Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Bridal Shower, A Wedding and Surgery...

Headed to pick out a wedding dress!  Excited!

I LOVED this dress...wasn't a wedding one but pretty.  I asked if she'd try it on for me...

Her mom, our daughter, Crystal...

Brickhouse Bridal, in The Woodlands, Texas

Her Bridal Shower...

Sami's half sisters, Ruby and Ema...

Raygen, me and Sami

Everetts (fiancee) Mom, Joycelyn

Then it was Thanksgiving...

Then, time for the Wedding!  I made the cake with my hubby, Larry's help!

Our William (In the Air Force in Arizona) couldn't attend so we Face Timed so he could be a part of it!  He cried...That was Hard to watch... :o(
Everett and his groomsmen

First Dance

Larry and I heading to the wedding in Crawford, Texas

Mr & Mrs Everett Parker

Where did the time go from this to....

to, This?

Okay then!! Hahahaa...and that ain't half of the photos!  I know you're blurry eyed by now but these are the main ones that tell the story.  It was a beautiful wedding almost ALL planned out by Samantha.  There was only ONE bad moment...Sam's biological father, ROBERT, danced the Father/Daughter dance, OK? Are With me?   Samantha's mom, my daughter Crystal, remarried about five years after their divorce,  to Tim...great guy, husband to my daughter, Crystal!  Love him...Anyway...The mother of Robert (exhusbandbiologicalfather of Samthebride), BRENDA, (the old cow) went over to Everett (Sams new husband),  and demanded to know WHY he ALLOWED Samantha, his new wife, to dance a Father/Daughter dance with TIM...Stepfather...The man that raised her...was there for her...I am so angry at that old useless biddy!!!  None Of Her Business!!!  
Oh well...not my hound 'cause it don't hunt!  Sami can deal with her through her father Robert (bioDad).

We are SO tired!  Can't catch a break...Larry's 94 yr old father is having sort of elective surgery on an aneurysm at the top part of his  heart. I say elective because it's dangerous.  He was told how dangerous but chooses to have it anyway.  He Could live another five years without it or leave this earth tonight if it burst.  No way to 7th...We have to have it done in Houston, Tx.  The surgeon said he was his oldest patient...Long surgery...long recovery...IF he makes it without stroking out on the table or ending up a vegetable.  We wondered if this was suicide by surgeon (lost his wife last year, married 70yrs).  SO...please send prayer...he's going to really need it.  We had the "talk" and he says it doesn't matter...he's had a great life and is ready to go IF all goes badly.   

To top things off, Larry's (my hubby) down with the flu...a week's just stress city around here.
Oh well, this too shall pass...

Well, guess I'll close for now.  Sorry for being so late but it's been...joyful and interesting.


Lin said...

WOW! These are incredible photos...and no...there aren't too many! I enjoyed every single one of them! Your family is absolutely beautiful! You daughter could be the sister-of-the-bride....she looks so young! The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome...and everyone in the wedding...YOU included...look absolutely incredible!!

I'm glad it went well..with the exception of the drama. But, you know...some people just live for that crap. Best to ignore her. At least they didn't ruin the day for Sam.

Prayers for your FIL. I hope God is merciful and he doesn't suffer in the surgery or the recovery. Or...if it is his time, to make it fast and painless.

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas. I'm glad 2019 was so good for all of you! Yea!

Ann said...

LOVE all the photos. She was such a beautiful bride and her dress is gorgeous. Too bad about the bioligical fathers mother being an idiot. Some people have no class. That just isn't the place to make a fuss and like you said, not her business.
Hope Larry is feeling better soon and best wishes to his father with his surgery.

Sandra Cox said...

What a beautiful bride and beautiful cake:) Wondrous.
Hope the surgery goes well and Larry soon feels better.
We are dealing with some horrific health issues too.
Happy Holidays.

Lee said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! An exciting, happy time. :)

My best wishes to you and your loved one for Christmas...have a relaxed merry one! :)

Jenny the Pirate said...

OK WHERE do I begin? First let me say it is so wonderful to "see" you, my friend. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Second, I am so sorry that you're stressed and tired and that Larry is sick. I hope that for the next few weeks, you'll slow things way down and enjoy the holidays and rest up. Third ... NINETY-FOUR and having a risky heart surgery? Mercy. I've go to hand it to Larry's dad, he's a fighter. And I certainly will pray for him, for his strength and swift recovery, and for wisdom and skill for the doctors, and for stamina for you all, the family who will be with him every step of the way ... that is a promise.

As to that wedding :: DROP DEAD gorgeous, ALL of it! Sam was radiant and Everett so handsome. Crystal and Tim look wonderful. SO SORRY Will had to miss it ... but WOW does he ever look like his dad! Amazing, the genes. I'm sorry the old biddy was a hag but hey ... consider the source! Some people are just sour and have to rain on everyone's parade. The whole thing was beautiful, so special, just awesome. I know Sam and Everett will be so happy and I'm happy for them.

Have a VERY MERRY Christmas my friend, and rest up and enjoy some treats, and take time for a bubble bath or sleep until ten in the morning or whatever it takes to get you back to feeling good and well and strong.

I love you. xoxo

Jeanette said...

Great pictures buddy! That was a beautiful wedding!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my, what a beautiful wedding and couple!! Thank you for sharing all the pictures and your feelings with us. Good luck to Larry’s dad with the surgery. It sounds dangerous to me, but I hope all goes well. Merry Christmas to you, and I hope Larry feels better.

Sally said...

I LOVE the photo's; such a beautiful couple. I wish them the very best life has to offer. Sami was gorgeous; Everett so handsome. All of you a beautiful, wonderful family.

Prayers for Larry's dad; I know this is so stressful for all of you who love him so much.

Donna, the cake is beautiful, you and Larry are quite the team!

Yeah, that old biddy; there's one in every crowd. We just have to ignore ignorance. :)

Love to you all! Thank you for the Christmas card; I love it. You're such a thoughtful and beautiful soul. xoxo

Sandra Cox said...

Hope your holidays were grand.

NanaDiana said...

Donna- What a beautiful,beautiful wedding and they make a gorgeous couple. It is sad about Brenda. There is one at every major life event it seems. Well, it is over and one and as long as a person stays angry at them--they win! What an old biddy for sure!

Hope your FIL is doing okay with his decision. That is a horrible surgery for someone that age. Not sure what he is thinking- if he IS thinking clearly at all Just pretty sad.

Blessings to you in this new year. xo Diana