Monday, September 17, 2007

Didn't I Say Threes?

I believe I said yesterday that trouble usually runs in threes....Well, an ill fitting crown had the audacity to rear it's ugly head! I hate when that happens! SO, I've started on an antibiotic which after 6 hrs, has not started to do it's thing yet...Its one of those 5 day ones. 250mgs each...2 the first day, one each day after that. Something got under the crown and I can't get it out with my trusty water pic...I've probably made things worse. Have an appt. Wednesday. Gads, not soon enough for me. I'll quit whining. Retired nurses are the worst!...
Air conditioner update...It's fixed. Put a new condensate line on. Seems to be working. We can only hope. Well, guess I'll crawl to the bed (not really) have a pity party (not really) and hope for a better tomorrow for me and you! PS-Now THOSE are some pretty teeth!