Friday, August 31, 2007

Have you ever seen one?

Have you ever seen a UFO? Thought I did once. Seemed to be a star one moment then it would move to the right, down a bit then up and disappeared. UFO? Don't know. Do I wish it had been? Sure. Do I believe there's more to our universe than just us? Oh yes. When hubby said, "Where do you want to go on vacation if we can get away?", "Roswell," was my reply. We had planned to go out to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the balloon festival but my nephew had a health crisis and we didn't go. Roswell's not that far away so I think it would have been fun. Hubby "believes" to. Like I've heard so many times in my life, "Why would God have made this whole universe with only us in it?" Seems like a fair question to me. Roswell has a small museum that I'd like to go through. Oh well, some day maybe. Any experiences out there? Well, guess I'll close on that note. Y'all have a great evening and a better tomorrow.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

You're an Angel

It Worked!!! I downloaded a picture from my computer for this post, and decided to hold my breath, highlighted it, then hit the delete button....WhooHooo!!! At last! That was the main reason for my wanting to switch to another blog provider...that and how to tackle adding code for a blog roll...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you RobC!!!
Boy this week really seemed to fly by. The rains never materialized and things seem to be getting a little crispy outside. I really hate to say it but I think I'll be glad when the cooler weather gets here. But we're in central Texas which usually means one day it's summer and the next day it's winter. Our Spring and Fall just isn't what it use to be. It's either hot or it's cold.
One of our repairman wrecked the front end of his service van today. He's OK, but the front fender area caught it. I haven't seen it yet. Something else to take care of. Well y'all have a good sleep or a good cup of coffee and I talk at you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thanks Again!

Thanks again RobC!! Yes that does help! Now for the big one....HOW do you delete a picture? I've read different methods in the help center, but call me dense...Isn't there ever an easy way to do things on these sites? I've been looking at Blog City and it looks a bit easier but I'm not sure about how to get all of my post to it. Oh well, probably will leave well enough alone. Really, the only other complaint I have is the deletion of pictures. Sometimes I choose the wrong one, but can't get rid of it. You should write a how-to book! Do it as an online E-book. I'd buy it!
Well yesterday I met Lani at the book store. Had a good time as usual. Tuesdays, I look forward to...books, chatter, Mocha
Guess I'll get back to work before the boss catches me corking off....Oh yeah, I'm married to bring it on! Y'all have a great day and a better Thursday!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Can you imagine?

I couldn't imagine being the poor guy trying to defuse a bomb with all that going on behind him! Click on the picture and it'll expand. Not much else going on today except school starting for the kiddos. They enjoyed their first day and seem to like their teachers. This is a good beginning. Feel free to copy the photo to your pictures. It was emailed to me.

We have the makings of rain this evening. Just hope it gives us a good shower. Things are really starting to dry out around here. Would be nice to get some cool breezes. Horrible thing that happened to Owen Wilson. Really hope he can pull out of this one. Money and fame isn't all it's cracked up to be...Y'all have a good evening and a better tomorrow.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It Begins...

School starts tomorrow in our part of the world. I remember when I was in school it didn't start until after Labor Day. Times change. Don't know why really. Start in September, end in May. Out for summer vacation June, July and August. A full three months. Kids have to be at school by 6 or 6:30am if they participate in most functions like band or sports etc. Get home, if they ride the bus, around 4pm or later if in sports, 7 or 8pm. Homework? Plenty. When does it get done? Late...Sleep? 10, 11pm? Start all over early wonder the kids are burning out. Lots of adults don't have a schedule like that.It was a real do nothing day here today. Took Will to the store and ended up buying him a Game Cube disk. Star Wars. Loves it. Bad Gamma. Hubby smoked Cornish hens, with rice and tomatoes. Good. Well y'all have a good Monday and I'll check back in then.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

PS-Update on Horse

Here's a little up date on the injured horse that my sister rescued. He's doing better and eating really well but there may be something additionally wrong with his right hoof. Looks a bit swollen. So, Tuesday he goes to the Vet for a check-up on the left hoof and while he's there, will get the Doc to check it out. I took a picture of him in his stall...pitiful, but starting to gain his weight back. My other "sister", Laura, owns a horse breeding farm. Ruth Ann (oldest sister) is the one who rescued the horse. Tried to take pictures of them, but alas, my batteries gave out. I'll do a repeat of pictures next time I run out there. Anyway, here's Laura's website for the business if any of you need to buy or breed quality horses.

Have a good evening and a better tomorrow!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wish I could Change the Date

I've never been dumped by the Internet before so Wednesdays post, at least half of it was Thursdays post as well. So guess I'll just put up a picture because of my lack of news for today. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Really Nice People

I want to again say thanks to RobC for answering my question about hijacking blogs. He left a comment so check it out on yesterday's post. It's so wonderful to know that there are so many nice people in this world. Literally. RobC is from South Africa, Mary Lou in Washington,Sophie,Sally,Crystal,Patti and Kelly, and the list goes on. I would have never met any of you without the blog. Thanks again all of you for being so kind.
As Hubby and I were on the way to lunch today he had to make a stop at a job we're doing. This house was built in the late 20's or 30's (I forgot which he said) but the place is so neat inside. The owners are remodeling all of it. We're doing the plumbing. Here's a picture from the out side of our truck window. Our remodeling sub-contractor had a sad thing happen to him last month. He stopped in at a customers home not far from the one you see in the picture to talk with the brother half of the brother-sister that lives there. When he got there, he asked the sister, who's in her late 70s or so, where brother was. "Oh, he's around somewhere. His truck is in the driveway." Well, contractor went looking and found brother on the patio. He'd been dead for about 2 weeks. You can imagine. Anyway, sister is now in a facility being looked after. Terrible things can happen to good people...
Well, I would have posted this last night but in the middle of the post my Internet decided to dump me. Thank heaven for automatic save. At least I'd had most of my post done. Well hope your day was a good one. Still praying for Ellen and Curtis. Bless their hearts. Y'all have a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bookstore Tuesday

Had a re-charge of the old batteries again today. I always come home feeling better than when I left after Lani and I meet at the bookstore for our weekly catch-up. We talk about all things spiritual and otherwise. Glad to have someone who understands and finds joy in all the things that are discussed. That's Ellanni and my daughter Crystal. Really joyful...thanks Lani...

Had a chocolate chip scone and mocha latte at the bookstore...bad girl...delicious.

Another hot one today. Hot and yet it was steamy. I could almost swear we were located right beside the beach! You can almost hear the waves. We're several hundred miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, but it just feels like we're close.

I was reading a blog that talked about their blogs being "hijacked." Anybody out there ever have that happen? The blogger said the hijackers wait a few months till the blog creates enough traffic then hijacks it and starts putting ads on them. Scary! The blogger said she now has a site that's copy protected for a few dollars a month. Let me know what you think. Is that why I see so many people with two or more blogs? Well guess I'll turn it in. Have a great night and a better Wednesday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Monday...Again

Sunday was spent tooling around the house. Hubby worked on his palm thingy and I read, worked on the computer then started reading blogs. Thanks to Sophie and Sally for stopping by for a visit. Blogging has really turned into something good for me. It literally puts you on a schedule. Reminds you of your commitment and helps you stay focused. I want to get a finished manuscript, hopefully by the end of the year. I'm really committing to that. 400 pages? yeah buddy...We'll see. But at least I'm trying to do it. Hate that word "trying." I'm "doing" it. Better.

Went to work this morning. My daughter got called to go to the courthouse for jury duty. But didn't get picked. Funny, or not so funny, every criminal case on the docket was plea bargained...every one. 645 people showed up for duty and there were no criminals. The judge said that had never happened before.

Well I see on the line up above this post that there will be a scheduled "outage" for blogger at 4pm PDT. Any of you posting around that time need to save your post. y'all have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sweet William Day

My daughter had to take her daughter, Sami, school clothes shopping today. It is tax free weekend. Just on clothes, shoes and the like. So, Hubby and I spent the majority of the day just "doing" for our grandson, William. That involved a trip to Radio Shack and Toys-R-Us. He got a Lego Star Wars jet, "But Gampa can help me put it together!", (he's 8yrs old) So I get it for him...Gampa indeed puts it together and he's happy and content. We also watch The Incredibles together. I hadn't seen it. It was really good! We got sprinkles but no major rain. So Hubby mowed the yard. Looks good. Coffee? I know it's after 5pm here but you know when you want it, you want it. Great thing about it, it doesn't keep me awake! God am I lucky! Also been trying to figure out how to get a blog roll started on the left hand side of my blog, but, I've read that Blogger makes you get into your code to set that up. Does anyone out there know of an easier way? I know it can be done because I've seen Blogger sites that have blog rolls. So, guess I'll get coffee and get this posted.. You have a great evening and a wonderful and blessed Sunday.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rain,Rain,Get back here!

Jeez...Yes it's going to rain, no, it's not going to rain...really wish they'd make up their minds! It started out in the mid 80's this morning then got a little warmer...etc. San Antonio and Houston really caught it. We're in central Texas, so not much happened here. It's back to the sweat tank again. I'm whining aren't I,...sorry. I know it could be so much worse. So many people are in such terrible pain today. Peru, the miners and rescuers...Really makes you look at yourself and wonder how you can possibly...whine...won't do it again. Check-up status on my sister's new horse? Doing so much better. Talked with her this afternoon and she said he was up walking on all fours! And eating. There is a happy little light in his eyes to, she said. It's like he knows who she is and what she did for him. I know he does.
So glad it's Friday. Hubby asked what I wanted to do this weekend and I said do the writing thing, play on the computer. Just one of those restful weekends. You know, laundry, floors etc?
He's got a new toy. Palm pilot thingy so that's what he wants to do. It'll be a "techy" weekend. Sounds good to me but there must be coffee. Lots of coffee. Here's hoping you all have a great evening and a better Saturday...except Sally. You have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


They say we may be in for a shower or two this weekend. With the storm about to hit Corpus Christi, we may get some of the scattered showers from it. We are in the middle of Texas so who can tell. 103 today but the sun came up awfully red. Just a tad cooler this morning to. Nothing really new today. Working on a manuscript and trying to get a better understanding of my plot. Stayed later at work, went to the grocery, then home. Dinner? It was fruit, fruit,, cool, cool. More work on Microsoft Word 2007. Well y'all have a great evening, I'll be later posting tomorrow. Meeting Lani at the bookstore. I'll probably get there a little early to drool over all the books...Have a peaceful evening and a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today has been a busy one. Went to work, left at 1:30, came home and really started work. Washing sheets, trying to figure out how to cook a pork roast in our Advantium microwave oven, and doing recovery disc burning for my Vista laptop. That alone took 4 hrs to do. Burning disc that is. Figured out the oven. I think it cooks great. The roast turned out tender and moist. The oven microwaves and cooks like a regular oven all at the same time. We got the one that has the 240 plug, not the 110. We've heard several horror stories about the 110 version. Cost too much to burn up.

105 here today. They say it should only be 98 by Friday...oh well, we'll take it. Also forgot to meet Ellanni at Barnes & Nobel...I'm in trouble!!! She called and forgave me though. I promise! Thursday!!! Well the house is too quiet. I better go check on everyone. Y'all have a great evening and a better Wednesday!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morning

Boy, it really comes at 'cha quick doesn't it. It was another scorcher here today. 105 in the shade. Nothing really to report ... Talked with my sister, Ruth Ann this morning. She was terribly upset with a co-worker who has mistreated a horse. She said he's a grand champion halter horse...I have no earthly idea what that means or even if I got it right. For the last 6 months, this guy, just because he didn't like the way the horse held his head, has abused him, starved and neglected him. My sister rescued him after she found him with his foot swollen and infected. He had to drag his foot when they were putting him in the trailer. She got him to the Vet, the Vet said the horse was saved just in time. Has to have surgery on his foot. Needless to say, after my sister got hold of the now ex-owner, I don't think he'll even look at another animal...of any kind. Gotta love her! She's in partner-ship with this guy and his brother in which they own a security business...carries a gun, and knows how to use it. Sis loves horses. Has 6 of her own. They are Very well taken care of. This new one will be just fine now. SO, how was your day?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Again

Well, what an interesting beginning. We started out in the wee hours (6am) to head to work. I have to do payroll before we can get going. We leave my jeep parked in the driveway and I'm to ride to work with him...He goes out the back door first, starts the truck, while I'm giving my hugs and kisses to the kiddos. Out I go, lock the door, only to see Hubby pulling out the driveway, onto the street....and takes off....WHAT? Flip out the trusty cell phone, give it the quick dial. "Hello?" answers the wary voice..only to be followed by the incredulous voice,"Where the hell are you going?"..."OH NO....Be right There!" I know I'm not pregnant. Doesn't that usually happen only to pregnant women? The look on his face was priceless. I love "sheepish." "What where you thinking," I ask...the reply? "I wasn't! Sorry, but it's been so long since we've done this I forgot the routine!" Well, how can you do anything else but laugh? And we did...The rest of the trip believe it or not, was peaceful. We rested. He did chicken thighs on the pit and they were great. I washed up. We watched the movie, The Illusionist. If you haven't seen it, DO. It was really good. also, Bridge Over Tarabithia. I cried, but it to was good. I later woke up freezing! Realized I had forgotten to turn up the thermostat on the A/C from 68degrees. When it's been 105 and you go to 68, you freeze. Hubby fixed it and we got back to sleep. Saturday we went to Camping World just south of Ft Worth. Got an RV? Gotta go to Camping World. It's like a Wal-Mart to regular folks. We just had to check out the motor homes....while we were, didn't get anything. Saw alot! Did you know they now have saunas in the new 5th wheels? Throwing ourselves out the front doors, we left. Packed up this morning and got home around noon. We enjoyed doing nothing for a couple of days. Back at it Monday...and how was your weekend? Thanks to Sally, Leslie, Ellanni and Rob for stopping in. I really appreciate the birthday wishes! Y'all have a great Monday!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Well, I woke up this morning not feeling any different. 57 suits me just fine. The way I look at it is if you get just one more day on this side of things, you're blessed. Each day that rolls by I say thank you. I got flowers, cheese cake and lots of hugs. I also got sang to by my Granbabies. Isn't it fun to smile?
The packing for the trip out of town is just about over. Got everything rounded up. If we missed anything I guess we didn't need it anyway. It's also hot today, already 92 as I type and heading on up the scale. The worst heat settles around 4 to 5 in the evening. Sweat tank...
Do any of you subscribe to Good Old Days Magazine? I love it! Articles from subscribers memories dating back from the 60's to early 1900's. The address is: Check it out. Guess I'll get the wash started. Yall have a great weekend and I talk to you Sunday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Laughs at the Bookstore

Had lots of fun and laughs with Lani yesterday. We talked and talked for several hours. Can you imagine though, no where to sit but in the children's section, right by the stage? On tiny little benches? Boy, talk about butt burn!!! Worth it! Mocha Latte was wonderful and I think Lani got a frappachino. Every time we meet I come away feeling so uplifted and happy. We pledged to do this at least once a week. I was going to take her picture but we were talking so much, I forgot. Next week...
Well, have started putting things together for the weekend trip. Got groceries today and loaded those on the trailer. Now it's "stalk-the-house" time to pick up the odds and ends we'll need. It'll feel so good to do nothing for a couple of days. And I want to say hello to Sally for stopping by. 40 yrs just zipped by didn't it? Every time I hear of some young person being hateful to the elderly I just remind myself that very,very soon, it'll be their turn...then what? Had to throw that in there...40yrs? Elderly? OK...enough. I've also decided to bring the hubby along for the trip. He's a great cook...says he loves to cook...besides, someone needs to hook up the trailer, air the tires, drive me there, unload then...cook! See? Works out perfectly! WE should have a fun trip!
Yall have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Meeting at the Bookstore

An old friend of mine is going to meet me at the bookstore. Ellanni and I have known each other for over 40 years...Gawd..did I just say 40 yrs? We met in high school but didn't really become fast friends until the early 80's. She's kind, warm and very unpretentious. When she laughs you know it's real. Got a friend like that? Better hang on to 'em. Now let's, what ever should I get? Let us just say its gonna have some "mocha" thing going on! I don't care if I never get to sleep. Worth it. So until tomorrow, have a great evening.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Helping to Create...

Nothing to much to write about tonight except to say hello to Mary Lou and thanks for stopping by to say hello. I went to work, did my work, then helped my daughter fine tune her new blog. She's still working out the kinks. I also read the Microsoft 2007 office So you see? You must put one foot in front of the other and keep on doing. Good training right? ok, it is...It's really starting to get hot here now. 94 today and steadly climbing. We're going to take the trailer for an outing this weekend. Been awhile. Feb was the last time we camped. So I won't be able to post Fri or Sat. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures for you. Until tomorrow, have a great Tuesday.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


What is this I see? A reprieve? sigh...

Work, Rest and Growth?

Not much happening today. Considered letting the water out of the kiddie pool because of no kiddies wanting to use it. They grow up so fast don't they? For the last 10 years the grand kids couldn't wait to jump in the pool Gamma puts things are slowing down a bit. Growing up does that. I don't want to see these years drift away from me but there isn't anything I can do but put a smile on my face and let them go. It's a Godsend when you have children and a second chance with grandchildren. If you're blessed enough, you get great gran kids. But you know what? They still grow up and leave you. I know we've got awhile on the leaving part, but I realise that now we have to get ready...again. "Don't 'cha wanna jump into the pool baby?" "No Gamma, not right now."......It starts...Am I ready? hell...

Well now that I got that whine out of the way...It's almost Monday again. Boy it really rolls around quick. Checking out the new version of Microsoft 2007. Can't decide if I'll start the book on it first or use the tried and true pen & paper. We'll see. You have a great Monday and by the way, if you've got kids you haven't heard from lately, get over to the phone and give 'em a shout. It matters...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Peaceful Saturday

Sorry about skipping Friday. It had just been a long week and I quite sat down and didn't get back up...Today though, we met a very nice lady who happens to be the Mom of my daughter's...friend. Seemed really sweet. Could get to like her. Oh well, that's another story.

I've been researching and trying to catch up on things in the world of writing...Wow, have things changed in the time since I first began on that road. Seems I've got a lot to catch up on even before I put quill to paper. Hope there's other newbies out there who know what I'm talking about. I've gone to a lot of the websites of writers to get a grip on the world it self and was I in for a shock...culture shock that is. I believe some of those houses will have to do without me. Oh well plugging on...Contacted an old friend today. One of those things where she calls you, you email her and you never seem to connect. 75% was my fault. Emails and I don't get along. I had the wrong address typed in contacts and blissfully thought she was getting everything I was, Sorry again Lani!!!!!

Well I've got to get back to that research I was telling you about...have a wonderful night.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sadness Again

So much sadness again today. The bridge that fell with all those people on it...A high school girlfriend of mine died from falling debris from a bridge about 2 years ago. That was in Oklahoma. Then we hear of more debris falling on cars under a bridge right here in town. People in Washington had better quit worrying about "cleavage" and "how much of a raise can we give ourselves tonight", and get to the business that "we the people" sent them to town to do! I'm so sick of all the posturing and name calling. Politicians are only worried about two things...getting elected and getting re-elected. Other then that, they cease to hear "us." Yes, it's going to take every person in America to get out there and vote!!! It does matter!!! Let them hear our voice loud and clear, and if the wrong people get elected, get them out and get someone else, but don't just leave the idiots that do nothing stay there! We have the power...we can't stop caring or thinking the guy next to us will take care of it. It doesn't work that way. Washington is a celebrity town now. It's "look at me" time there. I pray the transportation bill passes in full tonight. In full, not," I'll pass this if you give me that." Yes I'm on my soap box. It's just that we can't afford to sit on our thumbs any longer.

Well now that I've gotten that out.....How was your day? Hope tomorrow is better.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Computer Expert!

My hubby made a joke today after I called him from home inquiring about some memory packs I found on the dresser. "Honey, would you like me to install the memory in the computer for you?"....Big LO Loud......"Sure, whatever...." he says. So after that, he goes up to the front office and tells my daughter "I guess now she thinks she's this computer whiz, since she cleared up the problems on her computer!" "hahahaha". Well...By the time they got home from work, yours truly had it all done and ready to go. I didn't hear anything else. "Smirk on my face". Makes ya feel good to accomplish something like that.

Other than the high five for myself, nothing much happened. The guys at work are about ready to wrap up putting in all the surveillance stuff at work. I just hope we can catch our copper thief. Well have a great night and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow....