Friday, September 21, 2007

End of a...Week!

Well, it's the end of a very long week for me, at least. Feeling better, slowly, day by day. Gonna rest, rest and rest some more! I was sitting out in the backyard the other day when a bird I'd never seen before flew up and landed on the fence. It had a bright yellow body, black wings and a white beak! Beautiful, but who knows what it was...(I heard that and No, I didn't take too much Excedrin!) Hubby said,"D'cha get the bird book out and look?"'t see the print in the bird book at that time, well enough, to tell what it was...oh well, a mystery.

I see that several of the blogs have a "10 Things that make you Happy" theme going. Here goes mine.

1. laughter

2. holding hands with Hubby

3. Grand Babies calling my name, Gamma

4. At 57, getting to wake up again this morning

5. My daughter, Crystal

6. Good friends

7. Books, lots and lots of books.

8. Chocolate Mocha Lattes

9. Christmas Holidays

10. Peace

OK...You have to give it a try. If you read this blog, you're tagged! (only if you want to...) Makes you stop and think though. There are so many people in pain. Nita's hubby John needs lots of prayer but seems to be getting a little better! It seemed that every blog I touched on last night, that there was someone hurting. I send you all lots of hugs and love for a better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Those are truly 10 great things to make you happy. I can relate to all but one; never had a chocolate mocha latte. Well, make that two seeing as how I'm just a tad older than you. :)

I'll be sure to say a prayer for John; we can never have too many.

Thanks for your sweet comments last night. I really appreciate it, Donna.

Crystal said...


Donna said...

...I would take my last breath for you..............feel bad now don'cha....;)>

Mary Lou said...

EGADS! Sorry you have been under the weather too! Nothing hurts like a bad tooth! unless of course it is really sore deet after wearing a poor fitting pair of shoes and being on your feet for 10 hours straight!

Hope you are feeling LOTS better. I am.

RobC said...

This is a good meme. will give it whirl tomorrow Donna.

Crystal said...

You know i'd do the same for you you mama!!