of cookie cooling rack space so I created my own!  Cheesy looking but it works.

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last post.  Been a little busy canning and baking...and generally being lazy. 
See the last photo of the crumpled up parchment paper?  Well it's a trick I learned to make your paper lay right where you want it!
Crumple it up, wet it a bit, squeeze out any excess water then open it back up and lay it out on your baking sheet or pan!  Works great and doesn't affect the food.
Well, I've bored you enough today.  Hope you are enjoying's high heat and dry here in central Texas.  We need rain.
Oh's August.  
Coming to check on you!  Enjoy your day...

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Give Us Strength...

Dear God in Heaven!  Give us all the strength to find our way through all the horror happening in our country.  Please pray for those in El Paso, Texas and those in Dayton, Ohio...this we pray in your Name...Amen.♥️

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Hunt...

It's hunting season here in Robinson, Texas...the hunt for Cedar Springs Tomatoes, that is!  The only other place we've eaten the most wonderful tomatoes, is last year when we went to Stanley, NY.  These match their taste and color almost perfectly.  None of that grocery store mealyness...or wax...uggg...nasty things.
My family use to live in Cedar Springs when I was little.  My dad grew a big patch of them.  Beautiful sandy loam...
Well, we found Robert's Farm...and we also found a Ms Patterson's (no photo) but she had very little to sell.  Then we found (barely!!) a place that you'd never dream was a working produce farm!!

This is the Robert's tomatoes here...

And this is...No Name Farm!  We guessed which road to take...passed by an old dilapidated farmhouse and this was behind it...I think this building looked better than the house! ;o)
Anyhoo, You open the door and wowser!!   It was like a whole 'nother world!  Tons of produce.  And at all the stands, it is the honor system.  You bag, weigh and pay then write down what you purchased...nice to see.  I guess they don't fix up the outside to ward off burglars??

Brought the goodies home and got busy.

This is the house our granddaughter Sam and her intended, Everett, just bought!  We are so excited for them...Ten acres and house with barn.  The wedding is December 7th, 2019.  Yes, Pearl Harbor Day...My Dad was there, his ship coming into port, just after the bombing raid (about an hour after) He said it was the most horrific sight he'd ever witnessed...anyway, Sam has always read anything she could get her hands on, about that day.  Always the history buff... 

And yes,,,had to make cookies!  See the plastic container?  Fresh strawberries came in them...I save them, wash them and they make perfect cookie or cupcake gift holders.  Ever priced them at your local hobby shop???  

Crunchy Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Pecan Cookies!   Recipe is HERE

Well, hope you all are finding something fun to do this Summer...Me?  Canning, baking...I think now, I'll go put my feet up!
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day America...Cupcakes

Well, hello and Happy Independence Day America!!
As you can see, I was a busy beaver yesterday...I love to bake but haven't been doing much of it lately.  Well, I'm getting tired of doing, Not Much so, I decided, the other day, to make some Independence Day cupcakes for Sami to carry down south to her mom's house.  Well...I promise I will NEVER AGAIN complain about the price of a cupcake EVER again!!Hahaa...good Lord people!!  First, I had to run to know...'cause I needed dark navy color gel...a pan...etc., then I had to round up all my special tools (you know you have to have special tools...:O0)  Then, find what I needed, looking in cabinets, closets, drawers...find a recipe I to work the new icing tips...then get busy making them!Uggggg….took a while!  Bakers EARN EVERY SINGLE DIME!!
Anyway, they turned out good...loved the way a gel coloring works SO much better than liquids.  Isn't the blue cupcake a pretty shade??  If I'd used a liquid color, they would have been a greenish brownish color on the outside!  And did you EVER see a messier kitchen???Hahaaa...omg...Larry jumped in and just started washing up for me!  What an old sweetie...
So...I know we can't eat everything I bake so I enlist the help of my granddaughter, Samantha, to come get 3/4ths of things and carry them off to friends or co workers.  It works.  I get to bake and they get to eat...simple.  I've had request to bake things for money before and who knows...I might let a donation or two start creeping in...
Well,  hope you all have a fun and safe day and be careful of those darn fireworks around you pets!!  Scares them sometimes, literally, to death!
Later Guys!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Blooming, Baking, and Dentist...

Morning guys...It's been another slow (thankfully) few weeks.  Larry and I are doing LoCarb and I found this recipe for muffins in the George Stella book.  They are delicious!!  If you're looking for a different taste and texture (if you're doing locarb...and even if you're not)  then try this recipe.   I used the big tray paper cups for our breakfast muffins and the smaller tray for our snack muffins.  You can also experiment and add whatever you like.  I added dried cherries and pecans.
We also had a cheat fritter and glazed roll.  We really look forward to cheat dessert day!
Then...onward to the dentist for our annual cleanings, stuff.  I really need to get our doctor visits all together in the same month!  That way, we can knock them all out at the same time!
Well, I know you're leading a much more exciting life than we are...I just know it...Hahaa.  I did get a pot planted...Guess that's a no brainer for Springtime though...Y'all enjoy your week!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Yes More Photos...WHAT?? And, Memorial Day

Please have a Safe and Peaceful Memorial Day...Home of the Free...Because of the Brave.

AND!!!  YES...more engagement photos of our granddaughter Sam and her fiancĂ©, Everett!
I hear all those sighs and moans out there!  Get a grip!!Hahaaa….
Think of it this way...One day, my great X 10th grandchild might want to know what her relatives looked see?  You didn't think of that possibility, did you...Hahaaaa….
Oh well...that's as good an excuse as any other!
Enjoy your Day guys...