Sunday, September 9, 2007

#2 Horse update

Went out to my sister's place today to get some shots of Red. He is getting better by the day. Ruth Ann showed me a picture of what he looked like before he was so badly mistreated...just makes you want to...can't do that can you? Legally? Guess not. Anyway, I meant to grab the picture, bring it home and scan it into my pictures, but ran off and left it on the end table. I'll get it next week. You'll be shocked.
We have not done anything worth shouting about this weekend. Trying to play catch up on sleep from the other night. I know you never really do catch up on sleep but I like to pretend that I can. The dogs in the picture belong to Sis also. Pitiful things...their dog house is bigger than a regular size bedroom...With air conditioning. So if I'm ever in dire know where I'm heading. lol That's Ruth Ann scratching Red. He loves her!
Well guess I'll go check and see what all the pan rattling is going on in the kitchen. Hubby's putting bar-b-que on the pit (chicken). I'll try and get a pic of it for you. Have a great night and a better tomorrow.

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Mary Lou said...

Thank YOu for all the good thoughts and wishes for me. Isn't Blogdom WOnderful...where you get to care for people you have never ever met? I am feeling so much better, but still think I am bleeding inside. :( Dr again this week, so more blood will be drawn. Thank You Donna!