Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Again

It's time for relaxing again! Hope you all get to find time in your weekend for a little fun. Love the picture! But how on earth do you manage to drive the thing? Probably runs better than a truck...although I don't think I'll be trying it out!

Daughter and kiddos are going to spend the night at a girlfriend's house. Just Hubby and I will be wandering around the old place tonight, and oh yes, Corky, our 15yr old terrier. The kids have really spoilt him since they moved in last year. He's partially blind and stone deaf. Follows the kids everywhere and if he can't find anyone, he'll stand in the hallway and snort, or bark...That's his que for being picked up and deposited on a bed where the action is. Kids that is...

Well, guess I'll get back to work. It's the end of the month closing and year end for us so there's a bit of work to do. Y'all have a great day and a better tomorrow.


RobC said...

Intresting camper... I would venture that one drives it carefully... with only one wheel for steering cornering could become a tad unnerving. Understeer is the word when the rig you are on does not want to take the curve and wants to head off the side of the cliff. :-)

Donna said...

Whatever or whoever gets it around a corner...glad it won't be me! lol
Be happy this weekend!