Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, I really do not mean to be irreverent on this day of sad memories but perhaps you won't take me to task...I could not resist this photo. I think it says a lot about how a bunch of us feel. If you click on it, it should enlarge so you can read it better.
Thanks Dick for checking in on my site! You're always welcome! My Hubby and I were always rooting for you to find happiness again. Glad you did.
I must say it's a bit cooler here today. 88 degrees. Nice! Cloudy, but it really makes you feel like Fall is just around the corner. So, for today, I'll say God Bless America. Bless her and keep her safe always. I know it sounds hokey...but I really do pray for world peace.

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~Red Tin Heart~ said...

It doesn't sound hokey at all, we should all pray for world peace. Lord knows we need it. One of my favorite songs is by Anne Murray, A Little Good News Today, do you remember that song? It makes my heart sad alot because it seems as if there is no peace. xo nita