Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Intuition Perhaps?

I can't believe it. All the preparation for the copper thief, all that waiting...he shows up this morning at 4:20am. Ken, our office manager called us at home at 4:30am to say, "Our thief is in the yard!" I run to tell Hubby what's going on, he grabs his cell phone, and runs off to the shop! Good Lord, what if he runs straight into the thief! Has Ken called the police? Well no, Hubby didn't run into the guy, but Ken obviously called the police. There were 4 patrol cars here when Hubby arrived, as well as Ken. No thief. Police didn't arrive in time to catch him...SO, you can use every technological device known to man, but unless the police get here in time to nab him, it's useless. Now Hubby has bought an infrared device,(camera?) to help in the process. Hopefully, we'll get our man! Guess I'll get back to work. I'll try to post more tonight.

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RobC said...

Thanks for the thoughts Donna, I hope you guys nail this thief.
When our problem has been solved I can elaborate more, but for now it must remain at home if you understand.