Friday, November 30, 2007

Excuse Me While I Throw A Fit...

I'm not really going to throw a hissy fit....not me....BUT, WHY do my pictures keep disappearing?? I've been working on this problem for two days now! It totally lost my header angel.....several comments I'd left for visitors. Is it something I've done??? Geez!
Bare with me again. See something different, ignore it!! I'll post after I get home and can work on this a bit more! Later!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yes Heidi !!! Remember Grandfather running all through the village trying to find her?? Her singing Silent Night? REAL tear jerker ladies! The guys probably won't be too interested but for us gals and the children...whoohoo! Ever noticed how it makes you feel SO good to have one of "those" really big BooHoo's!!! LOL All you can say afterword is, Damn, that was good!.....What??!!

Another golden nuggett of information about Disposers.....not disposals......What??.. That was the word...they are called disposers...and while I'm talking about things in the kitchen...(don't tell Hubby I told you but....) have you EVER squeezed dish soap into the soap holder of your dishwasher and when you turned the machine on, suds and bubbles came squirting out??? Come on ladies.....I won't know who you are....(You've run out of those squares or packets or powder) Well, if that EVER happens again, go out to your washing machine cabinet, grab the Downey(or any brand) softener liquid OR sheets, and pour a full capful of it into your dishwasher. Close the door and wash away the suds!!! (If you use the sheets, stuff them into the silverware holder). The same holds true for the washing machine. Used too much detergent? Add softener... right to the water, just throw some in. Works every time.

Well, that's about it for today. Y'all have a great night and a better tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life

Here's another favorite from yesteryear. Takes about seven minutes to view so drag up a chair and grab a cuppa coffee or hot chocolate. Better yet, go get the movie, drag the kiddos in, and watch it. It's a tear jerker so bring the Kleenex...

You wouldn't believe how busy it has been here! The call-board is FULL of calls (good thing). Seems everything is either stopped up or there's broken water lines or water heaters are going on the blitz. Here's some information you've probably not thought of; it's called, Water Heater, not Hot Water Heater. Heaters heat the water, therefore you have, water-heaters. I use to call them the same thing years ago until Hubby laughed at me. You learn quick around here.

Well, y'all have a pleasant evening and a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Found this on YouTube. This is the version I love. Couldn't find a movie clip of it. Only the ad for it. Oh well, if you haven't seen it, do. Miss Brenda...this is your assignment!!! Yes Mam..homework!! lol

I'm going to try to find something else to go on my tree. Bows or something. Still not happy with it. I'm also running around the house, trying to remember where I hid all the presents I've already bought!!........Did I hear someone say Senior Moment??? Gads, it's not my turn yet is it? You know, I'll always remember Mother saying, "You just wait! It'll be your turn soon enough kiddo"! I always felt "safe" as long as I knew they were still alive. Now the reality of it is here...Now I find myself telling Crystal, "You just wait! It'll be your turn soon enough kiddo"!

I suppose, what I'm trying to say, badly, is, don't waste one minute of your life. Don't give one piece of it away to anger or depression, loneliness or guilt. We all have choices to make every minute of the day. We all experience sad or terrible things. I like that word, we. That one word says that we're all in this together. So join with me in believing that happiness isn't just another word. Even in our worst of moments, it's still there. Waiting.

So today, I'm sending you all lots of love and smiles along with peels of laughter. It is the best thing for, "what ails 'ya."

Monday, November 26, 2007

This Is Only A Test...

OK...This is just a TEST finally am learning how to put videos into a post. Please bare with me! I KNOW......Trunk Monkey isn't exactly Christmas material but, you DID need a laugh, now didn't you??!!!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me. May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it.
Their faithful Friend and Servant,C. D.December, 1843.
A wonderful story. I've read the book more times than I can count. The earlier movies, 1938 version starring Reginald Owen is probably my favorite. Sounds like another movie marathon is in the wings.
Hope you all survived Thanksgiving! It was pretty busy around here. We got all the visits in and all the food eaten. Now I'm just trying to get re-organized as far as what to do or buy next. I'll get the Christmas bird in the next couple of weeks, but the dry stuff, I'll get this week. I'm NOT going to wait till the last minute again. That was a shopping nightmare.
Well, y'all have a wonderful day and I'll see you again tomorrow.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Soggy Day

Well, today is Sunday already! It's cold(40's) and rainy. Has been for the past two days. All you want to do is eat, read or sleep. Television? I just can't be bothered anymore. Drives me insane to have to sit in one spot to watch some of the most....don't get me started. TV these days have really sunk to new lows. News? They're just as bad. Cooking shows? Try watching one you haven't seen over and over again. Where's Julia Child when I need her?
My word, this Thanksgiving holiday went by fast. Christmas is going to be zipping by that fast as well. Gotta make the most of each day. I hope to finish up the shopping this week. I've got my deadline to consider. Self imposed, yes. I'll make it....What??!!

Useless Info: The bishop of London had one of his own sound teeth extracted to show Queen Elizabeth I how easily one of her own rotten teeth could be removed.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & the Useless Info Society)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cute Idea (second post of the day)

Got this cursor idea from Jenn, (on Everyday Life,Love & Happiness(Crystal's blogroll)(on my blog roll). (Confused Already)? Just find Jenn on Crystal's site...It's suppose to show up as an angel while you're visiting my site. When I went to her site, it showed up as a Christmas Tree. Cute idea! I clicked on it to see if I could go to the website, but it wouldn't do it. So, I typed in Cursor Mania in the search field of the Internet, and it's the first on the list. There's ton's to choose from. It stays with you until you change it, so if all you want is the plain white arrow on your regular work outside your blog, don't worry, they have the regular one to. If you've changed, and want to change back to the white arrow,for your outside windows, just click on "default" in the list. That gives you your white arrow for regular work and your cute whatever inside your blog! Fun Idea. After the holidays you can again change it to whatever you want. More blog lessons!!! Groaning? Do I hear Groaning? Night all!

'Tis The Season

Well look at that! Finally, 'tis the season! I love this time of year but it always seems to go by too fast to suit me. I suppose that's why I like to get started early. If I had my way, I'd have put the tree up early November...but...Hubby probably would have gone on strike. No cooking. Period. SO, I waited. Now the other trick is to make sure I get my shopping done by December 1st! That means by this week. I'll do it...geez...
Not quite satisfied with the tree though. Needs something. Bows? I sometimes put them on but I'm not sure if that's the answer. Oh well, I'll figure that out to. How about y'all? Waiting or putting the tree up now. Guess I'll go get busy. Hubby is smoking our turkey right now so I need to do the salad and add the finishing touches to the meal. Have a fun day and I'll talk at 'cha later.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hubby got up early this morning to get the turkey cooking. This is the one we're taking to his parents house for lunch today. A cold front blew in yesterday dropping the temp from the 80's to the 50's. If the wind would die down, it would be nice outside. Here's hoping all of you have a happy and very "thankful" day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Busy Day

This is the "really busy day"! Busy at work, busy at home...busy. The grocery stores were already busy at 8:30 this morning! Wild people...including me! Not doing this on Christmas! Going to the grocery at least several days before Christmas Day. If I'd been thinking, I would have done the shopping several days ago, but, somehow I managed to let the opportunity slip by. I'm a Christmas person...period. Thanksgiving comes along and although I'm very grateful for everything we have, I just can't "find my groove"! I don't decorate for it. I don't know why that is. Every moment for me is in anticipation for the day after....Out comes the tree and my motor gets going! Fun. Oh well, such is life.
Guess I'll go home and start in on getting something done!
Here's wishing everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Eat lots of everything!!!......What?? 'Tis the season! (oops!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trying To Get Finished

With Christmas shopping, that is. If I run by a store and I can think of something a person would like, I stop. The sky's are starting to cloud up and I sure don't want to have to shop in the rain. I would, but it's certainly not my preference!

We've set the Thanksgiving turkeys in the refrigerator to thaw. Did that Sunday. Takes so long to thaw that way, but it's the safest. I'm going to also make mashed potatoes with the cream cheese in them. Thought about those almost everyday since I've heard of them!

Needed to buy coffee beans. The store I get them at was still closed after 10:00 this morning. Hope all is well with the lady that owns it. I find it cheaper to buy the whole bean (LaMinita) than to let her grind it. My coffee machine does that anyway. Guess I'll go back by her shop later on today. I buy 5lbs at a time so it'll last awhile.

Well, guess I'll do some more work. Have a safe and wonderful day and I'll see 'ya tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2007

For A While

I must say, y'all have been patient with me about all this "fixing" going on!! Gads, I'm pooped. About all I'm going to do now is to add Christmas pictures to the side bar. Sorry Sally...I'm a bad girl, I am.....but I couldn't imagine doing all this twice this year within a few weeks of each other. Hopefully next year I'll be proficient at this. Hitting the sack...Y'all have sweet dreams.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last Breath of Summer

Well, I'm still undecided about the look of the blog but I did manage to get a clock going on the side bar. Just too many interruptions today and work again tomorrow. Hopefully, I can find something that looks like Christmas on the web. No luck so far. Putting up the clock was really easy once I got a chance to look around my site add-ons. There's an add-on just for HTML's now. Just look in the template add on bar. Anyone with a question, I'll be glad to answer them. IT'S REALLY FRESH ON MY MIND!!! lol Although, I also wrote all this stuff down!! I figure, the only way to do this stuff is to just get in there and DO it. RobC started me down the path, so, I have to finish the to speak. It really has been fun. Especially when I'd figure something out. Poor Hubby....Twice last night I went bopping up the hallway, dancing with, yes, dancing with glee at my elementary accomplishment! It's back to work tomorrow so I won't get another chance to work on it until tomorrow night. Oh well, a little at a time. Y'all have a peaceful evening and a great tomorrow.
Useless Info: Although Ohio is listed as the seventeenth state in the United States, it is technically number forty-seven. Until August 7, 1953, Congress forgot to vote on a resolution to admit Ohio to the Union.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still Messing Around

Yes folks, it's 10:37pm and I'm still messing with this site! Bare with me...I'm probably not through yet...This is a learning experience.....What?!!! I changed the header, thinking it wouldn't glitter, but guess what, it glitters. At this hour, don't ask me how that happened...don't think I know...yet.

More Birthdays

Today is Hubby's Mothers Birthday. It is also our granddaughter, Ruth Ann's birthday. Mom's 80 and Ruthy is 11. Jeez people, time passes SO quickly! I met Hubby's Mom when she was 47yrs old and Ruthy was just born, like, ten minutes ago?!?!...It's all just a moment in time, isn't it. Here's to, anybody out there who's having a birthday today as well!! Enjoy it.

We're going to meet at Hog Creek Ice House for a birthday lunch. Should be fun. Also hope that link works...I think I just learned how to do that!!!......whoohoo.... So, y'all have a happy day today. Also, would like to welcome back Kelly, at no regrets. Missed you!

2:46pm Saturday

Just got back from The Ice House lunch. Took more pictures. Good food, Good Family! Also Happy Birthday to Sally's Daughter who's 43 today!!! Well, y'all have a fun evening and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow.
Useless Info: Your hearing becomes less sharp after eating too much.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by N. Botham & The Useless Information Society)
PS- Damn Skippy, that's right!!! I can't hear anything after that lunch!! lol, night!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Have You Posted Yet?

My daughter has asked me about twenty times today if I've posted yet...No, because every time I'd think of something, I found myself off on a template search. Geezzz...One site leads to another site and on and on! Found lots of pictures though. Sounds like Mary Lou is doing the same thing on her site (life after nexcom). There's SO much to learn. Daughter is really a big help though. She has managed to figure out some of the hard stuff but there's a bunch more to learn. SO, guess I'll put up some pictures and call it a night. I promise to get back on track soon!!!
Useless Info: No one knows why a duck's quack doesn't echo.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad Girl

Well, I'm seriously thinking of being a bad girl. No, No, No,...Not that kind, the other kind. Girl- Changes -Blog- Template kind. I've had this "look" since July, when I started and it's getting a little old. Found a site at that has SO many new ones, that my head is swirling with the possibilities. I like Blogger but their choice of templates...well, there's not much to choose from. I know, they're free, but I'd like to expand a little. Daughter already changed hers (Crystal on my blog roll) and I think I like the look. It's just different. What about y'all? Ever change yours? Oh well, I'm still "pondering" it. If, by chance, you click on some morning and it looks different, don't run. Just let me know how you like it...or not. I can always change back. Have a nice night and a wonderful tomorrow.

Useless Info: Human birth control pills work on gorillas.

(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by N. Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did You See IT ???

Well, did you see it? The video, I mean! Of what? The GHOST.....or to nonbelievers....the plastic bag... Anyway, if not, click on CNN, scroll a little bit down until you see the "creepy something at gas station" video. It is something, and it's not a plastic bag! If it's a prank, which I doubt, it's a good one. FOX News put the story out early this morning. Funny, but I went to search their site and couldn't find it...hummmm. Oh well, what about you? What do you believe it is? Have fun watching.

Really trying to organize my menu for Thanksgiving...(yes I am to, Sally!) Hubby's doing two turkeys in the smoker. We'll take one to his Mom and Dad's for lunch and have the other, for all of us, for the weekend. We're closed Thurs and Fri as well as the weekend, so we'll need food! Now, I just need to think about what kind of salad to fix. What kind are y'all making? Fruit of green?
Well, behave yourselves this evening. Can't think of anything else so I'll see 'ya tomorrow.
Useless Info: Women started removing hair from their legs in 400 BCE. They either plucked them with tweezers or singed them with a flame.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by N. Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beowulf...Fact or Fun?

November 16th, here in the States, Beowulf premiers. Looks like it's going to be a pretty good action/fantasy/adventure movie. We really like this kind of fluffy stuff. Just two hours of action, mind numbing-we-don't-have-to-think stuff. Nice. Yes, I understand Beowulf is based in...Fact? or Fiction? or History? I like to believe it's historical. A true Saxon story, handed down through the ages. Who knows for sure.

Pirates of the Caribbean was fiction based on fact. How fun...Captain Jack wasn't bad to look at either....What??.......

ANYWAY......What's your favorite film genre? With Christmas approaching, who's going to pop The Christmas Carol in to the DVD player? Or Miracle on 34th Street? I try to watch them all. So, since you now realise, I have absolutely nothing to talk about today....I will let you go do something really around in your movie box and locate all those old movies. Get busy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Needs Mama!

I guess it's a Monday again. People not feeling to well, Hubby included. He went home early this morning after getting the plumbers out. This is a very rare occurance for him so, when he says he's not feeling up to par, I listen. Guess I'll finish up my work, get the shopping done and head out early this afternoon for home. Baby needs Mama...
Trying to get the Thanksgiving shopping list completed. Over on Pioneer Woman Cooks, (on my blog roll) Ree really does know what sounds good. She even shows you how to make things, step by step. Gotta love that! Her mashed potato recipe is going to end up on my table. I never thought to add cream cheese to them! Learn something new every day!
Well, if I think of anything else, I'll add it later on, otherwise, y'all have a good day, try to stay well, and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day

May we always remember the face of war.

God help us, should we forget.

May God bless all our Veterans.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

They're Getting Ready !

Went grocery shopping after I visited with the "Girls" at the bookstore. Horrible experience when you're shopping as late as 11:00am on a Saturday! Pushing, carts blocking your way, rude people who give you the "eye" or the "look" if you don't move fast enough! Not one person bothered to say excuse me, or "I'm sorry I just ran over your foot, lady!" I always get my shopping done around 7 or 8:00am on Saturdays. Boneheads are ALWAYS still laying up in the bed, snoozing at that hour. Oh well, I made it out of there without loosing my cool....yes I did...but not before I thought I was hearing Angels singing...Geez, I thought I'd made it off aisle 4 without killing, the sound seems to be coming from Produce....yes,,,there they are. Children singing Christmas carols...I just wanted to do Thanksgiving first. Yes, the singing is beautiful but why can't they be singing Thanksgiving songs? You know, like, Purple People Eater or American Pie or No Where to Run or Harper Valley PTA??? Those sound like really appropriate Thanksgiving songs to sing in the grocery store!! Oh well, I'm now home safe and sound. Gotta go get a cuppa coffee and sit here for awhile, and figure out a way to get, "Jingle Bells" out of my head. Gonna be a long night! Y'all have a better tomorrow.
PS- 5:20 Hubby outdid himself with the Cornish hens...Glazed with honey and apricot jam and smoked. Mashed potatoes with sauteed onions and veggies. Made the trip to the store, worth it....'Night.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Whatever You Think...

Every one of these people really have a problem...Can't read 'em? Click on the picture and it will enlarge for you.

Well, guess I'll be going (in the morning) to the bookstore to meet the girls for our ritual of Mocha coffees, books, and lots of laughs. I really look forward to our get togethers. After that, it's off to the grocery store. That's not so fun.

So, I guess I'll sign off for a while. Usually if I post this early, I almost always think of something else by sundown. Until then, have a fun day!

3:13pm - Have to go to a visitation at a funeral home (no one in our bunch) tonight. I'll try to check back in when we get home. Sami will be having company, so guess I'll get some quiet time on the computer! lol Later...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sales Tax is Evil!

4:15pm- I hate the new way we have to report sales tax here. Now the state wants us to show every town, on a list,where we've done work...they don't want just totals anymore...noooo. What was that I heard about cutting down on paperwork? Ridiculous!!!

Going out this evening to eat dinner with some friends we've known since high school. I think I'll just sit there glassy eyed. I'm hardly ever in a bad mood, and I don't think I would consider this a bad mood. I just can't understand why the government won't pay attention! It's one of those things that eat at you. I've gotta stop it! OHAMMMMMMM......I need to be on "Jules'" beach.
7:56pm- Well just got back from a very nice dinner with the friends. I wasn't glassy eyed either! Very enjoyable. Lots of chatter and maybe some plans to take out the 5th wheel for a short trip to Fredericksburg. Girls can do some Christmas shopping, and the guys can just relax. Sounds good. SO, guess I'll put this old puppy to bed. Y'all have a wonderful evening and a better tomorrow.
Useless Info: (for real, this time!)
"Where the hell is Australia, anyway?".....Britney Spears
"Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion."......Madonna
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by N.Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When Did This Happen?

Johnny Rivers turned 65 today... Good grief. How in the world did that happen? Thought I was looking, but apparently, not close enough. Those years have just flown by! I remember convertibles, football games, letter jackets and ten pound class rings. I never was found on "lovers lane" but I heard that a few people were...found that is...sorry, I can't name names. ANYway, he's a great listen, if you're so inclined. Happy birthday big was once in a lifetime. Night all!
"I patterned my look after Cinderella, Mother Goose and the local hooker." Dolly Parton
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by N. Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dinner? Depends on Who's Cooking!

This was what we had for dinner. It was great. Pork, beef and cheese sausage. Hubby is so masterful when at the grill...He had an estimate in a tiny town just south of us, about a thirty minute drive. If you keep going for another ten minutes, on that same road, you'll run into a meat market named Green's Sausage House. The town is Zabcikville. Wonderful food, kolaches, (it's a German town after all) and any kind of meat you want. SO, Hubby went the extra several miles and delighted me, to no end. Sweet Hubby. Good Hubby. All right, I hear more groaning and heads falling backward out there!! 'Ya gotta keep the wheel greased people! You youngsters out there pay attention! Want your man to do for you? Grease that wheel!
Well, I guess that is about it for today. Here's some more useless info for you. 'Yall have a great evening!
The straw was developed by Egyptian brewers to taste beer without removing the fermenting ingredients that floated on the top of the container.

(The Ultimate Book of Useless Information by Noel Botham & The Useless Information Society)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Getting it Done?

Well, I'm slowly getting it done. Present by present. And I'm getting them wrapped! They'll go into storage until Thanksgiving is over and the tree goes up. I've even started working on the Christmas cards. I can't believe I, so many times, leave this till the last minute! Bad girl! This way, I'll have a chance to enjoy the holidays along with everyone else.

You would never know it was November though. 85degrees here today. At least I can get more done, shopping wise, when the weather is good, so I'll stop griping about it.

Didn't really do very much this last weekend. Hubby didn't put in any more windows because we thought it would didn't. Guess I'll get busy and get a little more work done. Y'all have a great evening and a better tomorrow.

More useless info: Virginia O'Hanlon Douglas was the eight-year-old girl who, in 1897, asked the staff of The New York Sun whether Santa Claus existed. In the now famous editorial, Francis Church assured Virginia that yes, indeed, "there is a Santa Claus."

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Version of Mothers and Daughters

She had a date? Nah, not my daughter....Wouldn't think of it. Was it a date? Nah, wasn't a date either. What was it? What? A "Get-ta-gether." Oh. Barbecue brisket, fire ring in the yard, lawn chairs, folks, family, etc. OK..."Did y'all get a chance to visit?" I ask. "Yes....", giving me "the stare." Hummmmm...........ok......I can tell this is going to be like prying open a sardine can with my teeth. "Did 'ja have fun?" "Yes."...........Need I say more? You mothers out there with 34yr old daughters know what I mean. So now it's the eternal "wait and see" thing. She's been divorced for four years now(was married for ten yrs until the _____told her on her birthday that he was in love with his best friends wife...). I think she's had two dates in all that time. No problem. Her life is her children. She's picky now a days...very. Absolutely no problem. With two children, she'd better be. The next man in her life better love and cherish both her and the babies! She deserves it. The kids deserve it. Lots of laughter, hugs and love.
We're proud of our daughter. She's a hard worker, great mom and a wonderful person. We've always believed in her. Now, by dingies, she believes in herself. Demand more, get more.
Y'all have a wonderful evening and a better tomorrow.
Useless info: King Louis XIV of France took only three baths during his seventy-seven-year lifetime: one when he was baptized; one at the insistence of one of his mistresses; and the last when a doctor lanced a boil on his bottom and ordered him to soak it in a tub of hot water.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & The Useless Info Society)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ghost Want to Have Fun To!

I believe in ghost. They are real. On an earlier post of mine, there's a picture of my daughter, her children, her best friend Tasha and Tasha's little boy, Dawson. They were headed to Oklahoma on vacation. We live in Texas. I stress a little bit....when my chickens jump out of the box. But I realise she's grown so, I SHUT UP....mostly. On the morning they were to leave, I had them line up on the fireplace for a photo. I took just one. After I took the photo, everyone jumped up to leave, when Crystal suddenly looked at me and said,"Hey Mom, take another one..." I looked at her rather strangely and asked "Why?", "I don't know, just do it!" So, I lined 'em all up again and took another one. Well...imagine my shock, when I pulled them up on my computer and saw orbs (spirits) in the one she made me take. Whooooo......There's four of them. Two are on Tasha's son. One 's on William's lap and the fourth one is right beside Sami. The thing is? I had prayed for my Mom and Dad to go along on the trip with them. Help guide and protect them. I knew immediately, the one by Sami was an adult. Could be Mom and Dad together. Not sure about the one in William's lap. The two on Dawson(down on his arm and up between he and his Mother's head) are the two playmates he plays with all the time. Talks to them every morning. Only he can see them. Tasha said she hears him all the time talking with them. She just thought they were imaginary friends...not anymore. THEN, the girls took the kids trick or treating in the small town. Hundreds of people. It's dark. What shows up in a lot of the pictures? You got it. Orbs. Tons of them. Mingling in the crowds. Well, I guess a ghost just wants to have fun to! Click on the pictures and they'll expand for you. Tonight, I'll load the first picture I took of the kids at the fireplace. The one I took just minutes before the Orbs showed up in the second one Crys had me take. It's on my home computer. I've read the best type of camera to use is a digital. Oh yes, it works. So if some time you're curious and you have a digital camera, try it for yourselves. No telling what you'll see. Y'all have a great evening and a better tomorrow. (PS-Just loaded the 1st picture I took of kids at the fireplace. No Orbs. The 2nd one was taken only about a minute and a half later. You tell me.)

Here's some useless information:

"I guess you were right, Wyatt. I can't see a damn thing."
Police officer Morgan Earp, speaking to his brother, Wyatt, who denied afterlife existed.

(Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & The Useless Information Society)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Already

Can't believe it's already November. Seems just last week it was Spring! Remember, all of us Stateside have to turn our clocks back an hour! Last night was a little better for the kids doing their Halloween rounds, since it stayed lighter, longer.

We'll be doing the Thanksgiving thing at Hubby's folks house. Hubby'll smoke the turkey and his Mom will let us women know what to bring. I feel stuffed already!

Please continue to pray for MaryLou's brother. He got some "not so comforting" news the other day. Her blog is on my favorites listed as Life After Nexcom.

The kiddos had fun last night. They went to a small town that at 5:oopm, closes all shops, and sets up tables in front of their businesses with candy and such. Lots of costumes.

Well, guess I'll go get a load of laundry going. Y'all have a great evening and a better tomorrow.